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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you very much!

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I'm still really new with this gluten-free stuff. I've only eaten out once since I've had to go gluten-free, so I'm very ignorant about where I can go. I really, really want to take my girlfiend out for dinner on Valentine's Day, to somewhere nice, but I really do not want to spend the following week sick. Does anyone have any recommendations of nice places to eat in Dallas, TX? If all else fails, I will just cook her dinner myself, but, well, I hope you get the idea. Please help.
  4. Outback Steakhouse

    I just ate there tonight, the first time I've eaten out in months, and it was great! And my tummy still loves me after! I used to hate eating there, because I always got sick, and figured they just had sanitation problems, but I <3 Outback, now~
  5. Yep, that was my problem. I didn't even know my problems weren't normal and or associated with stress/fatigue. I just assumed everyone had issues. Thankfully someone cared enough to point it out and recommend trying the diet for a few weeks. Otherwise I'd still be very sick and depressed, instead of finally starting to (slowly...) recover. Amazing how that works. Unfortunately, must of my family has never, and likely will never listen to anything I say, so the ones I suspect have problems will continue to suffer.
  6. Quick Recovery Tips

    I've heard that Pepto-Bismal helps some people, but it does not help me unfortunately. Believe me, I feel your pain.
  7. Im So Lucky

    I'm so jealous. My parents keep trying to get me to reintorduce gluten into my diet "so you will build up a resistance", despite the massive improvements to my health in the two months I've been Gluten-free Casein-free. And even with them seeing what happened when I glutened myself this weekend. :( Hopefully I'll actually stay healty enough to keep a job and can move out soon.
  8. Well, over the last three days, I've glutened myself twice. Once on purpose, because my curiosity got the best of me - hey, I was the kind of kid who would grab the electric fence on purpose to see what it felt like - and the second time today out of habit. I spent the day baking cookies. I first baked myself some fantastic gluten-free oatmeal cookies, and then proceeded to make the regular kind and some ginger snaps to send to some friends for Christmas (and to get rid of all my baking stuff I can no longer use). Out of habit, I ate a few out of the last batch I baked tonight. About 30 minutes later, my insides were telling me something was very wrong, and I had to sit down and figure out why. Now I feel pretty crappy, and really tired, but the thing that is most weirding me out is, I'm getting some vision distortions. The closest thing I can compare it to is when I was on a lot of hydrocodone after I shattered my wrist as a teenager. My vision is all floaty and stuff. I also can't concentrate. I'm sitting trying to type this post, and my mind will start to wander in mid-sentence. Is it normal for the concentration-inability to come back like this? And is there anything I can take to ease the pain? It feels like a tiny man is running through my insides with a cheese grater... So yeah, I'm having One Of Those Days. Editus: For the record, today's reaction is nowhere near as bad as the one I had Saturday. Holy crap that was bad... Hurt so bad, D for hours, cramps until this morning... I was just starting to feel better, and now this, and the mind foggyness has come back.
  9. After you've been on the diet for a few months, buy a pack 20 of Benadryl capsules and carefully take them apart, removing the medicine. You can use an Exacto knife to cut the little tape seal thingys. Dispose of the (unneeded) medicine properly, of course. Fill 15 of them with powdered sugar. Fill the other 5 with flour. put them back together, into a bottle, and mix them up. Take one a day, or so, and record whether you feel ill, or any other symptoms. Make sure to strictly avoid any outside source of gluten. You should end up with 5 days that you have symptoms. Just my little idea.
  10. I do, and back pain (sometimes) and ulcer pains. Also D in under 20 minutes after eating gluten, and all the fun that comes with that.
  11. Well, I've been sick for Christmas for as long as I can remember (might be just as interesting to see if that had something to do with diet?), so that wouldn't be any different, but I really do feel better, so I suppose that's good enough for now. >> Is there no Whole Foods, health food store, or pharmacy close by? Nearest Whole Foods is over an hour away. I live way out in the middle of nowhere. Next time I'm in the city, I'll see if I can go by. I think I saw something like a "Vitamin Shoppe" or something similar today. Would somewhere like that have it?
  12. Soy, hmm? I'll have to remember to record what happens when I eat it again, since I (just incidentally) have not had any that I know of since going on this diet. My college's food service does not accomodate for anyone with special diets, so that doesn't matter so much. And most of my family have remarked at how much better I look, and that I act like I feel better. Which I do! The ones who are doubtful, and think I'm just vying for attention or something, well, I already didn't care about them, and this doesn't improve my faith or opinion in them, so yeah. Since the treatment for all three things is simply "avoid wheat and gluten", and the fact that I have NO money right now (yaaaay tuition!), I'll have to wait to get tested until later. I know you said that I could do the Enterolab testing without going back on the gluten (which is a very good thing, imo), but won't the antibodies and other things that the tests detect fade away after a time (a few weeks? months? years?) without the gluten being present to cause the damage and trigger the creation of antibodies? Biology, biochemistry, and immunology are not exactly my strong points (though I should probably try to study up a bit). I'm considering doing a test over Christmas break and seeing how sick going back on the gluten makes me, after being off of it for almost two months. Probably the inner scientist/masochist in me. I've read that exposure after elimination will cause more sever symptoms, and, in my mind at least, testing to see if this happens would either confirm or contradict what I've experienced so far. Is this a good idea? How sick could doing this make me? Would I be being a stupid, impulsive young person to try this? Editus: Also, can one buy a probiotic at somewhere like Wal-mart? That's really the only place nearby. Otherwise it's somewhere like Amazon or something similar. I'm pretty wary of buying stuff from unfamiliar sites...
  13. Hi everyone. Forgive me if this turns into a really long story, but I'm pretty nervous and I have a lot of questions, probably, so try to bear with me. I'm a college student - the prototypical starving type, and a science major (yay chemistry!) to boot. Even though I've always taken care of myself - eaten good foot (vegetables! \o/), been active (soccer, martial arts, hiking and backpacking, kayaking, running), my health has never been great. I've always gotten sick easily and had other health problems. The last two years, though, my health really went down the tubes. I'd get sick, stay sick for six to eight weeks, get better for a week or two, then back to being sick. During the periods I was sick, I was pretty much just able to sleep and (barely) keep up with my coursework. I couldn't drive, I couldn't excercise, I couldn't do much of anything except sleep and sleep. I'd have muscle and joint pain, constant GI problems, lung and bronchial problems, anemia, and trouble with bleeding (actually, the bleeding is the easy part. it's the stopping that is hard). I'd get a paper cut, and it would bleed for days. And I was constantly exhausted, despite sleeping 12+ hours a night. Needless to say, I couldn't keep a job. I would go to the doctor, be diagnosed with sinusitis, or massive bronchitis, or something in that line, be given some antibiotics, and be sent on my way. No one would pay any attention to my complaints of the other symptoms, so I just dealt with it. Understand, I am not a tiny, weak little guy. Through high school, I did martial arts. I was (and still am, mostly) build like a linebacker, and I could move like you wouldn't believe. But, I've basicly spent two years being ill. The whole thing came to a head this spring when I got so sick I had to be taken to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with a fungal respiratory infection. They wanted to keep me in the hospital, but there was no way we could afford it, so they gave me a prescription for some really powerful antibiotics and stuff, and I went on, because, well. I didn't really have much choice. The drugs got rid of the lung problems, for about 3 weeks, but then I was sick again. The doctors said it was sinusitis, and things continued as they had, through the summer, until about 6 weeks ago. I was sitting in a common studying area, eating my taco salad from Taco Bueno. I got finished and, as usual after I eat, I felt sick, and went to deal with that. I come back, and one of the ladies in my organic chem class says to me, "you have a food intolerance. or allergy. or something.". This woman is a nurse in a dietitian's office, so she's not just some random person. Anyway, I'd never heard of anything like a food allergy, so we talked about it. She said that the right way to determine what was bothering me would to get on a special diet with no common foods that cause reactions, than reintroduce things one at a time. I said that I really couldn't work around that with my schedule (and total lack of energy for anything extra), so she recommended eliminating wheat and gluten, since those are the most common. This was on a wednesday night, so I decided to try it, figuring that I had nothing to lose, really. So starting the next day, I made sure I didn't eat anything with wheat or any of the gluten-containing grains (she gave me a list - wheat, barley, rye, and oats). I've been off of all dairy products, for about 3 years, bust she recommended avoiding those, too. Anyway, by saturday, for the first time in years, I woke up and actually felt pretty good! And by sunday, I no longer had any cramps or anything! I had been having the worst time with my digestion (yay blood?), but I've now been on this diet for 6 weeks, as of tomorrow, anyway, and have had nary a problem since getting on it. It's very nice to not have to run to the bathroom 15-20 minutes after a meal. So my questions are these. My family is pretty tight on money. We always have been, and with my brother and I going to college, even with financial aid, things are very, very tight. Is there any benefit, other than peace of mind and finally knowing what the hell is really going on, to getting tested for a formal diagnosis? Or will it hurt me to assume that, since I've found a treatment on my own that seems to work, that I can keep it up and handle it myself? Is my experience normal? There are several reasons that I am asking here, with the first being it's one of the first sites with a forum that came up when I googled "gluten intolerance". The second being that a good friend of mine was diagnosed with celiac a few semesters ago, both by dietary testing and later by gastroscopic biopsy, after going from 120 lbs to 89 lbs in a single semester. She's 5'11", so she's not a tiny girl. It was really scary. I just didn't know what it was before. And thirdly, because after reading the stuff here, I have had every symptom in the list. I'm not a fan of, or the type to self-diagnose, because I know that the mind can have a large effect on the body and the way it works. Though I've done most of my research after the fact of the diet helping (a lot), so I don't know. Any advice? I'm pretty lost, and very uncertain of what I'm doing...