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  1. I am so glad I saw your post. I am new to the gluten free thing, and also have a corn, sesame, soy, nuts (some), a bunch of fruit etc.. . allergy. I am having such a hard time with the corn thing. As you know, so much gluten free stuff has some sort of corn derivative. It is driving me crazy. Even splenda and aspartame have maltodextrin. Are you as strict w/ the corn as gluten? I ocasionally am having a diet pepsi and splenda in my coffee. Maybe we should join forces and share some ideas The pounds are flying off of me b/c I don't know what to eat.
  2. I posted a week ago or so while I was waiting for my biopsy results to come back. I am negative for celiac, but felt great gluten free and also had my Antigliadin IGG come back positive. So, I went to my allergist and I have a major wheat and corn allergy. Between the two I feel like there is not a whole lot I can eat. As you know, so much gluten free stuff has corn starch or other corn derivative as a filler. Anyone have any advise or suggestions? I don't want to be on Atkins forever
  3. Hi everyone. Here is my story: I have a son w/ Type 1 D and a daughter w/ a milk allergy. I have been having the normal GI issues that seem to be common around here - asked my Dr to run celiac panel. It was positive for Antigliadin IGG, others were in normal range (but nothing had a 0 value) Had an endoscopy last week, waiting for results. Gluten Free for 4 days. I also started thyroid meds same day as going gluten free, so not sure which thing is making me feel better. Here are some of my questions: If the biposy is negative, how do I know if I truly have a gluten allergy/sensitivity? Do I test myself after a while or go to an allergist? Can you please tell me what you do when you eat at a party or are invited to dinner? I feel like I will always have to bring my own food. What are some hidden gluten foods that I might be missing? Thanks for any advise. Heather