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  1. Hi everyone! My mom has celiac disease, and I just wanted to post some information about restaurants in Lancaster, PA, in case anyone is nearby and is interested. Carr's Restaurant, which is in downtown Lancaster, is SUPER-ACCOMMODATING!! My mom knows the owners, and they go out of their way to accommodate celiac. They have extremely delicious food...and even have a stand at Central Market, where you can buy dinners to go! Fiorentino's Restaurant, which serves Italian fare, is located on the outskirts of Lancaster...once again, my mom knows the owners, and they are also awesome. They have really good salads...and a lot of dishes feature risotto, which celiacs can eat!! Also at Central Market...we now have a gluten-free baker! He makes quiche, breads, dinner rolls, and YUMMY pastries--cream puffs, eclairs, cupcakes, pies, cakes, etc...he will even make a special birthday cake for you!! You can hardly tell his stuff is gluten-free...it's so good!! I will post his information, which I am sorry to say I don't have on hand right now. The stand is called The gluten-free Bake Shop, and he is at Market on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. He only has quiche on Tuesdays, and he has a larger selection of pastries on the weekend. Hope this helps someone! Take care, and happy holidays!