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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This thread provoked a lot of thought. I worked for TJ
  2. Liquor

    I found this post looking for information regarding gluten free alcohol...I have had quite different experiences then many I have read. I have severe reaction to gluten based alcohols even those distilled many times. I have tried vodka and whiskey after reading they were gluten free and have amazingly strong reactions to both specifically vodka previously my favorite mainstay. I now only drink gluten-free beer New Grist is my fav and tequila only Patron Silver and Milagro silver. If I drink tequila I wake up peachy-keen if I drink vodka I will be sick for days. I was wondering if anyone else has such reactions to gluten liquors and if I am just beyond sensitive. I don't "cheat" I got way to sick to even consider it two years after my diagnosis I am still in the process of healing as even the smallest cross contamination leaves me very ill. So I am wondering if some people tolerate gluten alcohols just like some can tolerate a piece of cake or slice of pizza once and a while? I am also wondering if there are others who are so sensitive/damaged/not healed that this is out of the question? I guess not everyone has the same reaction? Because it is on the gluten free list it took me months to figure out it was the vodka undermining my efforts to heal.
  3. I too have had very similar symptoms after being gluten free for some time I started having problems with fruit specifically apples I had been eating at least one a day. I have been on and off a low fructose diet but have yet to figure out if it is the fructose or bacterial overgrowth. I do know my symptoms of bacterial overgrowth increase significantly after being glutened and dissipate as I heal. I have been off fruit for some time now but have slowly introduced other foods I love in small amounts that are high in fructose such as onions. I still have yet to figure out what the problem is. I do know digestive enzymes and fiber help tremendously. I could go to the doctor but they failed to diagnose my celiac disease for 21 years misdiagnosing lactose intolerance among other problems. When glutened I also have problems with lactose and still eat it in very limited amounts. The doctors didn't even diagnose my celiac disease, after being sick of being sick I did my homework figured out what was wrong with me then went to the doctor armed with information unfortunately it took three doctors before someone would listen and administer the tests. All the while I was 75 lbs and loosing weight and my body unable to function in any capacity. So I trust my body not doctors. I don't know if it is the fructose that is the problem or if the sugar is feeding a bacterial overgrowth either way anything high in sugar, fructose or lactose in to high of quantities makes my digestive system upset, leaving me bloated, gassy and with possible loose BM's. So I avoid any foods high in lactose, sugar or fructose in addition to being gluten-free. I think my friends might think I am crazy but I care more about being healthy.
  4. Food Aversion

    In December it will be two years since my diagnosis and I am still struggling to get back to a normal weight. There are a few problems which I recognize but am having trouble addressing. 1.) First I know I am not eating enough. When I get glutened I will expel food out of every end usually completely undigested. THis has cause me major aversions to the foods I eat as gluten-free foods are expensive and hard to obtain. I cook everything from scratch and eat the same stuff all the time to avoid accidents and to make my life easy. The problem being that I no longer want to eat anything I normally eat. Most foods I eat regularly have come to disgust me after vomiting them out so many times. The food themselves did not make me sick I just ate them after gluten and was still sick so eating them hurt my digestive system and led to vomiting and bad BM's. Has this happened to anyone else? How do I get my appetite back and learn to enjoy the foods I used to love? Like broccoli I know it is gluten-free but I cannot eat it anymore. I am a REALLY picky eater and I don't like to try new things which compounds the problem. 2.) How I get glutened. Over the last few months I have become confined to my house. Every time I go out I tend to get contaminated. In addition, I see no point in going out. I am so skinny I hate the way I look it undermines my confidence and I see no point in showing myself to people when I am so uncomfortable with my body. Specially since most people don't look at me and think Celiac they think Anorexic (I live in Santa Barbara where girls think skinny is good and would "love" to have celiac?? I'm from the Bay and I want my big butt back!). Besides not eating enough I also do get glutened when I go out drinking so I have stopped going out. I always drink Patron silver shots or with cranberry juice. I don't know if it is the hose that spurts out water, juice and all other gluten filled liquids that is contaminating me I know it is not the tequila. Either way I have stopped going out and when I do I take a flask and drink straight tequila for fear of contamination. Yea I am 10-15 pounds under weight 4'11'' have a damaged intestine and drinking straight tequila great. I really wish bars would start carrying gluten-free BEER! I know I am extremely sensitive but does anyone else have any good ideas for drinking out at bars? Or how to gain weight or regain a lost appetite?
  5. To add another post, I too am in college I am 23 diagnosed a year and a half ago. Finding food has been hard as well as explaining to people why I'm skinny, can't eat anything, and miss class. Even friends who I've explained it to 2 or 4 times still offer me bread and beer. So I feel all of you. I also make larger meals and freeze small containers for nights I don't have time. I make all of my meals from scratch as well and eat lost of nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. So far all batter I have made freeze well whether it's for muffins, cookies or biscuits so I make large batches. I have not found any gluten free food on campus. I'm working on fixing that with disable students services and the nutritionist on campus. In the mean time I often have to go home in between classes if I don't pack food a head of time. Nature's path and a few other brands make decent cornflakes if you can find them. All flours and cereal are really expensive though my diet costs me a lot of money. I really don't eat out at all and I take a flask with me everywhere to drink. I have found I react horribly to wheat or barley liquors no matter how many times they are filtered or distilled. I drink only 100% agave tequila ie Milagro or Patron with cranberry juice. That combo is almost always gluten free at any bar. However bartenders and those little hoses they use that also spew all kinds of gluten liquid always provide the possibility of mistakes and cross contamination. So I use the flask as much as possible.
  6. Occasional Insomnia

    Hi, i definitely have insomnia when I get glutened. It throws everything out of wack I'm tired when I should be up and up when I should be sleeping. I don't have a solution besides finding the source of the gluten and cuttign it out. I also do have bouts of insomnia even when I'm gluten-free like you not often but it is disruptive. I too would like to find a solution but don't have any conventional ones either. Just wanted you to know some one else is in the same boat and if you find a solution let me know.
  7. thank you so much for the kind comment. I'm glad you're pursuing your dreams :)

  8. What To Eat/

    So apparently I've had Celiac since I was about four or five. That's when I began to show the symptoms anyway. Since then I was generally healthy but would get sick and be in and out of school. Now I know I was living with all of the side effects from the nausea, digestive pain, delayed growth, tooth decay, dizzy spells, constant infections, brain fog etc... I was tested for anemia and mono in HS but both came up neg. It was not until I moved to College that my extreme weight loss and fatigue brought me to the doctors again with great concern for my health. My doctor repeatedly sent me away telling me I was anorexic and to go eat. I was eating and still loosing extreme weight. I went to my University doctor who diagnosed me with Celiac, and now I'm on my journey to recovery. I had gotten so sick I lost everything my job, school, my social life, and my health above all. Like I said I've been sick for over 15 years but never so sick I lost weight or functionality until this last year. I'm am at 79 lbs and need to gain weight. Ive done the research but I'm still unclear as to what exactly to eat until I can order all the specialty foods or at least flour to cook with. In the mean time I had frosted corn flakes, rice bread from TJ's and a granola bar made of oats yesterday (thought I'd try to see if I have a reaction to oats). Anyway I got a migraine and violently ill. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the rice bread so I think it was the frosted flakes or the oats I'm not sure. I just know I need to gain weight, am having a lot of trouble finding foods to eat. I know not to eat WBRO but labels are so unclear and there are so many ingredients I am unclear about. Until I gain weight am very tired, lethargic, irritated and my immune system is running on empty. Im so frustrated I have to go back to school IN Jan. to keep my financial aid and I'm afraid I won't be well in time. I have significantly reduced the amount of gluten in my diet but have also eaten a lot less because I had to clean out all of my cabinets and get rid of all my food. I have since gone shopping but am on a very limited budget and keep buying foods I am later finding I can't eat.