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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. St. Thomas/st. John

    I will be going to st. John, USVI in a few weeks. Anyone been there? I will be renting a villa, and doing most of my own cooking, except for a few nights out. Any recommendations for gluten-free restaurants? I do plan on eating a lot of seafood. Also, anyone know if Starfish Market carries gluten-free foods? Any health food stores? or should I pack my own stuff?
  2. Any gluten-free Restaurants In Lake Placid, Ny?

    there arent any gluten free restaurants, to my knowledge, however, there is a good Steak & Seafood restaurant right in downtown lake placid that I have been able to find things to eat, and they have been very accommodating in the past. Unfortunately, we have to stay away from their micro brew!. Its a very busy restaurant, so like anyplace else, stay away from peak times, etc. Also, a little out of lake placid, toward saranac lake is a Char-Pit BBQ. I haven't been there since becoming gluten-free, but I would imagine that would be ok for us.
  3. seems like other people have the same idea. I was looking into the Culinary Institute of America web page in Hyde Park, NY, and they are actually having a 1 or 2 day class on gluten-free cooking for the holidays. Its the first w/e in December of this year.....and it costs $160!!!! I'd love to take it but I have stuff going on that w/e....
  4. Help! I have been doing very well since being on a gluten-free diet for the past 6 months! However, I'm still in a learning curve with some things. I read in one of my books to avoid blue cheese as the basis could be bread molds??? Is this true for ALL blue cheese? blue cheese dressing? I miss buffalo chicken wings and would make them myself, but wonder if I can make my own blue cheese dressing? Any suggestions???
  5. Need To Train My Brain

    Hang in there bratcat, it IS overwhelming at first, but trust me, this message board really helps. I was diagnosed in May of this year, and after a week of tears, decided that ok...this WAS what I needed to do. Thank God, I have a wonderful family and friends that are helping me through this. Even my 11 year old son will read a label, and if he finds something in it, he tells me I can't have it!! Still, I think not a day goes by that I don't read something in one of my books, or on the web that is teaching me what I can/can't eat. As far as going places...I make my own flatbreads, hamburger rolls, and dressings, and if I'm going to a picnic, I just bring them. We've even had "deli day" at work, and I've brought my own bread and mayo and TOLD them to make my sandwich on my bread! They did it without question. The key is learn all you can, realize that there will be mistakes on occaision, but given time, you will know what they are. And don't be afraid to stand up for yourself and your health. Stop worrying about what other people will think if you ask for a reasonable accommodation.... Good luck, and we are here if you need us Eileen gluten-free since 5/10/04
  6. This was kind of a tough one for me. Initially it was the emotions, I was devastated and cried a lot. Then my best friend said..."hey, you can still have steak, seafood, chocolate and wine! What else could you ask for?" I guess she had a good point. Then I bought the book Wheat Free Worry Free by Danna Korn, and it was AMAZING..really helped me with the emotions, and still does at times. Right now I would have to say that the hardest thing is lack of spontaneity. Working full time (and then some), shuffling 2 kids to afterschool activities and sports, etc...I can't just pick up a pizza on rushed nights. Often I will for them, and then skip the meal for myself or make a salad or a yogurt. There are still times that I wish I did not have to plan every ounce of food in the house. Eileen gluten-free since 5/10/04 (Mother's day! LOL)
  7. Same here Donna. However, from what I have read, Celiac Disease RECOGNITION is on the rise. Its possible that people in your family have had some of the symptoms, but never sought help from it. Also the incidence is 1/20 for brother/sister/parents, but 1/40 for aunt/uncle/grandparent. Because of this, you may be the only one (like me) who "got lucky"! Eileen
  8. Hi everyone, I was browsing different web sites on gluten-free cooking, and one (I can't remember which) mentioned a downloadable database for the palm pilot. It contained a list of safe and unsafe additives (which would make it A LOT easier grocery shopping) rather than carrying around a big notebook, which is what I have been doing. Anyone know of any programs, or have any other shopping ideas? Thanks! Eileen Gluten Free for 5 weeks!