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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My daughter who is now 9 was tested 3 times up to age 4 with negative results.....she now and has been eating gluten free for 5 years. There are 5 people including myself in our family who are gluten free with different reactions and symptoms. I did not want to give her an endoscopy as it is very invasive. Since many of my family members were tested many times themselves over their lives and many negatives before a positive and because the early years in a childs development is so important i just decided to quit the nonsense and put her on gluten free. If in the future she rebels at least i know that i gave her the chance to put as much calcium in her bones as possible, unlike me who was diagnosed with osteo at age 35.
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. I reside in Ontario but grew up with my family in England.My family believed themselves to be true English.Recently we found out that we are of Irish decent through my fathers side the same side that has passed on Celiacs to me.There is some belief that Celiacs originate from Ireland.Whats your background?
  4. I have family members that have the same symptons as you with negative test results as well as some members including myself positve for celiacs.I can only suggest as long as you are not due for more testing is to go gluten free for a month and see how you feel.
  5. I am confused by your message.Have you remained on the gluten free diet or come off of it once you felt better?
  6. Just need to know!My 2 yr old was blood tested for celiacs with a negative result.However she only ate Gluten for 8 weeks before test.Mother and other blood relatives have celiacs.Mother not convinced that test was accurate as symptoms were prestent and continued until I finally put her back on a gluten free diet.For the first year of her life I kept her gluten free-she had no problems now that she is back to gluten free she seems better except for some constipation. Has anyone had the experience of being miss-diagnosed?