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  1. ok - i'm new to the whole gluten free thing - i have been "off" of gluten for several weeks. last night i ate out at a very high end establishment. i had forgotten my dining cards so i asked about gluten free items. the immediate response of my server lead me to believe he knew exactly what he was talking about. i ended up with a filet and aspargus. within an hour of finishing the meal (we were still at the restaurant) - i just felt generally "blah". this morning i have had absloutely zero energy! could my steak actually have not been gluten free??? is this something that happens when you have gluten? i was generally asymptomatic when i was diagnosed with celiac, (a biopsy was taken during a endoscopy while stretching my esophagus from radiation side effects) so i'm not familiar with what might happen if i eat gluten. i plan to call after lunch hours and ask about soy sauce in the seasonings.... any other suggestions???