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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Results Show Celiac?

    actually fedora, i would be disappointed if i didnt have celiac disease. i'd rather not have to keep going to the doctor , trying to figure out what else could be going on. as far as why i havent been on a gluten free diet, im not even going to get into that. i already know the kinds of responses i would get, no matter what i said. thanks to those who might have helped.
  2. It has been several months since I was "diagnosed" with celiac disease. My family and a couple doctors are now questioning if maybe I dont really have celiac though. I have not been on the gluten free diet. I still get sick to my stomach and nausous now and then, but yet not as much as before and not as much as I feel I would if I really did have Celiac Disease. Anyways, to try to figure it out, I requested my medical records from the gastroentologist. All my celiac markers are negative. My small bowel biopsy was normal. Other than the fact that the gluten free diet seemed to help, the only thing pointing toward celiac was the positive DQ8 gene. But it tells me that though the gene is positive in 96-99% of patients, it is not specific for celiac. The gastroentologist couldnt definitly give me a diagnoses of celiac disease. Months back when I got the letter in the mail of the positive gene test, all it told me was that the gene for celiac was positive. I've been told by other celiacs that that means I do have celiac. so that was that, i had celiac disease. Is it still possible, with everything else being negative, that I do have celiac disease? after reading my medical records, I get the feeling that I dont have it and it was just easier to say I did b/c it was some sort of explanation. but now I just dont know what to do or what to think. after i was "diagnosed" , they thought maybe my dad had it. he hasnt been tested, but he's been on the diet and it's helped him a ton. but after my brother was diagnosed with an esophagus condition, they are testing my dad for that, thinking that may be his problem, not celiac. so maybe i just have to wait to see how my dad's test goes. b/c if he doesnt have celiac disease, i cant either right, since its genetic? maybe i just need to get a second opinion from another dr??? i have no clue anymore. any help or advice would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. Frustrated And Still Not Feeling Well!

    sorry, im new at this and didnt realize i was posting this in the section about weight issues relating to celiac. i've tried finding a way to delete my post and repost it somewhere else, but i cant figure that out either. sorry! ill be more careful next time
  4. I have officially been diagnosed and on the gluten free diet for about 6 weeks now. I've been trying my hardest to be gluten free. I eat a lot of fruit, veggies, meat, and gluten free food from the health store. Though, I'm sure I get glutened more than I know just because I live in a house with seven other ppl, my dad being the only other on the diet. I'm frustrated because I still always feel so sick. I have migraines and am beyond tired all the time. I can sleep straight for 12 hours and then I'm still tired and groggy the rest of the day. Even when I want to get out, my body doesnt want to let me, it is just exhausted. I have other symptoms like the nausea and stomach pain, but its the fatigue and grogginess and feeling that I'm completly losing it that bothers me. I just can't seem to focus. Also, the lymphnodes in my throat are swollen. One side is more swollen than the other, but it has been this way for over 2 months now. I had gone to the med center and they checked for strep and mono, both came back negative. My throat doesnt usually hurt, sometimes it's just sore. I'm going to school for medical assisting and the other day we were learning how to look in the nose, ears , and throat. My teacher saw that it was swollen and I have small bumps on the back of my tongue. She said those bumps mean there is some sort of infection, or someone could get them if they have a cold. Her response to mine was that with the Celiac Disease my body is going through a lot of changes and thats probably the reason for it. I know she can't tell me what is wrong, but it's frustrating. Should I be worried about it? Or take my teacher's word that it should eventually go away? As far as the migraines go, what pain relievers are gluten free? I believe I have DH (I'm going to the dermatologist in the beginning of January) and saw somewhere that certain pain relievers can actually make DH worse. So I need one that is gluten free and is okay to take with DH! I didnt notice the DH rash until shortly after I started the diet, isnt it supposed to go away with the gluten free diet? It's mostly on my hands and arms, and it itches like crazy!! Will it eventually go away with the diet? Or do I need medicine? I'm 19 and am struggling so so much with having Celiac Disease. It's taking a big hit on my social life and with my family..as I am always sick or tired or just grumpy. I get really sick when I eat gluten, but I'm sick on the gluten free diet too. So it is hard to not just eat gluten, thinking that I'll just be sick anyways. Am I still not feeling well just b/c I'm still new to the diet and it's still working the gluten out of my system? Or could it be because I work at a pizza place? (I'm working to get out of there asap) Or could something else be going on? I've tried getting to the doctor, but he ended up needing to leave town and now I'm not scheduled to see him until the middle of January. I want to start feeling better sooo bad. I feel like such a burden on my family right now..with the extra expenses on food and being so moody all the time. I'm trying to stay strong and be okay, but it's getting really really hard. It's only been 6 weeks...
  5. im a new celiac and i work at a pizza place. so obviously, there is wheat and flour all over. is that a risk for me, to be working there? im pretty sure i also have DH and I'm wondering if the flour on my skin would make it worse. any input on if its safe for me to be working there or if i should find a new job would be great! thanks!
  6. Coke Products?

    yay! im so glad, definitly good to hear they're okay...i loove my coke :-) thank you for all your help!!
  7. i am a very very new celiac and just learning how to be on a gluten free diet... are coke products okay? i have seen somewhere that the coca cola company claims their products to be gluten free... but coke, cherry coke, etc have caramel coloring. in a little book i got from a dietician, it says to stay away from caramel coloring. so how do i know if it is okay for me to drink the coke products with caramel coloring or not?? im sure im going to have so many more questions but thats all i have time for now...im just so excited for this forum..i've looked through it before and its amazing!! probably the most encouraging thing i've seen so far since being diagnosed thanks!!! suzanne