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  1. Cheddar's?

    My husband loves Cheddar's so I have a found a few options I feel safe with for when we do go. Most often I get one of their steaks, or a burger (minus the bun) and then add a baked potato or a salad. Not the most exciting meal, but I've never been sick from it. I wish they had more offerings but unfortunately the managers aren't even that friendly and willing to help when I do ask.
  2. Restaurants In Norman Ok

    Like the previous poster mentioned, Ted's has a gluten-free menu and will even make chips in a separate fryer. Also another great mexican restaurant with very knowledgable staff is Alfredo's. It's actually just north of Norman in Moore. There is also a new restaurant called Local that has a gluten-free menu. Since you will be on campus, there are a few options on Campus Corner (shopping and restaurants just north of campus) including Chipotle and Fuzzy's Tacos. If you eat ON campus, we have a place called Laughing Tomato in the student union with gluten-free and vegetarian options and the main cafeteria, Couch Restaurants, has gluten-free options too.
  3. Gluten Free Excellence Riviera Cancun

    My husband and I went to the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon two years ago. If the service and resort are anything like that one - and I'm sure they are - you will have a wonderful time! We can't wait to go back for another vacation. Like you, we checked about gluten free options before we booked our trip and they assured me there would be gluten free options available. I had no problem dining at any of the restaurants, the waitstaff was wonderful about checking with the head chef at each location to see what I could eat, and I always had more than one option to choose from. At the buffet the choices were more limited, and with the language barrier I had trouble communicating with the chefs as to what was safe for me to eat. For that reason I stuck to pretty basic things off the breakfast buffet like eggs or an omelet and fresh fruit. We also had a champagne breakfast in our room one morning, and again I was able to find gluten-free options without any trouble. They even put my toast on a separate plate so that my husband could have it without contaminating my food. My one suggestion would be if you have the gluten free dining cards, I would take them with you. If nothing else they may come in handy at the buffet. I also took my own gluten-free bread, crackers and granola with me (like I do on every trip) that way I had crackers to eat with my salad or granola to top off yogurt every morning. I can happily report that I made through our stay without any trouble or cross-contamination. I hope you have a wonderful vacation!
  4. Back from our trip and we all had a great time! We were able to try some great restaurants without any problems. I can
  5. Thank you all for your suggestions! My sister made the hotel reservations so I'm not sure where we are staying, but we will have a rental car so we can easily drive to restaurants that are not near our hotels. It's always good to know a Whole Foods location too. Thanks again! I'll report back once we return from our trip.
  6. Beer ?

    My favorite gluten-free beer is New Planet - out of Colorado but they started carrying it in Oklahoma in the last few months. That is my first choice now for a beer, with Green's beers as a second choice. My local liquor store now has a shelf of a half-dozen different gluten-free beers now.
  7. My sister and I are taking our mom on a trip to Charleston and Savannah at the end of December in celebration of her retirement! While my mom doesn't have Celiac, my sister and I both do. Can anyone recommend some gluten free dining options in these cities for us? If at all possible we would like to eat at local restaurants instead of national chains. Neither one of us have traveled to this area before. Thanks!
  8. Schar brand crackers are my favorite. I like the snack crackers and the crisp bread both.
  9. I bought them while visiting my sister in Austin last week (purchased at the flagship Whole Foods) and I agree they do ROCK! I too was so excited I didn't notice the price on them. My first night back at home my hubby and I had chili cheese dogs. So good! I polished off the remaining two buns for dinner a couple of nights ago and I also took pictures to send my sister. Can't wait to try the hamburger buns.
  10. My husband and I went to BJ's last night and had two different pizzas. Both were great! Even my husband who can eat gluten thought they were really good. He actually had more to eat than me! So excited to have a place where I can have pizza and beer again. And even more excited to hear they are working on a pizookie.
  11. Pappadeaux

    I eat at Pappadeaux locations in Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth on a regular basis. I admit the menu is pretty limited for those with gluten intolerance but they do have one sauce that is gluten free and I usually can pick my choice of fish to have it over. It is the beurre blanc sauce that is served with the Costa Rican Tilapia Lafayette. It is very good and I have had it at two different locations and verified with the manager at each location that it is in fact gluten free. I have also had the Cedar Plank Salmon mentioned in an earlier post. Two decent options but menu options may vary in other states. Unfortunately, it depends on the waitstaff and the manager at each location and how educated they are on food allergies. My best suggestion is to always ask for the manager. I hope you have better luck next time.
  12. Question About Chick-fil-a

    Chick-Fil-A is one of my go-to places for something quick. I have never had any trouble, though I explain every single time that I have an allergy and I am not just being picky when I request a Chargrilled chicken breast without the bun. I worked for Chick-Fil-A for three years in highschool/college and every one should have a dedicated fryer for the fries, at least everyone I ever worked in did. Great place and one of the better fast food options for those with Celiac.
  13. I don't know if this is the most recent post on Las Vegas or not, but I just went last month and had a wonderful time and several wonderful meals! Several of the places we went for lunch and dinner were suggestions I found on here, so thank you! I go to Vegas every year but this was my first visit since my diagnosis in November and I was really worried about eating well and staying healthy. Anyway, these are the places we went with great success. For breakfast I really stuck to omelets off the buffet (we stayed in Caesar's) and then one morning we had breakfast at Margaritaville (delicious SoCal Omelet.) For lunch our first day we ate at the Taqueria Ca
  14. I am newly diagnosed (Nov. 28) and new to the forum, but I just had a doctor's visit yesterday and this very subject came up. My doctor actually recommended not having a blood test done at 6 months. According to him, everyone's immune system is different and some people take longer to heal than others. So even if I am completely gluten free my levels could still be high because my body hasn't entirely healed. At which point I would only be more frustrated. Again, I am very new to all of this as well but that is what I was told yesterday.