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  1. Hi Folks, had my endoscopy thursday. Doc told me my duodenum did not look normal. Will await biopsy report but expect results to be positive, have started diet 2 days ago and already feel somewhat better. I do feel kind of shaking internally but no big deal.I think it will pass. Normal bowel movement this am, no constipation!!! Maggie 123
  2. thanks Janet I will go there. maggie 123
  3. I read of people having insomnia with celiac. Could you please tell me more. Maggie 123
  4. Had it not been for my sister I would never suspected celiac nor my doctor as he was quite surprised and I think he will really be surprised with endo results. He is a great doc but he thinks this bloodwork was positive due to family markers showing up???I didnt say anything - the proof will be in the endo. It just goes to show that not all docs are familiar with this disease. But it will be a learning curve for him and hopefully help others in his practice will benefit. Big learning curve for me too! Maggie 123 Canada
  5. Thanks for all your support. i will definitely keep you posted. Question - Kraft crunchy peanut butter- safe for me to eat? It has been a morning staple for me for quite sometime on toast. This is a great site and I know I will benefit from all you veteran Celiacers. Maggie 123 Canada
  6. New to this site. have been reading alot about celiac recently and need to know more. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 8 years ago. recently my sister was diagnosed with celiac disease. With her persistence I asked the doc to do the bloodtest on me and it came back positive. I have an endoscopy next week. Knowing what I know now I will not be surprised if endo is positive. for the past 8 years I have blamed my thyroid problems for joint pain, constipation, bloating, gas, general fatique weight that just will not budge! It is all so clear to me now! So, I look forward to gathering all the info necessary for me to regain my heslth back! Maggie123