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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi All After 2 1/2 gluten-free years I still cannot tolerate ascorbic acid. Even small amounts (under 500mg) cause gut pain and D. I tried to use it sublingually and that didn't work either. I would like to be able to take Vitamin C. Has anyone had a similar experience and found a brand they can tolerate? Is there such a thing as transdermal Vitamin C?
  2. Jesse If you put the broth in the fridge any fat will float to the top and harden, unless you are buying commercial broth with an emulsifier.
  3. Hi Jesse After I posted about digestive enzymes I saw your post on another thread saying that you already take them. Oh, well, can I try a stab at something else? You've probably listed somewhere what supplements you are taking... my friends and were joking about all of the bottles of supplemens we have bought and not used because they make us feel worse, not better. Is it possible you are reacting to a supplement? Even a vitamin pill? I have had the kinds of symptoms you describe from taking Vitamin C, magnesium, MSM, aspirin and ibuprofen (not all at the same time!) and also from eating food with citric acid. Best wishes
  4. I made great SCD legal pickles!!! Actually I made them on 9/12 but just opened them and tried them. We were making a batch of mixed veggie pickles for my husband with sugar and I decided I wanted some, too. I didn't write anything down, but here's what I did: pack a pint jar with cup up (1 inch minus) cucumbers, onions, peppers, celery, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, zucchini In a sauce pan, combine about 1/4 cup honey, 1 cup apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of salt, and pickling spices to taste. I used turmeric, mustard powder, celery seed a bay leaf and maybe some coriander. I added a little water until the amount looked right (very scientific) brought it to a boil and poured it over the veggies in the jar. Somehow the amount came out just right, but it hadn't been enough, I would have topped it off with hot water. I sealed the jar and stuck it in the fridge for two weeks. All done. Wish I'd thrown in a jalapeno. Oh, well, I could make another jar. Hmmm.
  5. Jesse Have you considered that you may have pancreatic insufficiency? This is very common in celiacs. Once the small intestine is damaged by gluten, the feedback loop between the small intestine and the enzyme-producing part of the pancreas is disrupted. Without proper digestive enzymes, food is not digested properly. And if the gut walls are damaged, they take time to heal and while they are healing, food is malabsorbed. So give it time, and consider taking plant-based digestive enzymes for a while. Fermented veggies sound like a good idea, too.
  6. Hi Ali Nope, haven't been here in days! Too much else going on. I am still making fermented cabbage juice 2-3 times a week. I have had lots of homegrown cabbage so I've been making it for months. I have a friend who loves it and gets most of it. I can only handle a few swallows a day--maybe 1/2 cup. She guzzles the rest and says her BMs are the best they have ever been. It is loaded with acidopholus (sp?). And it is much easier than yogurt, and no dairy, yay. Jesse-- As far as yogurt makers, many folks don't use one at all. You can put your milk/starter in glass jars and partially submerge them in warm water, keeping the water warm with the pilot light in the oven or on a safe heating pad. Just harvested the season's first winter squash. I plan to make custard with it, yum. I finally got some L-glutamine and started using it. What, exactly, am I supposed to notice???
  7. Liz -- I think you are doing those folks on that forum a world of good. For those who haven't read it, they have had a long and heated discussion about using the canned goods that Elaine endorsed and about using or not some canned goods that have come along since. And since Elaine is not here to approve new things, now what? And, Liz, you don't sound lazy at all. Cooking pumpkins and winter squash is a pain. I usually drop a couple of them on concrete to break them apart and bake the pieces. Still have a lot of scooping and scrapping involved. Ali-- I am still no-carbing after dinner. I find this difficult since I crave carbs most of the time but especially in the evening. I find that I am not really hungry at all, I just want to eat sweet things. I have been sleeping better at least part of the time. The whole point of skipping carbs in the evening is to avoid waking up with low blood sugar at 3 am. So I eat some nuts or a hard-boiled egg before bed, but it's not the same as eating some SCD legal concoction of fruit or honey.
  8. Hi Liz I don't have a bread recipe but I was thinking about the canned pumpkin issue. According to the book, BTVC, frozen vegetables are legal as long as they don't have sugar or starch added. So, frozen winter squash is pretty much the same thing as canned pumpkin. Both may actually be Hubbard squash or butternut. So why not use frozen winter squash? And for canned coconut milk, Natural Value non-organic has no listed additives and is most definitely lumpy and doesn't look emulsified. I think we all need to be grown ups and make our own decisions on whether to use these products. IMO it is silly to use products like a certain brand of bottled grape juice just becasue Elaine said it's okay despite overwhelming evidence that the product has changed for the worse. Which leads me to a question: If you use unapproved canned tomatoes, does that mean you are not on the SCD, even if you are drinking Welch's grape juice from concentrate and it makes you sick????
  9. Lliz , It sounds like you are getting good info with the right attitude. I agree with you completely about the inconsistencies. Most of my favorites are somewhere in these many pages. Like, peanut butter, good, peanuts, bad. Gosh, MY peanut butter is made out of peanuts!! I do think Elaine got a few things mixed up and I think one of the big reasons why the diet works is it eliminates processed food, a concept that got lost somewhere along the way. I'm glad your son is doing this now and not trying it after decades of failed treatment like some people have gone through. He is lucky to have such a supportive family. BTW, no mandolin or anything similar at Walmart. Did you go to a kitchen specialty store? And I know nothing about coconut water, but I confess to occasionally eating bananas without spots. Once again, no lightening strikes.
  10. How about red lentils, beans, winter squash. If you have eliminated grain from your diet you need to replace it with something. How about good quality fat? Grass-fed beef, lamb or buffalo will have better quality fat than grain fed. Butter, full fat yogurt, eggs, chicken with the skin on...
  11. Bea--I'm heading over to Voldemort, oops, I mean Walmart, and I plan to look for a mandolin or any other handy noodle slicer for my baseball bat zucchinis. I'll let you know what I find. Liz--You are braver than me. I only lurk over there. Those people are way to serious for me. I think they'd kick me out for expressing some of my opinions. Like, why, exactly is kohlrabi illegal??
  12. So, Liz, can we talk about bacon? Or soaking nuts? When I started the diet I was somewhat addicted to TJ's turkey bacon. I also liked Applegate Farms turkey bacon, but it costs a lot more. I would look at the package and convince myself that because it appears to contain less sugar than salt, it was probably okay. Eventually, my desire for it went away and I don't miss it. I quit eating because I would have two eggs, two slices of T bacon and still be starving. So now I have two eggs and a quarter pound of ground turkey or buffalo or sirloin and I'm not starving when I'm done. I still think TJ's TB probably okay on the sugar issue because it is really a tiny amount. I ate it for several months into the diet and never once got struck by lightening. I'm a little more concerned that it is processed and not really a whole food. But that's just me. I think if Elaine said bacon once a week is okay, then TJ's turkey bacon once a week should be okay. Just keep reminding yourself this is not a religion.
  13. Great, it sounds like you are up on things. Have you looked for a doc or nurse practitioner who practices functional, anit-aging or "optimal health" medicine? Those are the buzz words...
  14. Speaking of peaches, my friend made a salad with carmelized sweet onions, fresh peaches and spinach, with oil/vinegar dressing. I have been avoiding peaches in favor of the plums and blackberries and pears out my back door, but I may have to go buy some peaches now.
  15. Hi there, I am in the midst of unraveling the mysteries of thyroid/adrenal problems and as result have barely read nay of this forum lately, but stumbled across your post. First, go to stopthethyroidmadness.com and read the sections on adrenals two or three times. Then have your doc order a 24 hour saliva test for adrenals (you do it at 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm and midnight) to get the day's rhythm and ouptput. One blood draw is not enough. You also need to have free T3 and reverse T3 checked at the same time to find out if you can even use the T3 in your blood. If you are still floundering in the dark go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/natur...rmonesADRENALS/ This is an exteremely active yahoo group with well over 100 messages a day, all about adrenal/thyroid stuff. And most of the folks there are gluten free. They are recommending Carlson's chelated iron to raise ferritin, BTW. Yours is so low you may not be able to transfer T3 from blood to cells. Best wishes!