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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ruth, the Procratin doesn't probably contain any living cells, but definitely can help you with insufficient pancreas. I've tried 5 Strain Dophilus from Swiss Herbal Remedies recently, and now I'm on Lepicol - funny stuff, looks more like a hay, but there is a lot of fiber in it which helps you to get some regularity into your digestion. I've just started, but it seems to work well. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  2. Yes, my improvement lasted about a week after my course was finished, and then it got even worse than before. It seems the bad bacteria can repopulate the place much faster than the good ones. I'm just trying a few different probiotics to see which one works better for me. Up to now, they seem to calm down my irritated intestines. Thank you for sharing your experience. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  3. Tiffany, thanks for the great post. Have you got any clue whether it's possible to get casein-free milk? This would be a nice stuff - no allergy or intolerance possible, high in calcium, and because of low protein content, no buffering involved. Perhaps a good issue for the diary industry to work out. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  4. I don't know much about my eosinophil count, but I suppose having them increased is quite a standard in celiac. But, what's more interesting, cetirizini dihydrochloridum allergy pills label says that this stuff can hold the eosinophils back from moving. I took one pill 2 months ago for my pollinosis, and I noticed improvement in my gastro symptoms as well. The improvement was delayed 1-2 days, so I couldn't see the clear connection. Anyway, it could be worth further investigating. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  5. It convinced her to run a series of tests for helicobacter infection, which finally turned out negative. But I have no idea what these tests can tell about other bugs. So I agree with you, and I'll keep nagging MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  6. Gillian502, I've been gluten-free for one year as you, and my antibodies are still raised. They are going up and down, sometimes negative, then positive again. I am sure I have had no mistakes, so I cannot really explain it. Also, my doc has been checking my blood for other food, and besides gluten & casein, a soy intolerance appeared six months ago, and I shoved some eggs antibodies recently. But these tests are kind of special ones, I still have absolutely no allergy, when checked by standard allergy tests. I just think about other possibilities: They harvested a wheat field a mile away from here, I wonder how far the dust can go? And also, does grass pollen contain gluten? I mean, grass is close relative to wheat - well, nobody eats grass, but one swallows a big part of what he/she breathes in. I am really concerned about the bacterial overgrowth too. I'm taking probiotics and it helps me somehow. Interestingly, I had to go on antibiotics last year, and my symptoms almost disappeared during that course. I wonder: has anyone of you had the same experience with antibiotics? MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  7. My bilirubin is also elevated, and it seems to be in relation with my elevated iron (when the bilirubin is high, my iron is high too). Haven't been diagnosed with Gilbert's. Seems strange to have high iron as being a celiac. But the intestinal permeability surely plays a role. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  8. The main milk allergens are: casein a-lactalbumin B-lactalbumin and you can get tested for: cow's milk boiled cow's goat's milk mare's milk cheese-cheddar type cheese-mold whey Casein makes up about 75-80% of all milk protein and is heat stable. That's why it is found in cheese as well. Actually, the casein concentration in cheese can be pretty high (depends on chesse type). Cheese analogs are all based on casein as a protein source. The reaction to casein is either immediate (IgE related) or few hours/days delayed (IgG, IgA related). I have the delayed reaction only, and it causes similar symptoms like gluten - bloating, cramps etc., but I noticed some sore throat, chest pain & asthma like reactions as well. Not sure it is all related to my casein intolerance. I'm still in search. Anyway, the best way to find out more is to get tested. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  9. Allergy Testing

    I am 10 months diary free, but still having casein antibodies in my blood. So, I wouldn't worry to stop eating diary a week before testing. Or, to make sure, take a little bit the day before. Just to give you an idea. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  10. IgA and IgG anti-gliadin test could be false positive sometimes, especially when there is another illness going on (as Gillian has already mentioned). But it tells you there IS something wrong about gliadin, and I would rather support Sarah over your doc. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  11. After being 6 months diary free, my lactalbumine went negative, my caseine IgA dropped half down and caseine IgG remained almost the same as before. So, perhaps one year diary free and my antibodies will be ok. Just to give you an idea. I'll have another bloodwork next week, so I'll see more then. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  12. Gretchen, the pain moves and changes quite often. In addition, deep breathing doesn't increase the pain. I can't remember any event (like hit, fall etc.) which could cause this. So, I don't likely think it is a broken cartilage rib, but thanks anyway. It's interesting how many ideas can people come up with. MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  13. Hmmm, the problem with Lactaid sounds like worrying about sugar in your cake, when you're gluten intolerant. Of course, some people get hard time digesting lactose, but caseine intolerance is no fun at all. To support Alexolua, I had absolutely no troubles with diary in the past, no matter of volume. I'm still pretty sure I could have a gallon of milk, if there was no caseine. I do wonder why Enterolab offers the milk test for free - perhaps another submerged iceberg? MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  14. Karina, thanks a lot for the costochondritis tip. I have done some searching on the web about it and it's possible I may have it as well. It can be cured with ibuprofen, which, as I already know, does work for me. I was a bit woried I may have a pericarditis, but hopefully it's not the case. Anyway, you bet it was hard to get rid of diary, I'm still craving my favourite stuff. But the numbers tell me a clear message, and unless my antibodies drop down, I'll stay diary free. Gretchen, did you ask me? I am AGA both negative, tTg IgG positive, IgA negative, caseine IgA positive, IgG high positive. Hope this helps? MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03
  15. I have read that people with celtic origin are at higher risk in developing celiac. So, the conclusion about the Irish descent sounds reasonable to me. And obviously, guess what the celtics had on the menu. (My mother is German, my father is Czech) MARK gluten-free/CF since September 03