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  1. I have eaten at Wood n Tap in Farmington 6-7 times and it seems to be highly variable with regards to food quality and service, sometimes excellent and sometimes horrendous. This past Saturday was horrendous and I will not eat there again. I have Celiac and I also have allergies to dairy and beef (and carry an epi-pen just in case). I love going to places that have dedicated gluten-free menus, because I feel like they "get it" and the risk of my getting sick decreases exponentially. So, I ask for a gluten-free menu on Saturday, and explain my other allergies to our server. He seems to "get it". We waited forever that evening for drinks, to have our order taken, for our food to be served, etc. Finally my grilled chicken sandwich comes out ... clearly on a regular roll, not the special gluten-free roll. The manager was the one who delivered it. So I sent it back and very cleared stated that I needed it re-made, that I would get sick they just transferred that one to a gluten-free roll. 20 minutes later, my sandwich arrives (the rest of my party was nearly done eating). I eat and it did taste good. Within 30 mintues I have a headache and start to get "brain-fog" (both signs that I have ingested gluten). My stomach starts to hurt. The next morning, my joints hurt and I can barely walk, my stomach is hurting/cramping, and I spend a good part of the day on the toilet. For a restaurant to provide a gluten-free menu, and still screw it up is unconscionable. This will effect my entire week (if not longer). If you have Celiac or other food allergies/intolerances, DO NOT EAT AT WOOD N TAP!!!! I have safely eaten at Husk in Collinsville, Saki-Mura in Simsbury, Ginza in Bloomfield, Flatbread in Canton, Luna in Simsbury, Max Burger in West Hartford, The Counter in West Hartford, Cheesecake Factory in West Hartford, and Dish n Dat in Canton. I have also heard that The Elephant Trail in Avon is excellent (Thai) and they "get" the gluten-free thing. Anyone else have any input on SAFE restaurants in the greater Hartford area?