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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am in the same situation. My total was 19. As a previous poster mentioned, ask about the IgG versions of the tests, if you are interested in having them retested. My son's doctor didn't think they existed, but they do. So insist on it.
  2. I have used them many times before and haven't had the first problem. And I'm pretty sensitive, for what it's worth.
  3. Going The Primal Route....

    I eat pretty much Paleo. Though I will eat beans and potatoes from time to time. There are a few things I don't agree with, but I do know for a fact that I don't handle grains super well. I can eat them from time to time, but I definitely feel better on a higher protein diet. When we do dairy products, it's always raw and pastured. Aside from cheese, we're not huge dairy people anyway. I didn't start eating like this to lose weight, but it's kind of hard not to. When I'm strict, I lose weight pretty quickly.
  4. Hey and welcome! I bake, too. I do bread with half sorghum and half tapioca. And I sell a ton of it!!! Way better than Udi's or anything else I've tried in the store. Basically you need the starch to lighten it up. I love sorghum over rice flour any day of the week. I will send you a few more things that I do. I would share them with anyone here, but I don't want to post them publicly for anyone doing a search online. You know how valuable some recipes are.
  5. Paleo/primal Dieters

    I'm Paleo-ish too. I just find that my body works better that way. I just finished doing a Whole 30, which I primarily did because I had just been feeling kinda blah. I felt much better when I was done, and plan to follow it most of the time. When I eat dairy it's pastured and raw. And a few sweet treats here and there
  6. Drive Thru Fast Food

    I'd steer clear of anything at Chipotle that they use their hands for... ie cheese and lettuce. I've seen (on more than one occasion) where they put too much cheese on a burrito and dumped it back in the bowl. And there's the whole holding a burrito one minute and putting cheese on it with the same gloves... even if they change gloves for you, who knows how many times it went it the cheese or lettuce before. #steppingoffthesoapbox I will occasionally eat at Chick Fil A or Wendy's. Taco Bell and McDonald's just scare me outright. I have eaten the parfait at McDo's, and it works in a pinch, but I seemed to never escape McDo's without a headache/stomachache. So, I just quit. Most fast food is so gluten heavy that your chances of not having the few gluten-free options contaminated are slim. Frustrating when you're on the go. I totally understand.
  7. It took me about a week or 10 days, but then I went out to eat and even though I ordered specifically, and our server was also gluten-free, I ended up feeling pretty nasty for a few days. After that, I finally started feeling good. So maybe 15 days, which I attribute partially to the debaucle at the restaurant. Yesterday I made pizza for dinner and drank beer with it... today's been pretty rough. Lesson learned. But honestly, I finished the 30 on Friday and I felt great. I've eaten that way all today (I did have some potatoes) and plan on eating that way most of the time. Huge difference! Hope you can figure it all out! I know how incredibly frustrating it can be.
  8. A Baking Failure

    I've never used it. But Carrie who writes http://www.gingerlemongirl.blogspot.com/ uses stevia a lot since she can't do sugar. I'm not sure if she has many recipes out yet, but you could probably look into her blog and see if she has written about it.
  9. A Baking Failure

    I noticed that she is using different sweeteners. I can't stand stevia, though I wish I liked it. I generally use honey, too.
  10. I am 4 1/2 years gluten-free and felt the same way. I kept wondering when I was going to feel fabulous, too. I am one of the super sensitive ones, too. I have also recently found out that I am super sensitive to soy. I knew soy made me sick, but I didn't worry about CC with it. Now I'm going to. I did the Whole 30. If you don't know what it is, you can google it. Basically, it's no soy, dairy, alcohol, grains, or sugar for 30 days. It was difficult in the beginning, but after my stomach stopped hurting when I ate, it got a lot easier! Maybe for you, maybe not. But unfortunately, as my doctor told me, "once you're damaged by Celiac, you're damaged." Personally, I just can't handle the same foods as I could before, even if they're gluten-free. Or at least a large amount of them. It was also a learning experience for me, ie the soy thing. Maybe you don't need to do anything that drastic, but seems like you are heading in that sort of direction. Then after 30 days of elimination, it might be easier to figure out if it's one specific thing as you add them back in.
  11. A Baking Failure

    Yes, she most definitely is! I noticed that, too. That's why I ordered the Honeyville. IDK, maybe it's just me. I will say that I've only made a few of her recipes, and I generally change them to suit my purposes. I'm not a huge fan of all that agave.
  12. I'm not a fan of Udi's either. It had a weird texture to me. I suppose it's better than the other store bought ones, but I'm not a huge fan. I just make my own... but I really got over the bread thing. Go with the romaine, better for ya!
  13. A Baking Failure

    I've made her stuff with almond meal. Turned out fine. I spent the money and bought Honeyville and then tried TJ's. Same results.
  14. I used it as the framework for my first attempt at croissants. They didn't turn out as flaky as I wanted them to, but I made notes and will try again. And while they weren't on point for texture (yet!), they tasted awesome! I think it's a good recipe.