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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Ok, here goes. I am new here, and am trying to rule out some medical things for my 8 y/o son. I am wanting to learn more about food allergies. The food allergies that I am looking into, are the allergies that effect mood, not the kind that cause rashes and severe reactions that would require a doctors visit. I understand that this may not be the place for me, but if anyone has any advice, if I am in the wrong place I apologize. I am trying hard to rule things out. 1) My son is ALWAYS hungry. 2) 8 y/o in 3rd grade, around 60 lbs (finally), height is average to above average for his percentile on the growth charts 3) Eats almost constantly, and never seems to get full, and is still skinny 4) Is a happy and content boy if fed completely full to the top at all times 5) Has ADHD and more recently diagnosed with ODD 6) If we give him candy, we see a complete change in mood and activity level. (Like someone flipped a switch, and turned his ears off at the same time.) 7) Shows major signs of temper if he eats the "wrong" foods. By this I mean, I see a behavioral issue if he eats cold breakfast cereals, but he is better behaved if he eats oatmeal without sugar/add ons. 8) He LOVES Peanut Butter, cheese and meat. He has PB stirred in his oatmeal. We've figured out that if he has a high protein source of food with low sugar content he is able to control his actions better. 9) Loves attention. Negative attention is still attention (that's the whole ODD problem). 10) We love our son very very much, and want the best for him. 11) Darling Daughter is almost 1 year old and is the same as son in physical stature, petite for her percentile on the growth charts, doctor has no concerns there. If anyone reads this and has any thoughts or ideas on my situation that would be great to hear. I hope that if I am in the wrong place, someone can help politely nudge me in the right direction. I know that when my son has certain foods, I can forget having a peacefully quiet day. So maybe, just maybe I can learn a little about Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diets and help others, if not my son. I like to learn things and help others where I can. Okay, I've rattled enough for one day. I guess I just needed to "decompress" before I crawled into bed. Hope everyone is well. Please nudge me in the right direction, if I am off my mark and "landed" in the wrong forums. I am at my wits end and want to help my son as best as I can. Forgot to add that my son was on Focalin XR and had major appetite issues, ate constantly. Now he's on Strettera and I've seen a decrease in appetite. Don't know if his appetite is affected by meds or not, cause some days are eat everything in the house days and others aren't. What I am wondering too, is if he binge eats out of boredom sometimes??? I am also wondering if my mother doesn't suffer some from this disease...that's a whole other post.... Thanks in advance for advice. Thanks for stopping by, Babygoose78