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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    I love being a mommy!! And learning everything about this disease that I can.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Update

    Check out my last post "Moms With Young Kids, need imput" and it will explain it better.
  3. Well I am so excited to report all is well here. Sabastian got his first 2 teeth and has been LOVING gluten. He is his normal happy self. Bowels and tummy have never been better. He ate cheerios, vanilla wafers, bread and bagels, I mean gluten overload. Not one loose stool or a tummy ache. He has found a whole new world of food. He is still off of dairy though. I just wanted to take a little time to thank each and everyone of you. There were many days I came here just to cry out for help. There were days I was so lost, down, thinking there was no postive and I had finally gotten to a point where I knew it was all going to be ok. So many of you took time out of your day to make sure I was educated, calm, and seeing the silver lining of this all. Thank you so much for being there for me and being my friend. I took a blood test Tuesday and I should get the results soon. I am also in the mist of passing a kidney stone. (OUCH!) I am not leaving you all just yet, but I will be leaving the parents board. I no longer have a child with celiac disease. YAY! Thank you all again so much. In my time of need you saved me.
  4. Moms With Young Kids

    Well I did it. I took him off his diet. It has been 5 days now. All bowels are fine, no bloated belly, not cranky as long as he is on motrin for teething. (2 came in last night!!!) I might be leaving this board. I have many mixed emotions but overall so happy. He is off of dairy thinking it might be the milk protien enteropathy. So far so good. He has ate his first chicken nugget!! He ate an animal cracker!! Its been bliss here. But I keep saying, "So far so good" I am like a hawk. The first anything I see and he is off until he can tell me mom my tummy hurts. Please pray this was a "phase" God I hope it was. Even the milk enteropathy will be over by the time he is 2. Thank you all for your support. I on the other hand am getting the panel run for celiac disease Tuesday and for Rhemoid Athritis. Things dont look so hot for me.
  5. Some Advice

    Well man I have some updates for you. In this one Sabastian got his first 2 front bottom teeth this week!!! He is doing great and has become a wonderful biter!! All symptoms are gone. YAY.
  6. Moms With Young Kids

    No it's the Center of Celiac Disease Research Center in Chicago. Oh and I was told NOT to got to Enterolab because no one will read there results and that they dont share the way the process the results. I dont know I am lost.
  7. OK where do I start? Well I was told to contact the center of research for celiac disease's office for a little care packet they send if you ask for information, so I did. Well when I told her my story she asked if Sabastian has had a biopsy or blood work, I explained on just how smart these cajun doctors are and that he hasnt that just the responce to the gluten-free diet is all I really needed. She then said if I would have answered yes to the biopsy she wanted to see the results because who ever said he tested postive read it wrong she was that sure it was incorrect. Well she then told me that it was next to IMPOSSIBLE and yes she did use that word for Sab to have celiac disease. That the youngest reported case was 13 months. That if he should symtoms at birth that it wasnt celiac disease and gluten couldnt be passed throught breastmilk and oatmeal cereal IS NOT gluten!!! That she is sure he just has the milk protien enteropathy. And that is what is causing these symtoms again. I dont know what I am doing anymore. I thought I had the answer, he WAS doing so well. OMG please dont tell me I am at square one again. I dont know if I can do this all over again. She said it takes normally 6 to 9 months to develop something and mess up the villi before the pain and systoms can begin. So my question, when did you little one that HAS had biopys and bllodwork to confirm start showing symtoms? Did you breastfeed or formula? What foods had gluten in them that they were eating? Is she right? I dont know what I am asking. She suggested that I start him on gluten again for heavens sake!!! This makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it. But what if he isnt? Which is a great thing and I am making him miss out on so much? And she said if it is the milk enteropathy that he will out grow this at the age of 2!!! What a blessing. I am full of mixed feelings again just as I was starting to feel good. What do I do?
  8. Some Advice

    No he MIGHT be teething, but no redness or swelling so I havent even thought he was. But because of his age everyone says "Oh he must be teething"
  9. Some Advice

    I forgot to mention one thing, and this may sound stupid. I have noticed that his little nose is rosey. Just the tip but it has been red. Isnt that weird?
  10. I am so needy lol. But I trust all of you so much. I am not sure if I need to be posting this on my website or here. I have no idea if it celiac disease related or not. Here I go: When Sabastian went gluten-free in May we saw night and day differences. And right away within the first 4 days. All was well up until 2 weeks ago. I dont know if its a phase or growth spurt or just teething (which I dont see any). He is started to get cranky and super clingy again. His stools are a little softer than normal. His belly is getting hard with each meal (not sure if he is over eating or not) he is eating more than normal again. He is waking crying again!!! Its really starting to look like old times. I swear he isnt eating gluten gosh I hope not I am checking so well. I am just at my wits end with a cranky baby. He is 8 1/2 months old and is trying to walk so bad, which could be it too. He gets so tired when he is learning. But the last 2 days he has skipped nap 2 and 3 which has made him just impossible. I might be over reacting but with no doctor in the state that knows anything about celiac disease I have no where to turn other than you. Any advice would be so helpful.
  11. Got A Quick Question

    Thank you so much. The avatar was easy to make. You have to resize the images and then enter them into an animation program. I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 which comes with Animation Shop. You can download it for a "free" trial from there website, just do a search. I downloaded the whole program off www.limewire.com NEVER PAY FOR SOFTWARE!! hehhehe I am a share ware type of girl.
  12. Well my son has been gluten-free for 3 months. My husband and I are getting tested through Enterlab as soon as we can afford the test. We decided to go gluten-free also so the house would be 100% safe for our son. We its been 6 days and all is going well. We both feel a good bit better. Well my sister works at Domino's pizza (hell right? lol) and brought us home a pizza. HOW SWEET. Well we both caved. We devoured it. lol Within 30 minutes we both ran to the bathroom. We BOTH had diareaha all day long. My stomach is still cramping and hurting and my husband has been complaining of gas this morning too. Should we take this as a sign? I am 25 and I have RA and also IBS since I was 4. I have been on Levsin controling my stomach issues since I was in kindergarden. We suspect I do have it but werent saying until we got tested, what do you think? And now my husband is going through the same pain and bathroom issues as I. I dont know what to think other than to stay away from Dominos and all gluten. Shame on us. PS we do know you have to be on gluten for the tests, but it might take us a little while to save for the stool test because we are buying our first home right now. YAY. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  13. Sams Club

    Funny you should post this I sent them an email last week, still have not gotten a responce. Lets rally up and send a bunch!!
  14. Hornsby's? Blue Bell

    I ended up called Blue Bell and they mailed me a WHOLE page of thier gluten-free ice creams. WOW you dont even have to give up the cameral ones!! YAY
  15. Bridget, Oh gosh I am blushing. I was soooo scared. I cried and cried thinking this was the worst thing that could happen to my little man. Food?? Its just food!! I can work around it. I am making little books for family for safe items, contacting any manufactor I can think of. Just call me busy bee. But you know what has helped me the most?? My little man started regressing. He was falling back down. He couldnt sit up and more, hadn't smiled in WEEKS, not a giggle or anything. But today he is 8 months old, and he is taking 2 to 3 steps. You tell me an 8 month old you know trying to walk??? Sabastian is HEALTHY, HAPPY, and super smart. Life couldn't be better. Food is just food. I thank god celiac disease is all he has. This is a probelm we can live our lives around and do this together. Bryan and I enjoy reading labels and checking our lists twice. I personally think it has even helped bring us closer and helped our marriage. If we can get through this and be such good parents to push for diffenert doctors and not give up we can do anything. DONT MESS WITH US. I am young and there is alot to learn but like I said we can do it. I see the look of painfree in Sab's eyes every morning and know why I try so hard. Thank you for making me remember how scared I was, and you are right I have come a long way. I hope to help many people the way you have helped me. Thank you so much. Thank you all so much. Today was a good day in my house and in Sab's full belly. Oh and his slirping noises are the CUTIEST!! I wish I could let you hear them. He is a noodle man.