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  1. Hi all, I just stumbled across this forum as I've been searching the web for ideas how to help my 2yo daughter's keratosis pilaris which is really severe. I hadn't considered gluten intolerance. Is it at all possible she could have kp as the only or main symptom? Or would she have other problems that we'd have noticed before? She's had kp since she was a few months old but I've only just found out what it is. The dermatologists' advice is not helpful but the diagnosis is because having a label for it has at least enabled me to research it and find forums where people are discussing it! I had started to experiment with her diet by eliminating dairy which some people seem to have found makes their kp better, but I hadn't considered gluten. I wonder if it's worth a try. Jo (worried mum of kp sufferer just starting to explore and learn about food intolerances!)