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  1. When I first found out my three girls are Celiacs, I was sad, but when I found out I needed the diet, too, I was angry for quite a while. Still am, actually. It's stressful! I cried the first time I walked through the cereal aisle trying to find gluten-free cereal. (how naive!) My pre-teen is already having devastating emotional sways. She has only been trying to stay gluten-free less than a year, and she misses her "real" pizza. and more. When she cheats, her mood swings get really bad (like she's 9 going on 17!) HOW do I get this through to her that she needs to stay gluten-free!!!!!!!??????? (especially now that I see from other posters that this is likely part of being a teen/pre-teen celiac?)
  2. Thank You All... It's been so difficult to keep a clear head about all of this. I've had to fight all the way just to have a documented diagnosis, and I'm never sure what's for real and what's my mommy-panic, what's from the gluten and what's genuine sickness. My six year old is one who goes borderline autistic and her communication is impacted (that's how we found out the rest of us were Celiacs, after she was finally diagnosed) yet she is today, gluten-free, a fairly normal kid with little speech difficulty, while the five year old is likely to become known as gifted and talented. I haven't figured out myself yet. It's been quite a roller-coaster ride! No professionals in the area yet can tell me anything about this condition. Everything I know is from the Web. Again, thank you.
  3. The problem is, she has been diagnosed with Celiac for just over a year, and is gradually developing stronger and stronger asthmatic responses when she DOES get exposed to gluten. Because of the asthma, they're trying to find her trigger(s) but they're ignoring her previously diagnosed gluten and lactose intolerance in this search. I want to know if there's a link between gluten exposure and asthmatic episodes.
  4. I represent a family of four celiacs, 5,6,9, and 29 years old, all female. My 5 year old daughter wheezes and can spiral downwards into pneumonia at the drop of a hat. The doc doesn't believe that she could be having a reaction to gluten like this -- he says she's asthmatic, but can't diagnose her triggers! Her bloodwork for allergens came back fine! I know that she's more likely to wheeze when she's not-so-accidentally been exposed to gluten. We're not 100% gluten-free yet, though we're working on it. Does anyone know a published report linking athmatic reaction to gluten exposure, so I can show this doctor it really is happening? Yes, she was tested for wheat allergy, too and that came back negative. Actually, he tried telling me she wasn't Celiac because her bloodwork came back OK. Tell that to her bowels! Help!