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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Wendy's Frosty's?

    Hi everyone! I've been trying to eat gluten-free for a while now to support my boyfriend, a Celiac. Only problem is, I work at a Wendy's. Haven't had a burger or fries or anything in a whole month, woo-hoo! But I desperately crave a Frosty. According to Wendy's.com, their Chocolate Frosty's are gluten-free, but I'm a bit concerned about things like dextrose and artificial flavors. Does anyone happen to know where they get their dextrose and such? Are they indeed gluten-free? Also, if anyone happens to know how they modify the cornstarch for their Strawberry Yogurts, or where the Red 40 food coloring comes from, that'd be incredibly helpfull. That'd just make my month. n____n Thank you!
  2. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, fast food is alaround BAD for you. It is greasy and yuck. Even if it weren't, I still wouldn't eat it. I happen to work at a fast food restaurant, and it only takes a second to contaminate something. If we aren't chucking random things (meatballs, ice cubes, pickles...) into the fryers for fun when no one's around, we're grabbing fries and nuggets out of their holding bins to snack on every couple of minutes. Don't pretend like you don't do it, all-ye-who-fry-things, I know you do. We can't help it sometimes. XD Other thing is that when we're real busy, most of the time whoever happens to be making sandwiches turns around and drops fries for everyone without changing gloves. Plus, 90% of the time a sandwich maker will leave the gloves he or she's been handling buns with on while he puts your bun-less burger and lettuce and junk in a box. I've seen this done at just about every restaurant I've been to, not just mine. Crumbs get everywhere. On the tables, on the grill, on our shirts and sleeves, on tongs and spatulas... Crazy stuff. Be careful, ok? And thanks a bunch for listening to me rant there. Sorry to take up so much space.
  3. Weight

    Step 1: Don't stress out. First off, stress only makes you tend towards weight gain. Second, it sounds like this is something you're going to be stuck with for a while, but it isn't your fault. Knowing that it's a thyroid thing, I mean, you definitely need to remember not to blame yourself. I did that for almost seven years. I'd get depressed, eat more, get fatter, then beat myself up on the inside, none of which is healthy. Accept it, deal with it, and learn to love yourself a little more each day. It isn't very hard - you have a wonderful body, no matter what it looks like! Curves are easily twice as beautiful as bony twiggy bits. It's your inner beauty that is really going to shine through, anyway, so take a few moments out of your day to cultivate that, first. If you really are intent on working out though, kudos for doing situps instead of crunches. I do crunches. They'll keep you fit, but not quite as chiseled as situps would, so you're already a step ahead of most people. The biggest, most vital thing I can tell you here is to keep going. Once you've done situps about a week in a row it'll become a habit - just do not stop, ever. Do not take a day off, do not use being tired or crampy or overworked as an excuse to skip a day. Once you do, it'll form a habit and it will be twice as hard to get back into things as it was to start them in the first place. I know. It's pretty easy to work your butt and legs. Taking a long walk every day will make a big difference. I do the "electric chair" thing, where you sit against a wall at a right angle, like you're sitting on an invisible chair. This is an amazing workout, and you'll feel it in just a couple seconds. Don't feel bad if you can only make it a minute or so, that's all most people can do. Do about fifty lunges or squats while you're at it. Those are a lot easier to show than to explain in words, so I'd do a quick Yahoo search for pics if you're interested. Overall, I think you'll be just fine with whatever you decide. Just remember not to give up on yourself and your goals, and you'll be not only sucessful but a generally beautiful person. Best of luck!
  4. Kissing?

    My boyfriend has Celiac's, so I'm trying to follow the diet too. But I was told you have to brush your teeth, and then wait an hour before kissing, so that's what I've been doing every time I slip up. Is that true, or will a good brushing do it?