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  1. There is a recent article, I think in Scientific American magazine which is about celiac disease. It said that it is doing a trial to try to prevent celiac in people with the genetic marker and early evidence has shown that having an infant avoid all gluten for the first year appears to prevent activation of the disease later on- again it's early evidence - not enough to say for sure it works. I'm assuming this means breastmilk as well. I'm already gluten-free and am planning to stay that way (I am self-diagnosed celiac - my doc would not diagnose me because "it's a hard diet to follow" (?)) and I do not plan on having her eat any gluten her first year. After that we'll figure things out with her pediatrician.
  2. Can Celiac Cause Extreme Morning Sickness

    I had 5 first trimester m/c before discovering I am likely celiac (never ended up getting an official diagnosis). With each of those pg, I also had horrible gas pains and cramps (worse than when I wasn't pg - not realizing all my life I had been having more gas and cramping than what is normal) and terrible morning sickness too. I could barely eat or sleep and always lost at least 10 pounds before I'd eventually miscarry. With the 2 pg I've had since going gluten-free, the stomach/gas pains vanished but I still had pretty bad morning sickness. Unfortunately I lost the first gluten-free pg at 10w due to downs, but am now having a picture perfect (so far) pg - 24 weeks along now with a healthy girl. With this pg, the morning sickness was between 6-12 weeks but did not lose any weight- although let me tell you I'm packing it on now in the 2nd trimester. Now I get a little nauseaus every now and then but nothing like the first trimester. good luck to you both!
  3. Bette- I am so sorry to hear of your daughter's losses and hope this current pregnancy is successful. If she has been through all the standard blood and structural tests and nothing has been identified as a cause, and has any future unexplained complications, I strongly recommend consulting with the Alan Beer Center. They deal with maternal immune issues and I had 5 first trimester miscarriages before I found them. I am now 22 weeks along with a healthy girl, but I have had to do continuous treatments to keep my immune system in check. My belief is that I should have been off gluten since birth, but did not discover the issue until 18 months ago - so my immune system still flares during pregnancy which requires treatment to keep in check. The treatments are similar to those done for people with other autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and they have made the difference for me - but are not considered standard for pregnancy and most regular doctors do not believe in immune issues as there have not been enough official clinical trials (there is no way I would have signed up for a clinical trial after 5 miscarriages by age 39 and most women who go there are in the same boat as me). Their web site is www.repro-med.net and they consult with patients worldwide and also local patients in the San Francisco Bay Area (where I am). There is also an online yahoo group called "immunologysupport" which if you or your daughter join, you can find OB's and RE's who work with the Beer center doctors (in the "Files" section of the group. It sounds like your daughter is out of the woods for many of the immune flares but if she finds that growth is slowing (IUGR) I strongly recommend giving the Beer center a call as IUGR and low amniotic fluid are common immune issues in the 2nd trimester which if untreated can lead to preterm labor or loss. Sorry to be so graphic but I've learned so much the past year and a half and want to prevent as many immune-related losses as I can by sharing what I've learned. good luck to you and your daughter!
  4. Question

    I'm almost 19 weeks pregnant and have been gluten-free a little over a year. I don't quite understand the question - as I've found I can make or buy just about anything gluten free that tastes great. So I haven't craved any gluten - but I have craved toast with peanut butter which I made on homemade gluten-free bread. And we have a great local bakery who makes killer pizza crusts so when I crave pizza I'm set too. But to be honest, I'm finding I crave fruit more than anything. I'm sure you'll be fine and won't be craving gluten at all -I mean, would you crave arsenic? After accidentally having gluten a few times and having to recover, that's how I look at it now.
  5. Iugr - Growth Restriction - Advice On Premie

    I responded to a similar post last week on sillyyaks - I'm not sure if you are the same person. I've been involved with reproductive immunologists who have been monitoring my pregnancy and treating my immune system flares (high natural killer cells) with regular IVIG infusions. I read a thread on the public support board which talks about 2nd trimester IUGR and low amniotic fluid sometimes being caused by an immune flare. Here is the info I posted there: thread about IUGR and low fluid: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/immun...t/message/88525 Alan Beer Center (note: Dr Beer passed away but other doctors have taken it over- and there are other RI's around the world who follow their treatments) http://repro-med.net good luck to you!
  6. Glad you are feeling better after going gluten-free - it literally changed my life. I also self-diagnosed and felt amazing after 4 days. I had 5 unexplained first trimester miscarriages in the 2 years prior to that. I went to a nutritionist, gastroenteroligist and acupuncturist- all 3 said to take a year off before getting pg again but as I was pushing 40 I still tried. Before I went gluten-free I could get pg within a month or two of trying (then miscarry). In the first few months after going gluten-free I could no longer get pg - maybe because my body was busy healing. (I also ended up going dairy-free for about 4 months - then I could slowly tolerate it again). After 7 months gluten-free I got pregnant again, and for the first time I was seeing regular growth on ultrasounds - probably because I am no longer malnourished. But unfortunately I lost that pregnancy at 10weeks from down syndrome (trisomy 21). I then tried an IVF cycle to try to start out with good chromosomes (I had the embryos tested) but that failed. Then while waiting to start my next IVF cycle, about 1 year after going gluten-free, I got pg naturally again. I am now 18 weeks along and amnio says it's a healthy girl. So to make a long story short, my doctors were right - it took me a year to heal and be able to sustain a pregnancy (so far!).
  7. I had an endoscopy w/ biopsies last month despite negative blood work- I did blood tests one week after a 2 week gluten-free trial and was fearing a false negative. I responded so well to my gluten-free trial in November I really wanted to know if I had villi damage. The results just came back (see my other post re: endoscopy results) but the biopsies determined no villi damage but a high white blood cell count - doctor suspects small intestine bacterial overgrowth (which if left untreated, patients also can see a great response to going gluten free since the bacteria is feeding off of the gluten) - or if it's not bacteria, then very early celiac. I am now on antibiotics (xifaxan) to see if it is a bacteria issue and 3 days in I am feeling really good (I have been gluten-free since 12/22 but the antibiotics made me get more energy in the AM- which was surprising), so it's posible I am not gluten intolerant after all. I will remain off gluten and will also take some probiotics for a month or two before attempting to challenge any gluten but I honestly had not expected this possibility (I thought I was for sure genetically gluten sensitive and was ready to be off of gluten forever). Now I'm just taking things a day at a time. Assuming I will be able to ingest gluten again I'll probably remain gluten-free but not fear accidental glutenations (they suck- I was out of commision for a day and a half after accidentally having a corn tortilla that touched a flour tortilla). So for me I am glad I did the biopsy. I have been trying to undersatnd my other health issues (infertility) and really wanted to get as much information as possible and the biopsy was part of my quest for answers. I've had a lot of procedures as part of my infertility and the endoscopy was one of the simplest for me - the worst part was the preparation prior to it (I did a colonoscopy at the same time and was on the liquid diet for a day plus all the laxatives) - I barely remember the procedure itself and had no pain/effects afterwards. Gina
  8. Wow - that is so scary about your reaction. I hope you are doing better now. The antibiotic is not Levaquin - it is called Xifaxan and the ingredient name is Rifaximin. What is interesting about this drug is that it will not be absorbed into my bloodstream - it is supposed to stay in my intestines. I've decided to start taking it today (and I guess I have good insurance - it only cost me $20) as I am running out of time on trying to get pregnant and every month counts. I will be on the lookout for any strange symptoms though and stop taking it if I do. thanks so much for the warning! Gina
  9. I was gluten-free for 2 weeks then went on gluten for 1 week and did the blood test. I will look at SIBO and see if it rings any bells. My doctor is recommending a different antibiotic that it a lot more expensive than Cipro but much more likely to really rid me of the infection -she had said Cipro was her 2nd choice but taht it's up to me since the cost is so much higher for the other one. I don't remember the name but I'm heading out to the pharmacy soon to pick it up. I've spent so much on my journey already I'm willing to splurge for this if it gets me closer to having a child. I did amazingly well going gluten-free for that 2 week trial. Now that I am gluten-free again since 12/22 my tummy aches and D have gone away but I'm still not "regular" stool-wise like I was during the 2 week trial. I think this could be due to the probiotics. thanks again, Gina
  10. Hi there- First off, thanks to all of you posting to this forum. The forum has been a lifesaver for me as I sort out what is going on with me. I just got my endoscopy biopsy results today and want to confer with you to see if what my GI doc is telling me makes sense, and whether any of you have had similar results. My history (sorry this is so long!) 39 y/o, 5 miscarriages in 2 years Through some genetic testing determined I have gene mutations related to B/K vitamin malabsorbtion and HLA-DQ alpha is 0505. Did not do full genetic test for celiac gene Did gluten-free trial for 2 weeks before reading here - should have waited as I had to go back on gluten to get tested (1 week back on gluten before blood tests, 3 weeks back on gluten before endoscopy) Responded amazingly well going gluten-free first time- after 3 days no more regular tummy aches, soft stools and D. After going back on gluten for tests- all symptoms and pain returned. Can't believe I suffered for so long thinking constant tummy aches and all that goes with it was normal. blood test results negative for celiac (done through biohealth labs) taken 1 week after going back on gluten. Anti-Gliadin IgA: 16.59 (0.01-20) Anti-Gliadin IgG 17.21 (0.01-20) Anti-transglutaminase IgA: 9.64 (0-20) Immunoglobulin IgA: 283 (70-300) Saliva tests: Secretory IgA: 10.08 (7.25-21.5) Gliadin IgA 8.6 (.1-10.0) went on modified elimination diet 12/22 which eliminates gluten, dairy, egg, vinegar, citrus, strawberries, beef, pork, corn, quinoa, shellfish, peanuts, soy. Noticed 2nd time around going gluten-free stopped stomach aches but stools remained irregular - but was also taking antibiotics for possible parasite and now probiotics so that could be the reason. Tummy aches and D gone now that I am gluten-free other than one episode when I accidentally glutenated myself. Results from endoscopy: duodenum: normal villous architecture but found presence of moderately increased intraepithelial t-lymphocytes (white blood cells) confirmed by immunostatins for CD3. terminal ileum: numerous reactive lymphoid modules. granulomatous inflammation is not identified So the takeaway I got from my doctor is that she cannot confirm a diagnosis of celiac since I do not have villi degenerated but the increased white blood cells suggest inflammation and could be a number of conditions, once which could be early celiac. She said it could also be IBS or a bacterial overgrowth- both which could reduce symptoms by going gluten-free. She said there was no straightforward way to confirm whether it is indeed a bacterial ovegrowth but said I could go on a powerful antibiotic course for 10 days to be safe. At this point I've spent to much time and money on trying to get to the root of my infertility I'm willing to go for the antibiotic course (which will also be expensive - apparently insurance does not cover this particular drug). But I wanted to check wtih you to see if you have had similar diagnosis. I know gluten makes me sick and has for a long time so clearly going gluten-free now is what I need to do. But is the bacterial overgrowth a viable explanation? thanks in advance for any of your learnings! Gina
  11. Ttc - Need Gluten Free Prenatals.

    I just went gluten-free yesterday and take Safeway Select brand prenatals. I called Safeway and they said they are gluten free. I am also taking a prescription B vitamin called Folgard Rx (B6/B12/Folic acid) as I have a gene mutation which makes me less likely to absorb these vitamins. I have emailed the manufaturer but have not heard back yet as to whether Folgard Rx is gluten free. Jina
  12. Erynn- I am so sorry for your losses. I know how hard it is to deal with, especially when the losses are timed around holidays. 3 of my 5 losses were in October, 2 d&c's right after Halloween. Needless to say I don't enjoy Halloween anymore. I have found my way to this board because of my losses. After the 4th loss, I took a break from ttc and started talking to friends and co-workers about my infertility. One co-worker told me about a non-traditional medical community who has been successfully treating maternal immune system issues for women with recurrant pregnancy loss (or failure to achieve pregnancy thorugh IVF, IUI, etc.). The field is called Reproductive Immunology. Most ob/gyn's and RE's do not consider it seriously as few traditional double blind/placebo trials have been done but I am a believer. Through a bunch of testing I was found to have a number of immune system issues including several inherited gene mutations that can cause blood clotting issues as well as B/K vitamin malabsorbtion. I have been undergoing some treatments pre-conception and will be taking some new meds once I start ttc next year. You may want to research this field to see if you think this sounds familiar to your situation. You did not mention whether you are diagnosed celiac or are gluten intolerant. When I went through my genetic testing results I did a lot of surfing and found I may be pre-disposed to celiac. So I went on a gluten-free trial and was shocked to find I felt incredible - no more tummy aches and D that I had my whole life and thought was normal. So I am convinced I am gluten intolerant, possibly celiac (although blood test was negative - but could be false negative due to the 2 week gluten-free trial I did a week prior to the test). The treatments were able to fix/control most of my immune system issues except for one related to natural killer cell killing power which is too high. I am convinced I can lower this by going gluten-free and now that I've finished my testing I have gone gluten free since yesterday. I will re-test my natural killer cells in a few weeks and hope to see good results and be clear to ttc. I am convinced the gluten intolerance has played a large role in my losses. I am not being an advertiser for the reproductive immunology - I have not gotten far enough to long to say "yes this works for me" but so far I am feeling much better about my chances to carry a pg to term. The treatment is not cheap - since it is not "proven" and accepted by the traditional medical community, most exams and tests are out of network, if they can be covered at all. If you are curious about this there is a yahoo group called immunologysupport. I suggest you join and take a look at the posts and files. Also, you could look at http://repro-med.net/ - this is the founding clinic for reproductive immunology - there are a number of RE's and ob/gyns world-wide who follow this protocol - see the files in the yahoo group for recommendations. take care, Jina