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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have tried soooooooo many gluten free bread mixes and recipes. I ruined one handheld mixer with one recipe so now i whip it with a whisk, but my arm gets tired. So yesterday i made another recipe egg free, gluten free, it called for 7-10 minutes of mixing. I mixed it for a minute and that was that. It rised like no other bread before, so my hope was up. Once it came out of the oven it collapsed to the level where the batter was when i put it in the pan. So the bread is gummy. I have never had a gluten free bread though be more than 2 inches high that was homemade. Is this from not mixing enough? I also have relaxed on the mixing because every time i would mix away my bread wouldn't rise well. I use good yeast and it works even if you use cold or HOT water so its not the yeast. Thank you
  2. Thank you, but i wasn't sure how much sugar to put in it. It makes one 8 inch pan cake and uses white and brown sugar.
  3. Thank you everyone, much appreciated! I will do some experimenting. I just have to use a combo of the gluten-free flours i have because i don't buy flour mixes, they are to exspensive.
  4. I don't have any of her books, but i will get it from the library again. Thank you
  5. i would love it if you would post the recipe! Even though i am looking for a recipe without molasses, or maple syrup. Crazy, i know, but the mix that i buy doesn't use any, just brown sugar, so i figured i could do the same. See, what i want to do is to look at the ingredient list on the mix and just try and find the right portions of the ingredients. So for the final product i have my own mix that tastes the same, but is a whole lot cheaper.
  6. I love Gluten Free Pantry's mix for the gingerbread spice cake. Every time i buy it i look at the ingredients and think "gosh, i have all these ingredients at home, i could make this cake a whole lot cheaper". I really want to come up with my own recipe but don't know the right porportions for flour, butter, sugar etc. Can anyone help? Does anyone have a good recipe?
  7. Thank you sooooo much! Yes i loved this recipe also. Its the best gluten free bread recipe i have tried! So flavorful. Thank you
  8. If anyone out there has the book Gluten Free Classics with the white cover and the picture of the layer cake and a fork on the front i would really appreciate the help. I recently got Gluten Free Classics from my library loan. I loved the focacia recipe! I ment to write it down before i returned it to the library, but i completel forgot. I have been pretty busy. This book isn't easy to check out, plus you have to pay money. I was wondering if anyone who has access to this recipe if they could post it on here including the flour mixture recipe the use for the focacia. I would REALLY appreciate it. thank you
  9. i would like to serve my family a gluten free dutch baby or puffy pancake for christmas morning. i can't find any recipes so i wonder if it isn't even possible. these pancakes are the pancakes that you pour batter in skillet and put in the oven and the edges puff up really high and get crispy.
  10. i really need a gluten free gingerbread cookie recipe, even better would be one without molasses. i don't buy that stuff, its so expensive, doesn't have a long shelf life and the taste isn't something i care for or my family. i was planning on subing the molasses with brown sugar and water or something. anyway, ideas, recipes would be welcomed