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  1. Thanks that would so nice of you. Let me know what they tell you. Thanks again
  2. Thanks that is what I was thinking. Just something to get your money. I could not find one thing about celiac and this drink so I am not sure where his Dad saw his facts.
  3. I am not sure. My son has Celiac and his father (we are not together) bought this for him to take. He said it is to help celiac and other things but I can not find anything about it helping people with celiac. Thought I would check to see if anyone on here had heard of it. It is like $35-45 a bottle.
  4. Ok my question is has anyone tried this and what do you think of it. It has the acai berry and a friend said it is great for celiac?????? If you did try it how did you feel and did it help you in any of the ways it says it does? thanks so much melissa
  5. My 14 yr old son has had celiac for the past three years. I just found out I also have celiac (ate gluten for 3 months before test). My question is my 27 year old daughter has the signs of celiac but her blood test came back neg. Is this common for a mother and just child to have celiac and not the other children. I also have a 24 year old son and don't know if I should have him go get tested. My son that has celiac is also has type 1 diabetes. We found out he had celiac after his yearly blood test that the doctor does. Can you go years without Celiac showing in the blood test ..... melissa