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  1. I've been cleaning their faces with a wipe, at the party right after they eat -- but I haven't done a more thorough face wash with soap once we get home. Come to think of it, maybe they just both need to go straight to the bath whenever we first get home, instead of waiting until almost bedtime! I've changed their clothes right away, but maybe that's not enough.
  2. Great ideas - I will try the gloves and smocks. I really appreciate the suggestions! You are so right about the "no fun" -- the number of times they've been banging on the bathroom door, and no mommy REALLY can't come out right this minute! Ha. :-P
  3. I know this isn't strictly a question about managing a Celiac child, but I thought I'd post here because this is where the parents are. I have Celiac myself, and I'm very sensitive to even tiny amounts of cross-contamination. I keep a completely gluten-free house. But I have toddlers, age 2 and 4, who so far aren't showing symptoms and have tested negative. My problem comes up when they're invited to toddler birthday parties and the like -- there are always gluten-filled treats and cake, and so far I do let them have these treats. But since I'm taking care of them, wiping their hands, etc, I keep getting sick afterward. I do ask my husband to directly handle them as much as possible in this way, but he can't always come along, or else they've run to me and pawed me before I can stop them. I take off their clothes as soon as we're home, and there we wash hands very carefully with soap -- but despite my best efforts, I'm getting CC from them. Any tips? I know this will be easier when they're older, and don't need my help with every little thing -- but for now, I'm hoping for ideas. I don't want to limit them too much (missing parties altogether, or forbidding these treats), since so far they don't have signs of Celiac themselves... Many thanks, in advance!
  4. Hi all, I was diagnosed with Celiac 8 years ago with positive bloodwork (all of the tests came back strongly positive -- at the time, it was tTG, IgA and IgG). I've been on a gluten-free diet ever since, and I'd been feeling just great (except for the rare accidental exposures). But 4 months ago, I seemed to get an accidental exposure (or my symptoms recurred anyway - mainly gas, D, "leakage" :-/, & joint pain). And this has gone on and on, ever since! I've eliminated all dairy, and almost completely stopped going to any restaurants or friends' homes for meals. But still, it's going on. Aargh. I had blood work done, and my tTG and endomysial antibodies are now negative. However, Anti-Gliadin antibody IgG (DGP) is still positive. So, my GI doc thinks I'm still getting small amounts of cross-contamination or some other source of gluten. Does this sound right? Are there any other explanations? Anything else I should be trying? I'm also waiting on results of an upper endoscopy, but I'm not sure how much that can tell me, other than just how much damage there is right now... :-b Thanks in advance for any help!! -Fiona p.s. The problem began approx. 2 months after my 2nd baby was born, not sure if that has anything to do with it... Any thoughts/ideas would be very welcome...
  5. Help -- Buffet Lunches?

    Unfortunately, what they want to do is get pick-up buffet-style food from a nearby restaurant, which is how they've done this in the past. It would be easier if it were potluck or a fancier catering company... In the past, for example, they've ordered food for 20 people (or however many) from places like the Olive Garden (won't work for me, obviously) and just picked it up -- getting big tubs of pasta and salad, and set that up for us buffet-style. So they'll want to do something similar, order a large take-out order in tubs from a local restaurant... The ethnic food suggestions are very helpful, in this vein! Thanks so much!
  6. Help -- Buffet Lunches?

    Thanks so much for all these helpful suggestions! I will pass them on to our organizer, and try to be as involved as possible to reduce CC opportunities... Yes, I do feel very lucky indeed to work with such nice people!!
  7. Hi folks, The organizers of some upcoming buffet lunches at work have asked me for ideas about what to serve that would give me gluten-free options. (Very nice of them! ) Other than a build-your-own-taco bar (which could include corn tortillas, of course), I was having trouble coming up with buffet lunch ideas for large numbers of regular folk as well as gluten-free me... There are a few of these events coming up, and I'm sure they won't want to do tacos for every one of them. On the other hand, it seems like they're hoping to do something that would work for me AND for everyone else (which may not be all that possible)... Suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated!!
  8. Hi folks, Has anyone submitted a claim form for reimbursement from their FSA (Flexible Spending Account) for the price difference between gluten-free food and the "regular" variety? If so, would anyone be willing to share their strategies for finding and listing the comparison prices? My FSA administrator just wants a fairly simple spreadsheet, but for each item, I can use a different store -- if relevant -- for the comparable price. For example, I get gluten-free bread at Whole Foods, but if I didn't need the special kind, I would probably just get much cheaper bread at Ralphs or something... Short of going to Ralphs and writing down the comparable price of every item, is there a simpler/faster way of compiling these comparison prices? Thanks in advance for any tips on how to do this efficiently! Cheers, Fiona (glutant) :-)
  9. Gluten-free Travel In Japan?

    In a few months I'll be travelling in Japan for about a month. I don't mind packing lots of my own gluten-free snacks, my own soy sauce, etc. However, I will of course want to eat some food in restaurants there. Between soy sauce, some miso soups, etc. being so often gluten-full -- not to mention potential language issues (I have the Triumph dining card in Japanese, but don't speak it myself) -- I'm feeling a bit daunted as to how to deal with food. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Fiona