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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have heard alot about people have moderate to sever weight loss before they were diagnosed with Celiac and all the documentation I have been researching has noted that weight loss is a symptom but I have never heard of weight gain. I never had any problem with weight loss, I had the opposite, I could NOT lose weight. And after I was diagnosed and have been following a gluten free diet for over 3 years i am still struggling to lose weight. I am wondering if anyone else has had any similar experiance with this?
  2. The people in my family who have Bad Teeth, Exzema, Migranes, Constipation, and Joint pain are the ones who have been tested by blood and have come back negative, but I know what you are saying.
  3. My family was tested by blood and no one came back positive but me. I do like kenpo. I have been studying it for about 6 years. P90X is a good program for exercise, but when it comes down to martial arts it realy doesnt teach you much.
  4. I live in Utah. I was diagnosed with celiac in feb. 2007
  5. I was diagnosed with celiac in Feb. of 2007. All my relatives have been tested for it and NONE of them came back positive, yet the doctors keep telling me that the reason I have it is because someone else in my family has/had it. I am full celiac is what the docs say(I have no villie in my intestines at all) and I am still trying to get it under control.
  6. Hi all, I am new to this site and am still trying to figure things out. I was diagnosed with celiac almost a year ago and am still trying to get it under control. I have a few questions but I will ask in some other posts.