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  1. celiac3270 i thank you soo much for your help and takin your time to make someone feel better...i also had a colonoscopy and biopsy yesterday, they just keep tellin me more things...stomach ulcer, hernia, and hemrroids....i'm only 22!!! oh well just gotta get through with all this one step at a time...= ) thankx again
  2. what brand of ground beef can i get? I looked at a gluten-free food list, but the only gluten-free ground beef on it is from marketday and they dont sell that in NY.. thanks~
  3. are all sunblock/sunscreen/suntan lotions safe for celiacs?
  4. I havent had the biopsy yet but my blood test came back positive for celiac disease. This was just this week. The problem is that I am going away to an all-inclusive resort at the end of June. Any advice? I haven't started a full-fledged gluten-free diet yet, and a bit of gluten doesn't make me too sick (well, so far), so what do I do when I go away?