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  1. Gluten free or not I am leary of buying injected turkeys. The so-called natural injected turkeys are injected with sodium phosphate and broth. I have searched the web looking for something to indict this chemical. I found a Mother Earht Newa article June/July 2007 "Shocking News About Meat'' By Laura Sayre --- find it (for now) at: http://www.motherearthnews.com/Whole-Foods...About-Meat.aspx Anyway, organic meat is not allowed to have sodium phosphate injected in it. Elsewhere I found that sodium phosphate is used in homeophathy. If you know the theory behind homeophathy then you too would be a little leary of sodium phosphate. The homeophathic theory goes something like this: whatever substance causes a certain disease or pathology you take it in minute amounts to conteract that very pathology. It sor tof works that way with medicinal herbs as well-- the healing amounts are usually merely greater. If you overdose on an herb you are taking to fix a certain condition or pathology, it will make that condition worse. Here is a list of homeopathic pathologies I found associated with sodicum phosphate: Acidity Colic Indigestion Diarrhea Fatigue Headaches Muscleaches Cramps Heartburn Joint pain Back pain Fatigue I think there is too much sodium phosphate in injected turkeys to be healthy especially for someone with celiac disease. But in the end I have to conclude that injected turkeys just taste yucky and wrong to me, and that should be a good enough reason not to buy an injected turkey health reasons or not. Last year Foster Farms turkeys were still injection free. More and more turkeys are turning up injected and I fear the worst. I haven't found a injection free turkey yet, but I haven't checked out this year's batch of Foster Farms. I am heartened by the fact that at one point the big chain grocery stores started injecting all the fresh pork and consumers rebelled. Now fresh pork is once again readily available with out being injected with weird salts. Good luck Happy Thanksgiving