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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. You are welcome & I want to let you know, I did check them out on cross-contaimination issues. Here is their letter: Thank you for message regarding our Starfish Gluten Free Battered Fish portions. The question you ask is a very good one and has been a concern of ours as we developed our Gluten Free products. We have been in development of our Gluten Free batter for nearly 3 years. Three years ago we saw a need for a Gluten Free seafood batter that those suffering with Celiac Disease would not need to compromise quality, taste or texture. This turned out to be more challenging than we had first thought, but after 3 years and dozens of formulas we have introduced a batter that many have claimed is better than our wheat based products. I for one agree with that assessment. But quality, texture and taste would be of no use to those suffering with Celiac Disease if it was not verifiably Gluten Free. This was another challenge for us. As you know, the FDA standard for Gluten Free is 20 PPM (parts per million) of Gluten. Our goal is 10 PPM (which is the Celiac Sprue Association target) or less and we have accomplished this by strict and tough standards created in our US-FDA HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plan. Our plan tracks the process from the making of the batter until the final packing of the battered fish portions. Our processing areas are thoroughly sanitized before and after each production. First we use litmus test of all machinery to assure there are no traces of Gluten on the machinery. All Gluten Free batter is stored and wrapped in separate location than any other batters or breading. After each production we do a full lab test of Gluten particles in our final packaged products. No product leaves our cold storage to the stores before we receive a full and final lab analysis. To date all of our tests have passed with flying colors. We have not only met the standard requirements set by FDA but have exceeded them. Each lab test has been returned as
  2. Announced yesterday, Starfish (subsidiary of Pacific Seafoods) has introduced a new line of all-natural & gluten-free crispy battered wild harvested seafood products. They include a gluten-free version of halibut, cod & haddock crispy battered offerings. I haven't tried them yet but they say they are available nationally at Whole Foods & numerous indepedent grocers. Yeah - fish & chips again!
  3. Mama's Fish House In Maui

    I also had a great experience at Mama's Fish House - they were very knowledgeable & the food was delicious! Another restaurant on Maui that is also very good, in fact I went back there more than once, is Pacific O in Lahania. The waiter said they had a list posted in the kitchen every day for the fresh gluten free fish preparations & they used different plates for their gluten free customers. It was also excellent food.
  4. New gluten-free Bakery In Kent, Wa

    I tried Haley's Corner Bakery in Kent on Saturday & thought the quality was very good. They had a lot of free samples to try. I really liked the Cranberry Scone & the Ginger cookies in the shape of a flower. I didn't pay much attention to the prices on the individual items because I was buying a lot but the total didn't seem out of line with any other bakery. I know they gave me several items half price because they were a day old.