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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Egger it is in most all processed gluten-free foods and also things not labeled gluten-free, some brands of flavored almonds etc..... when I first went gluten-free I could eat things with it and had no problem but now I can not eat it at all.
  2. For me it started happening out of the blue and I was dairy free and gluten free for quite awhile, I found out xanthan gum was causing me big BIG problems. The same problems as you are having.
  3. I am 60 so some gray hair is expected but it deffinatly came on very quickly when started having problems with gluten, I think I will try Dr. Bronner's castile liquid soap and conditioner as I also have very curly hair. I do take extra biotin plus B vits. along with multi, D-3 and calcium and also magnesium. Very interesting topic I thought it was just me, never saw anyone else ever talk about the thinning hair things. My thyroid has been checked many times but all checks out fine.
  4. I also have this problem and I have been gluten-free for 7 years now. I use to have very thick hair. Mine is in front but also an area on the back, also my hair really grayed in the last 7 years.
  5. Thanks dilettantesteph its good to get all opinions, I know each of us handle things differently.
  6. wow its letting me in now (nuts.com) thank you what a great variety! Am going to give some a try and try my hand at baking gluten-free.
  7. For some reason I can not connect to this site, I am getting a "failure to connect" I am having no problems with any other site so maybe they are having problems.
  8. Thanks all, does anyone use a certain brand of rice flour or potato flour ?
  9. Hi everyone well I have been gluten free now for over three years. I can not eat what many others can. Chex Glutino pretzels etc. etc. etc. now whether it is the amount of gluten or preservatives I have no idea, I also eat no dairy. I have decided it is time for me to start baking and making as much of my things as possible. What I would like to know and get your thoughts on are, what flours have you all used that you had no reactions to from cross contamination? Rice flours, potato flours etc. What brand did you buy where did you buy it at etc. I live in a small community so I may have to order online, or drive about 85 miles to a bigger town, which is ok. I just need to know brands that people seem to have good luck with eating, also am looking for good bread and muffin recipes.
  10. I can tell the difference between gluten and casein for myself, with gluten I do not get cramps but anything that comes out of me is like pure acid even my tears get acid. Casein I get severe cramping and nausea also. Both are bad and both leave me in the bathroom for hours and hours.
  11. Certain foods will cause me terrible heatburn. Chocolate,coffee tea, anything that is too high of fat, and its heartburn that can last for days. I no longer drunk coffee or tea I try to stay away from high fat and chocolate only once in a great while, plus I can do no dairy. My diet feels very boring to me ....
  12. Pop Chips

    oh that's interesting I looked at the bags I had they didn't say anything but, it doesn't surprise me, I am still sick off of those things! I wish I would have never ate them, time I start learning to make my own stuff I do remember my Father making homemade potato chips when I was young they were so good, I can't remember how he did them but know that they were wonderful. So am going on a search to start making some things that I get cravings for, getting tired of going through this sick crud with things that the government has said are ok to call gluten free. Ok I am ranting a bit here but geeeeezzzzzzzzzzz I get so dang tired of it.
  13. I just wanted to add to this post, that I have been so sick for the last week and I know the only thing I ate different was these Pop Chips, it seems like a gluten reaction to me but I can not say for sure but I know I will never try them again, I have not felt this sick in a long time.
  14. Pop Chips

    ohhhh I must have missed that thread! I will try to find it, I am not sure what is in them that has made me so sick but honestly have not felt this terrible for a long time, my stomach but also muscle pain, can't sleep, had headaches, but I notice today that is starting to go away. Phew thats the end of me trying those again! I get so tired of trying new things and 9 times out of 10 it does not work for me. I am going to try to find the thread talking about them, thanks so much for letting me know.
  15. Pop Chips

    nope I stay away from those isles. Not sure what is going on but will have to call and see if it is a dedicated factory, I just have to start doing more cooking from scratch, and stay away from the processed and store bought things, I just seem to have too many problems with them.