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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Stuffing!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I tried making it with some store bought rice bread (yuck). The texture just wasn't the same. Can't wait to try using the waffles now.
  2. Entro Labs

    I guess I have the same question. My kid's father says he has found info that the tests are invalid for children and want to have a biospy done. I tested negative for both the biospy and bloodwork but was found to have the celiac genes through enterolabs. My one child's test has shown the celiac genes and the other gluten intolerance. All of us have responded well to the diet. Myself more so, but I have no guarantee of what they are eating at their father's house. I can say when they have admitted to eating gluten it has explained the 3 day tummy ache, D, and headaches. He won't agree, but then again, feeds them the stuff and I'm left to deal with reprocusions. I don't want to have the biopsy done (they've been off gluten at my house since April). Am I wrong?
  3. Does anyone know if their mashed potatoes still contain wheat (refridgerator)? My girls came home on Monday from their other home and haven't felt right since. My youngest asked about the Bob Evans and I can't find anything else on-line.
  4. Right there with you. We won't be using it in our house anymore. I'm getting so tired of playing Russian Roulette with food and meds. Try to be so carefu, but....
  5. So sorry you are going through this. It definitely sounds like the playground to me. I teach kinder and have celiac myself. This year we took snacktime out of the day which helps. No playdoh (unless I make it) and same with the pasta stuff. As careful as I am, I've used my anti-spasmadic med more times than I should have this year and spent many days itching away. The kids come in with snacks in their backpacks for afterschool programs, crumbs on their clothes, and I'm sure they don't wash their hands before coming to school. Being the teacher, I get lots of hugs and hand holding even on the way to the room. Constantly wash my hands but I've caught myself licking my finger to turn a page after it's too late. Get the 504 and work on having no food on the playground. This should be a no-no automatically. Maybe the teacher could send a note home about handwashing before school? Check the computer keyboards as well for cleaning.
  6. I spoke with someone from Nasonex today. What they told me is that they don't add any gluten and the ingredients they use don't contain gluten. That being said.... the ingredients come from other places and they have no guarantee of cross contamination from those sources. So they won't state that their products are gluten free. Most likely you won't get a reaction, however, I've had a reaction from a product that was manufactured on equipment that processed wheat.
  7. I use La Choy Soy sauce. It's made with water, salt, hydrolyzed soy proteing, corn syrup, caramel color, and potassium sorbate. I've never had an issue with it.
  8. Airport Security

    We got stopped last night coming back from Florida in Tampa. Had a lunch bag with 3 ice packs, applesauce, carrots, and mixed fruit cups. Security took 2 of the ice packs because the stuff in them is toxic? I guess he didn't see the 3rd one. We didn't get stopped on the way down with them though. Kinda funny how things are different from airport to airport. You'd think flying out of Dulles things would be way more secure than other places, but I swear they are the most laxed. I did have a note from my doctor for the food though, but didn't need it. I also took cereal bars and brought a loaf of bread and muffins on the way to Florida to eat during the week.
  9. Disney & Rainforest

    I'm sure this has been a topic before but had to give Kudos to Disney myself. We just got back from Fl and what a great trip. As my girls stated the best trip ever and they never had to worry about their food. The restaurants on the property were wonderful and the chefs always came out to meet us and gave us plenty of options. I am a veggie and even had options. My favorite was Sci-Fi in Hollywood. They actually had glazed tofu with rice and veggies on the menu. We stayed at Allstar Music and the manager was great. He went out of his way to treat us like queens. My girls loved the chicken fingers and fries. He called a chef over from another resort one evening to fix me stir-fry and is looking into getting wheat-free soy sauce to have on stock for the future. 2 thumbs up to Disney to letting us feel "normal"! Now Rainforest Cafe on the other hand wasn't so great. The chef there was rude and made us feel like we were inconveniencing him. My one daughter had plain chicken and the other plain steak. There wasn't a single vegetarian item on the menu. He suggested I have salmon or shrimp which I had to explain I didn't eat. They gave me a salad minus the chicken and no other options were given. I was very disappointed with the chef's attitude and service, especially for the price of the meal. If you go to Disney, you'll love it....just avoid Rainforest while there.
  10. Hay Rides

    DH and I were driving home from church today and looking at all the hay rolls. Made me wonder how safe hay rides are. Is this something my girls and I should avoid?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. We'll try 1/2 the capsule, I was giving her a full one the last day or so, but she's been complaining of stomach cramps. Hard part is she's 12 and has anxiety. I can't tell if she's eaten something she shouldn't have, if it's the anxiety, or if it's hormones. We'll try the fish oil capsules as well. I'm vegetarian, but she loves her meat. She'll be fine with that.
  12. Just got my daughter's results back from Enterolab and it's official. With the fecal fat score being elevated, should I have her take digestive enzymes and probiotics like I do to help with the absorbtion. Our house is completely gluten free and she hasn't had anything (that I know of) since April minus one slip up. She's quite disappointed with the confirmation. Even though I'm celiac and her sister is gluten intolerant, I guess she was still hoping to buy school lunches. Of all the things to miss... Here's her results Fecal Antigliadin IgA 22 (Normal Range <10 Units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 10 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score 381 Units (Normal Range <300 Units) Fecal anti-casein (cow's milk) IgA antibody 8 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0201 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0503 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 2,1 (Subtype 2,5)
  13. I'm sure you can get too paranoid and I'm probably one of those people That being said my little kindergarteners got me good with the playdoh. I thought for sure I'd be fine with them playing with it in the classroom and not going near it myself. Learned my lesson after 2 days of itching and another of D and migrains. I guess I didn't think about the fact that they all touch me constantly. Next year I'll be making my own playdoh. I also ordered plastic gloves to use during snack and will be stocking up on the clorox wipes for the tables.
  14. How Do You Handle Vacations?

    Right there with you on the nerves. We are going to Disney in August with my parents and though there plenty of options in Disney, I still get nervous about traveling. Since you have a kitchen that will help bunches. I start most days out with Brown Rice Cream cereal. I add a bit of cinnamon and sugar for my sweet tooth. You could bring a blender and make smoothies. Chicken and steak are great options. Tinkyada pasta and sauce for dinners. Just pack a couple of coolers with lots of frozen meats and veggies and bring fresh stuff as well. Good Luck and have fun!!
  15. What's Your Blood Type?

    I'm O+ but am a vegetarian. Never handled meat well and now it just grosses me out. Of course I haven't had it since I gave up gluten, but I sure do enjoy my veggies! Not sure about my girls blood type, the older one loves meat and the younger could care less. Interesting theory.