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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Feeling Hopeless

    I too had my gastroenterologist come into the recovery room after my edoscopy/colonoscopy and tell me he didn't see anything that looked like I would have Celiac. But groggy as I was, I told him "I don't care I am going gluten free from this minute forward". One week later he called with the results. He left the message on my voice mail that said "the results are consistant with Celiac". I did not have really awful symptoms - just enough to make me suspicious as my brother has Celiac and my grandfather did also. Then I got diagnosed with osteopenia, and it clicked. I KNEW I had Celiac, and I basically told the doctor and asked for the test. He tried to tell me it could be other things, but I wasn't hearing any of that. It IS overwhelming at first to learn so much about the foods, personal care products, kitchen utencils and everything else about this, but as I have been gluten free for over two years now, the mild, odd symptoms that I never associated with Celiac (tiredness, brain fog) and the few gastro symptoms: a little bloatedness and gas that I associated with all the diet sodas I was drinking, cleared up and I feel great. I have also found so many wonderful gluten-free food products and main stream foods that are gluten-free, that now the smell of things like fast food burgers and regular pizzas make me gag, not because of the gluten -but because of the grease!! You can do this and this forum is the greatest tool for learning! You will enjoy feeling good again and not having to deal with constant trips to the bathroom - it's all so worth going gluten-free despite the big learning curve.
  2. Other shelf-stable products are some of the "Gourmet on the Go" ready to eat meals made by St. Dalfour, a French company. They are great for camping, hiking, backpacking as they are complete meals in a small can, that come with a plastic fork and they are ready to eat - no cooking required. They make several that are gluten free and say so on the package. I picked up the "Wild Salmon with Vegetables", and the "Three Beans with Sweet Corn" but haven't had a chance to try them yet.
  3. Amy's makes several gluten free frozen entrees (though I have read that some have had problems with some of them - I have not) and the list of their gluten-free products is here: http://www.amyskitchen.com/products/search...rm_glutenfree=1 And Glutino also has a few frozen entrees: http://www.glutino.com/content/view/79/115/
  4. Chili's

    I have eaten at the Chili's in Kenosha, WI and had great experiences every time. The employees there seem very aware of Celiac, and the one waitress who didn't know too much listened well, and even came back later to ask questions and learn more. Also, on Chili's webiste they update all of the 9 allergen menus MONTHLY! I always print off the Wheat/Gluten page and take it with me, highlighting in yellow what I want to order. I give it to the waiter/waiteress so thy can take it back to the person preparing the food because the details like - no bun, no croutons, etc. are speeled right out in writing. I usually get the Guiltless Grilled Salmon, Guiltless Fresh (steamed) Vegetables, and the Kettle Black Beans. I have never had a problem. But they do put a disclaimer on their gluten free menu, so, as is always the case, there can still be a risk.
  5. Wi Meetings

    We are just starting a new support group in Racine, WI (anyone from the surrounding area is welcome too) this Saturday: WFHC-All Saints Health Care is proud to announce a Celiac / Gluten-Free Support Group in the Racine Area. Date: Saturday April 19th, Time: 3:00-4:00 pm Location: WFHC-All Saints St. Mary
  6. Gluten In Cheese?

    I was wondering if you have found gluten free phyllo (φύλλο) dough anywhere in Greece? I would like to make Baklava again some time and although I did find a recipe for making gluten-free phyllo dough, considering how thin the dough has to be, I really can't imagine making it from scratch! Caryl
  7. I have not been able to find it down here in Racine either since before the holidays. I've checked three Pick 'n Save stores here. I was wondering if it was just a Pick 'n Save thing but I see it's bigger than that. Why are so many places suddenly not carrying something as basic, and versatile, as this?
  8. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Thnkk you Gail! There is just so much information here I enjoy just reading, but I sure will ask if I have any questions! Thanks again.
  9. Wisconsin Celiacs Unite!

    Hello, I hope I am doing this right - I just joined a few minutes ago (though I've been reading the forums for about a year now! I was diagnosed in October 2006) I am from Racine - anyone else from Racine? I've read here about the Gluten-Free Trading Company in Milwaukee, and have been there a few times - it's fun to go into a place that is entirely gluten-free! I also shop at Molbeck's (they will be moving their store on Feb. 1-2 into the West Racine area) and at the new U-Bake across from Regency mall. I've joined the Milwaukee SprueCrew just recently but have not yet been to a meeting (I understand they have them quarterly in Kenosha as well as Milwaukee - anyone here from Kenosha?) If this has been posted incorrectly or in the wrong place, I apologize! Caryl