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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. If you still feel you need validation, how about Enterolab stool test or gene test? The endoscopy/biopsy told us nothing with our daughter last July- whether done poorly or too early to diagnose. After worsening symptoms which I tied to gluten by keeping a food journal, I ended up doing gluten-free last Aug and she showed improvement within days. As you said that spoke for itself. We have found great products and gluten-free options and support from this board and a local CSA group. Good luck to you.
  2. Hi, my daughter was biopsied last summer at just under 3 yrs old. The procedure wasn't bad. She was very cranky when coming out of anesthesia. Like fighting sleep times a hundred. In our case, that was the upside - the downside was hers did not show damage. I hoped things had somehow resolved themselves - we went nearly gluten-free after biopsy and had cut out pasta prior to biopsy. After results, returned to a completely normal diet and 2 weeks of no solid stools. We then chose to go gluten-free. She is so much healthier and happier. Why no damage showed I can only guess - found it too soon, didn't take samples from damaged areas? Perhaps she is "only" gluten-sensitive. Having the biopsy cost us money and time - delayed starting gluten-free by 2 months. Again, it is your choice, but, keep in mind, the biopsy won't always give conclusive answers.
  3. Another plug for Tinkyada brand pasta. We had grown accustomed to the others - not bad with sauce - but the texture was noticably different. Just tried Tinkyada - it is wonderful - the texture is great and it holds up to cooking - your son will love it. Good luck.
  4. Her dad is gluten-free - celiac? gluten sensitive? I guess my daughter would be labeled gluten sensitive although we have no doctor diagnosis. She is SOOOO much better gluten-free. I think in her case, we found it too soon for intestinal damage or it was not where the samples were taken from. Maybe you are piecing this together before it is showing up in her blood. If her father has reason to be gluten-free, then the odds are good so does she. Don't dispel what you observe as a mother! I wish I had followed my instincts and gone gluten-free after the bloodwork and my observations after she ate pasta. Good luck.
  5. Similar with us - biopsy "within normal range" No celiacs we were told. Also, told only 3 samples were taken, since then I read should have been many more and nothing else was found. We had 2 weeks between biopsy and results. I had gone nearly gluten-free and begun to see improvement, it went back to worse when I returned her to a normal diet. After 2 weeks of loose stools again, we tried gluten-free. She has been gluten-free since August and showed improvement very quickly. I have no official diagnosis but a healthier child. Good luck
  6. Avoid gluten to start with - entirely! Sounds like maybe you haven't started a gluten-free diet. Then think of the BRAT diet Banana Rice Applesauce Toast - make it with gluten-free bread Good luck and hope you're feeling better.
  7. I was really bummed about my daughter not having her favorite foods among them: pizza and chiken nuggets - found a frozen crust that was ok but expensive and tough to find in my town. We improvised. gluten-free Sliced Bread Pizza Sauce Mozzarella cheese gluten-free toppings as desired. Preheat to 400, bake about 10 minutes on ungreased cookie sheet. - I have used Food for Life Frozen White Rice Bread, Brown Rice Bread and Ener-G Tapioca bread for crust. I top it with Ragu Pizza Sauce (double check to be sure ingredients still gluten-free) and mozzarella cheese. The bread is still expensive but I only use what I need for that meal. I have tried toasting the bread first - it makes no difference to her. She is 3, maybe not as picky as an older child would be about her pizza - and a couple pieces with a side of applesauce is perfect. This has made a great standby when she won't eat what I am cooking for the rest of the family. Personally, I thought the heels made the best crust. PS chunks of chicken breast breaded in corn meal and parmesan cheese - bake for good chicken nuggets!
  8. Sounds similar to my daughter's test results, what are other symptoms aside from poor eating and small? Mine had loose stools, poor sleep habits, irritability and hair loss. If digestive issues, try keeping a food journal to find connection -- possibly gluten intolerance if not Celiac. I saw a connection when my daughter ate pasta.
  9. It's Been A Real Adventure So Far.

    My daughter's doctor insisted I probably just give her too much juice - ARRGH! Her hair fell out also The doc convinced me the biopsy was necessary only to find out nothing from it. He didn't think she had celiac - he took only 3 samples - one from stomach, one from esophagus, one from small intestine. Also, I had discovered the connection to wheat in her diet -- they hate when you figure it out! So we sit with no formal diagnosis but after seeing her health further deteriorate but being told she is "normal", I tried the diet -- she's gluten-free 2 months and results were almost immediate and have been phenomenal. I have a letter drafted to the so-called expert. It is very frustrating and I feel like I am cooking the same things over and over. It is getting easier and seeing the improvement in her health makes it worthwhile. I am so glad you finally were diagnosed. As frustrating as it can be, take heart in knowing you are so much more in control of your health now.
  10. My daughter's results were negative but she still had problems which have been relieved by the diet. She was very combative when coming out of the sedative, not that she remembers, but it was difficult on us. No one warned us that she might be that way - like fighting sleep times 100. Also, her IV had been in the hand which she sucks her thumb and she was upset that she could not get to her thumb. I didn't even think to request it be put in the other hand. She didn't have any problems from the procedure. Best of luck - I hope you get some answers.
  11. Walk For Celiac

    Indiana Chapters of CSA had their first walk this July. Their website is www.glutenfreeindy.com Contact Diane or Joyce through that site, I am sure they would love to share from their planning experience. I hope to organize a 5K run next year in my area - a fund and awareness raiser. I think it is a super idea!
  12. Blood Test

    Deanna Praying for your physical and mental health - hope you get some answers. Have you returned to a Gluten-Free diet - maybe some relief?
  13. My daughter itched a lot with no visible rash. Since gluten-free she has been better, only itching occasionally.
  14. I have been using the flour mix that appears in the Celiac Sprue Association gluten-free Product Listing. I used it twice with this choc cake recipe - worked great! I make up a batch of flour mix, keep it in the fridge in a ziploc bag and scoop out the amount called for in a recipe. 1c cornstarch 1/2 c soy flour 3c rice flour 3c potato starch
  15. I went through grieving about the foods my daughter would not be able to have - from being mad, to why my daughter?, to depressed. Like you, it seemed that all she willing, eagerly ate contained wheat (think about a 2 yr old diet - mac & cheese, pasta, goldfish, crackers, cookies, etc) She feels so much better and we have found good gluten-free foods - it doesn't bother me anymore. It slows me down some and forces me to plan, but we are also eating healthier overall After your endoscopy, try some Corn spaghetti; our entire family enjoys it. Good luck and good health.