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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Unthinking Husband

    Oh man! i can just tell from your post you got glutend. I can tell caus i lash out at ppl too when i get gluten. Best thing to do is go to bed early. Take some sleeping medicine. Watch tv,Eat some safe food. Just bypass time and learn from your misfortune.
  2. Right After Being Glutend...

    My symptoms were the usual anger and sleepiness after being glutend. Thats what i did, just took it easy,drank water and rested. Wondering if any drugs would help the situation. And i got glutend by SUNSCREEN! Watch out for all those products hiding stuff. It was oats in the IN-active ingridients that got me! so watch out!
  3. What are some good drugs to take and things to do? Besides the usual resting and watching TV What are some things you do or take after being glutend? I'd like to have a planned backup plan of things to take and do insted of dealing with this.
  4. High School Dropout

    Yeah i definitely know about all the suffering. I feel like iv been through it all at the age of 18. I mean im young but i doubt many people had it as hard as suffering with a disease that young. Its kinda like i felt like i was 30 with all the crap iv been through when im only 18. There were so many things out of wack with me that are now healing, Like dry skin because of lack of nutrients,dry scalp wich meant flaky hair. Even my testosterone was completely wrong. 4 or 5 months ago i felt like a girl to what i feel like now. I was so jacked up im really not over exaggerating. Im glad you made it through and are doing well. that means you can beat what the disease did to your life. Really now i see how well you have to take care of yourself, i mean im taking a multivitamin everyday. as soon as im ready im going to the gym. Eat healthy, ect.... You cant mess around with health. I already know im gonna be a future health nut. But thats what i want to be. hope you continue to live life strong ... i know i am.
  5. High School Dropout

    30 Years? i would have killed myself earlier the that...im not kidding. IDK about you guys but celiac was driving to insane. I wouldent be suprised if i woulda killed myself within a year of not finding out. Im glad you found out, no one should have to deal with this disease and have it misdiagnose as DEPRESSION! and a bunch of ther BS. Doctors really dont know it all.
  6. Glutened At The Gyno?

    dang glad im a guy.
  7. High School Dropout

    yeah your kids lucky to have parents that know about their condition. I had to find out by myself. In fact i self diagnosed myself in December. I even tested myself if i had it a few months back with some cookies that had wheat in it holy crap, Yeah i can safely say i have it. Iv also had a few slip ups in the past few months That had me laying in bed just like before. so yeah hopefully your kid doesn't suffer as much as i did.
  8. High School Dropout

    Thanks for the info. I Definitely have been reading everyday about things im going to succeed at doing. Yeah it sucks what this disease does to everyone physically and mentally. All the friends i grew up with are now gone, like i just faded away from them. The disease really did change me, before 7th grade as a kid, i was always outgoing and laughing . But once celiac hit me. I just became shy and isolated. Hopefully i get better iv been gluten free for about 2 1/2 months now. I remember reading it takes about 3 months to get fully better? That should be coming up soon so yeah i hope for the best.
  9. High School Dropout

    Jeez, you sound like a fairy tale compared to me. I remember like 4 years ago in 8th grade. I missed like 2 or 3 straight months unable to go to school and just resting but not getting better. I mean the best way possible i can describe my situatuion is in 5th brade i had like 20 friends over. Then in 7th grade i had 2. It was that big a meltdown of my life. Just sucks.
  10. High School Dropout

    Hey anyway im just feeling it was somehow my fault even though i had no chance and just want to vent...Im 18 and i just went gluten free december 26. So it has been about 2 1/2 months gluten free so far, and feeling much better but still recovering! Anyway I started having trouble going to school and waking up every morning in 7 th grade. At the time i had no clue,i thought it was just me , not that some disease was stopping me. I felt severely drained going to school and just tired all the time. I mean i would sleep in class. Kids would always be like, why are you so tired all the time? I didnt know. My grades dropped from all A's and B's to D's and F's. and later in high school it would eventually drop down to all F's. Throughout the school years i missed at least almost half a years school every year.I mean it was THAT hard for me. I was going undiagnosed celiac and trying to force myself to go to school. Days that i wouldn't and i felt so severly drained and tired. My parents would call the truant officer to force me to go to school some days. I felt so like it was my fault and was just lazy. Often thought suicidal thoughts, lost all my friends. Depression really kicked in this time of my life. Anyways things would stay the same until the beginning of my senior year. Basically not going to school at all really at this point. Since im so miserable. Staying in my room just laying down and watching tv since im so severly tired. Have dry cracked skin and back aches. Basically i feel like im 70 when im 17. So eventually and searching online i finally find out about Celiac disease and how eating wheat affects you in so many ways. I self diagnose myself and start feeling better then miserable days after. So that brings me to now. Still recovering, but things are going good. 2 1/2 months in. I have no idea what my life is going to be like even when i recover fully. I have no high school education and its kind of too late to try to finish. I'm still technically in my senior year until june. It just Sucks that i had to deal with this since i was 13 for 5 years throughout high school. Going UNDIAGNOSED. Anyway i HAD to vent.
  11. This is a vid on youtube over 1 hour long but it has 99% of everything you need to know about celiac. I learned alot more then i already knew. http://youtube.com/watch?v=QR2LvQmoF1Y
  12. Couple Days After

    yeah man, i feel like i did in 5th grade. i guess iv felt like crap so long i got used to it. this diet is doing wonders.
  13. Couple Days After

    Yeah i actually already had blood drawn for celiac and stool tests, i just couldn't stand waiting even longer for the results that i still dont have. hopefully the bloods come back positive and i can be diagnosed.
  14. Well to sum up how i was feeling, im 17 and all i was eating macaroni n cheese which has wheat in it. the past week iv been gluten free and am feeling prob 60% better which is great. im going to the docter in 2 days and he has no idea iv gone gluten free. so im worried it wont show in any future tests ill be doing. I definitely dont want to go back on gluten. my life has been hell the past 6 years. it got so bad i even thought of killing people, i was so insane of feeling like poop. and now i feel like i did in 4th grade and im just really happy to be getting better. i just want to know if this is enough for a diagnosis.