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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Unfortunately, I experienced the same thing. Mine turned out to be dairy and soy that was also doing damage. Now I treat those two offenders just like gluten, and have eliminated them completely from my diet. Its not easy, but so necessary to completely heal. Good luck! Gramma Bea
  2. My grandson has celiac disease and he is in the navy. He was diagnosed after returning from his duty in Iraq. We're thinking the stress triggered it.The navy has only said he would not be deployed anymore. He is making a career in the medical field. According to him, there is no such thing as a gluten free meal, in the military . I am gluten intolerant with double genes, which means his mother, my daughter, has at least one gene for it. She has no symtoms of it, so far. We do not have the celiac gene, but to me there isn't any difference, you still can't eat gluten in any shape or form, I wasn't diagnosed until the age of 65, but realize now, that I had signs of it, most of my life. Still recovering....
  3. When Does It End

    Very well spoken. Its amazing to me, something that I have done for nearly 70 years(eating & cooking) without a whole lot of thought, has now consumed my whole thought process and life. "Grab a quick bite", is no longer in my vocabulary. As I see it, our choice is, to be dilligent as possible about our food, or suffer the consequences. I choose to be careful, very careful. I keep waiting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. When Does It End

    I definately hear you Spunky. Its to the point, that I am afraid to put food in my mouth anymore, for fear of the reactions. I was hoping someone would answer, and say they had done the same thing, and was now back to just gluten intolerant. That would have given me some hope to hang on to. This seems to be a rather lonely ailment, as its hard for anyone not living it, to fully understand the limitations. I have a loving understanding family, but only my 25 year old grandson, that has the gluten intolerance also(thanks to inheriting from me ) fully understands. I just have to say thank God that he was caught young, and not at 70 years old like I am. So far, as long as he sticks to the diet, he has no other food problems or symptoms. I'm leaning on that temporary thing also. I sure would hate to live the rest of my days with such food limitations. My body also seems to be in this big food struggle. Maybe we are nearing the end of the worst, and are starting to heal. Lets hope thats true, and it will give us something to hang onto.
  5. When Does It End

    Thank you for the response. I'm usually not a whiner, but yesterday just seemed to be overwhelming. I also have strong reactions to the night shades. two tiny new potatoes, makes my joints ache for days. I have completely gave them up also. The Dr's around here seem to be uneducated about celiac or food intolerances. I was sent for skin pricks, which showed absolutely no reactions at all, to anything, even when I knew dairy was a real problem for me. Now I understand that it is a gut thing, not skin allergies. So far, haven't found anyone that even knows what IgG testing is. Grains also seem to be bothering me, and I use rice milk for my gluten-free cereal in the mornings. I keep expecting to have to give that up anyday now. Makes breakfast very difficult, as I react to eggs also, Relying on fruit, for right now. I also do the papain, bromelin, in hopes of healing faster. I guess its just a " one day at a time ", thing. Sorry for the rant yesterday, I feel more confident today. Your response was a boost, and I wish you good luck and wellness.
  6. It seems I start a new food intolerance on a daily basis. Thats a exaggeration, but I get so frustrated sometimes. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 9/15/06 by blood test. I was on a strict gluten-free diet for a year, with very little improvement. Not much help from primary Dr at all. Decided to have stool test done by Enterolab. I found I didn't actually have the celiac gene, but had double genes for gluten sensitivity. After a year of no gluten, my Fecal Fat score was still 1226 units, normal being 300-. I was devasatated, as I was very dilligent on watching out for gluten in my diet, no restaurant eating, threw out all pans, spoons, spatula's, etc. No gluten in the house, fresh foods diet as basic. My anti-casein was also high 145 units, so I immediately cut out all dairy products. No butter, milk, yogurt, casein, etc, etc. Very limiting diet, to say the least. I switched to soy milk. A few weeks on that, and I started back with the unbalanced walking, bloating, etc, etc. Switched to almond milk, same scenario in a few weeks. At present time, my body won't tolerate gluten, dairy, bluberries, beans, tree nuts, soy, eggs, and God knows what else. I think now, rice is begining to bother me also. I'm begining to see the signs. Whats left? Has anyone else had this problem, and where does it end? I know gluten is off limits for the rest of my life, no problem, I was handling that just fine, but the rest of this crap, is the pits. Enterolab told me that possibly the dairy products was also damaging my small intestine. I have been off from all dairy since 9/30/07, with very little improvement. I follow the diets very carefully, and never cheat. I am really discouraged at this point. I do believe that I had this for 13 years before diagnose. Maybe i'm a slow healer, or something. Does anyone else relate to these problems? If its " leaky gut ", as I suspician from reading the net, how do you recover? Thanks for any help.
  7. Not Good

    Yes Brian, kidney function can rise with proper diet. My brothers was down to 17%, and after a couple of months of following a special diet for kidney function, he is now back to 45% and climbing. Keep the faith, and I will include you in my prayers.
  8. I can't tell you for sure if this really works, to find food sensitivities or not, as I am just starting to try it myself. I seen it on Dr Mercola's website. Before getting out of bed in the morning, take your pulse for 1 minute, then have a food that you want to test on the nightstand, without getting out of bed, or moving around too much, you place a small amount of the food under your tongue, leave for a minute, or two, then take out. Lay still for 20 minutes, retake your pulse. If it has risen by 5 beats or more, then that is a food that is offending you. I so far have tried 3 foods that I thought might be offenders, but no reaction at all. I won't know for sure if it works or not, until I have a reaction. . The hardest part for me, is laying still for 20 minutes without falling back to sleep, so I can retake my pulse at the proper time.
  9. I had been on a gluten-free diet for over a year, and was also was having reactions to yogurt, etc that was supposed to be gluten free . Then I was tested for dairy/casein, soy, tree nuts, and found they were actually causing my problem, rather then getting glutened, as I had thought. When I eliminated those offenders from my diet, I had much better results. My be worth a try to see if you have a sensitivity to any of the main allergic offenders.