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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Helps The Itching?

    Hello, I have a suggestion for you, I am a cosmetologist and I also have celiacs. There is a product by a brand called Phyto called Phytopolleine, it is actually a scalp stimulant but I have numerous clients who use it for psoriasis and exzema i use it on my DH like rashes and it is very soothing and healing....it helps a lot I get the rash around my nose and mouth and I use that to treat it....you can look up the phyto brand online it is europeon but if you call the line they will tell you what salons in your area carry the product it is a bit pricey but lasts a long time and really helps!
  2. More Than I Was Expecting

    Gretchen, that is so great! My boyfriend of 2 years has been my number 1 supporter in all of this to and it makes it sooo much easier. He is far from gluten-free but he has his favorite gluten-free foods now!!
  3. My guess would be that your body is hungry, I suffered from those symptoms both before and after going gluten-free. If you are not eating as much as usual or as much as your body needs you will get both symptoms (headache and insomnia) Now that your body is absorbing nutrients it wants and needs more...EAT!!
  4. I haven't eaten reeses pieces at all since gluten-free however I did see them on a gluten-free list the other day! As far as indispensible products I would have to say rice which is naturally gluten-free as well as peanut butter.....fruit leather I also love the gluten-free rice pasta from tinkayada and Pamela's brownie mix! Also as far as gluten-free candy...everyone should try the Chunky by nestle its nuts raisens and chocolate and my absolute fave treat!!
  5. i used to take nexium before my diagnosis to control reflux, it is gluten free however I experienced severe stomach pain almost as though someone punched me in the stomach and i also felt very full with even the smallest amount of food when I was taking it. However, after about 4-6 months those side effects went away....Good luck hope you feel better!
  6. I am having trouble with variety in my meals and I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else eats on an average day....just post what you eat normally meals and snacks....I tend not to eat much at all because I am bored of the foods I do eat....For example I don't usually eat breakfast but I might have a rice cake then for lunch a salad or corn tortilla with cheese For dinner I have either a baked potatoe and salad or rice, or rice pasta if I am cooking occasionally I have chips or nachos for a snack! IM SO BORED OF THIS STUFF!!! and I'm anxious to hear what everyone else eats I also take 3 multivitamins per day and L-glutamine twice a day in water....
  7. Outback

    Well I officially LOVE Outback!! I went last night with my boyfriend (for the first time since gluten-free) My boyfriend had to beg me to go out to dinner because I am SO afraid of contamination and such and always seem to get sick from restraunts no matter what....NO SICKNESS this time!! I was shocked, the waitress was sweet and knew more then most people, I almost cried I was so excited at the fact that I could eat and not worry....Next day and I still feel great!! YEA!
  8. Original Hormel Bacon Glutenfree?

    I think maybe what happens is that people develop allergies as they grow older even if they didnt have them before so in older populations more people have developed allergies that outnumber those that children have
  9. Pasta

    I know you mentioned you don't like rice past but Tinkayada is the best!!! I love it, tastes just like "normal" to me!
  10. Chinese Food

    To this day I cannot eat chinese food. When I was sick the past 2 years and I didnt know about celiacs, chinese was the thing that made me the sickest!! I hardly ever threw up but my sweat and sour chicken, egg roll would do it everytime!
  11. Hello, well for the past few weeks I have had a strange red peeling sort of rash on the sides of my nose where they tough my face...It sort of itches but not to bad, it is very red and annoying to me!! Before I was gluten-free I got sores in my nose and mouth, but they have pretty much disappeared since...but now this wierdness, well if anyone else has this, or knows anything celiac or otherwise that may cause this please let me know. It sort of looks like I have allergies or blow my nose a lot but neither is true.....
  12. Introductions

    Rian...my comment on modeling from my own experiences is that it can be very uplifting or very demeaning. However, it has helped me a lot to realize numerous things about myself and I feel that I have helped others to build there confidence by looking at someone realistic, and being a real person and a model to the people in my life.....but that one is up to you! <3-Heather
  13. I think it is actually scientifically impossible to remove all gluten....It is similar to diet or fat free foods, there is a certain amount and if a food contains less then that it is able to be labeled diet or fat free....I suppose the same would have to be true with the future gluten free labeling....I'm just happy with the passing of the bill little steps!!
  14. Severe pain was one of my main symptoms off and on for about 2 years. There would be times I couldnt move or get out of bed....I had blood results similar to yours and your IGG is actually higher. Your doctor should run a ttg test which is the most sensitive and specific of all the celiac blood tests. Also, make sure they take a sufficient number of slides and that they are reviewed by someone who is familiar with celiacs.
  15. Venting Grrr....

    Thanks so much to all of you for making my bad day not so bad....I love you all