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  1. Well until the new health care law limits FSA's to $2,500 you can use that to buy food. If you have a HSA/FSA and say a box of gluten-free Spaghetti is $5.00 and a box of regular spaghetti is $2.50 then you can use the $2.50 difference out of your HSA/FSA and buy the extra cost pre-tax. The new health care laws however will limit that to $2,500 in total which will create additional tax revenue. We easily hit 6-7 thousand dollars a year in FSA/HSA spending between prescriptions and the rest. Bulk purchases of staple foods usually help. We order a few hundred dollars at a time of gluten-free pasta's because BiAglut is expensive but buying in bulk reduces the cost about 40 percent.
  2. Here is what B&H Photo did for the holiday: http://www.bhphotovideo.com It's right there on their home page.
  3. I'm pretty sure its for the Jewish holiday. They are free to close as they please but they should have at least put it on their website BEFORE you order that your product will not ship for 11 days after placing the order. It must be for a certain sect of Jew's because the next thing I did was called a few of our Jewish customers we had scheduled for work this week and wanted to verify they would be in and had no idea what I was talking about not working. We are middle of moving so we ordered early enough so that we thought it show at the new address before we moved to the new.
  4. Before having to go gluten-free this was our favorite restaurant. Fantastic home made food that has never disappointed. I literally called them every 4-5 months for 7 years asking if they had gluten-free pasta yet. Finally a month ago they did. Not only do they have a gluten-free pasta, spaghetti and penne as of last night but they can make most of their dishes gluten-free. Their pasta is fantastic, best I've had. I order the Veal Marsala and they make it with corn starch instead of flour and its excellent. They made me shrimp and scallops tossed in olive oil, black olives, mushrooms, onions, and a few other things over the penne which they chopped lightly after cooking that is just as I remember it when I had it with regular wheat pasta. If your looking for a place that makes food versus preparing it I'd highly recommend them. Dinner for 2 without alcohol is usually around $40-$50 and their Tuscan Onion without the croutons if gluten-free, but is an up charge.
  5. My wife went online and ordered about $200 worth of BiAglut pasta from Gluten Free Palace last night. They held the money on the card and then sends her an email stating that they are closed until October 10th in observance of holiday. No where on their website does it state they are closed, and no mention of it until after the order was placed via email. We could not even cancel the order stating it was already being processed. Tried calling them and get the answering machine they are closed until October 10th. Called the CC company to get the charges removed but if they are going to be closed and not processing orders for 11 days they should have a notification on their website before having people place orders, especially for food stuffs which are time sensitive and then telling you after the fact they are not open.
  6. I don't think it would be life changing. It's been 8 years since I've been gluten-free and there are 2 things I miss, White Castle and Perogi's. The rest I can do without, but Udi's gluten-free bread and Biaglut pasta make gluten-free much easier today than even 2-3 years ago. We thought it was Celiac, doctor included, because I had all of the other issues and they went away when I went gluten-free however I've posted a few times on here about how Candida can strike people with Celiac and causes huge issues. I did a 4 month no-sugar/no-carb regimen along with Nystatin a year ago for Candida. So it may have just been grand coincidence. I just had a complete day of meals including we went for Indian for dinner and I feel great. I'll give it another week on the Zyrtec and try something else next week. I'll also make an appointment with an allergist but my doctor will never believe me, I was in such bad shape after having gluten its surprising to me that such a small dosage has such a large effect.
  7. Thanks for the reply. What I find surprising is how major of an effect it has. I have massive reactions to even the smallest amount of gluten. To see that a small 5mg dose of Zyrtec eliminates my reaction is a bit hard to believe. I'm going to wait a week and see how I do with something else with flour in it. That would lead more towards allergy versus Celiac. I've never had the tests but because my reactions were so severe and of such variety we always assumed.
  8. With spring coming up and us traveling to Mexico and Central America last week I started to take Zyrtec for mild allergies. I always take it when we travel because leaving Michigan usually messes with my sinuses. The past 3 times we've been on vacation in the past year I have never had a single gluten incident. I find that odd since we must have eaten at 20 different random restaurants, normally Mexican since it seems safest, across the US with no reaction at all. If it be Celiac's or an allergy my reactions are severe, nearly instantaneous, and had long term health effects for me like nervous system problems, and everything else most go through from long term exposure. I've taken a single bit of food and within 30 seconds know something is wrong with it. Yesterday we went to a local Mexican place we had been to before and I ordered Enchilada's Verde. I got about 1/2 way through my meal and from the first bite noticed something wasn't right with the tortilla's but one of the reasons we go there is they have excellent corn tortilla's, just figured I had missed them. I realized they were flour tortilla's. This is the first flour I had in 7 years beyond CC. Apparently they make this one dish with flour tortilla's but in the past the waitress knew we were gluten-free and ordered them the right way. Never seen a place that makes flour based enchilada's, they are called burrito's. Zero reaction. That's enough gluten to put me in the hospital. When I first had a gluten problem it would effect me late at night or at the next meal but slept through the night no problems, just had breakfast an hour ago and nothing. I've had CC not more than 3 weeks ago with a severe reaction, the only difference is taking the Zyrtec.
  9. I don't post much up on here because I've dealt with Celiac's for 7 years now. I see people post about every single thing that I went through and now have for the most part solved. I would seriously look at Candida in the sinuses for brain fog. I used to suffer from it and no matter what I did to my diet it still stuck around. Killing anything in the sinuses is a real pain. You can do the Candida diet, take all the meds(I was on Nystatin for 4 months) but none of it will kill it in the sinuses. This is what I have done and have had amazing luck with it. I've had the massive anxiety, panic attacks, memory fogginess, lack of concentration, etc...if I eat wrong or overdue it, usually on sugar I can bring on the worlds worst attack. They used to last weeks, starting with panic attacks, anxiety, then that constant headache, lack of concentration, and finally relieving itself after a month or so. I use a Neti pot now with Grapefruit Seed Extract. GSE kills just about anything on contact. In the course of 2 days I wipe out what growth is there and return myself to normal. I put in 3-4 drops of GSE in a Neti Pot, actually I use a Sinease from Waterpik, basically an electric neti pot, plus the saline solution in 8oz of water. Mix VERY well and make sure the water is luke warm. I invert my head and make sure I get some to flow as much as possible into the frontal sinuses then wash through the rest. It will burn the first few times and if I have a Candida infection I can tell instantly because it smells like burning wood, after the 3-4 treatment the burning wood smell is gone. I do it twice a day morning and night. YMMV but it has worked great for me. I'd love to get others feedback because after dealing with Candida for so long as going gluten-free this was my last piece of the puzzle. I think a lot of people here post about issues relating to Celiac's but in reality its a Candida overgrowth because the symptoms are so similar. Good luck and if you decide to try it I'd love to hear the results.
  10. I've tried all the diets too and had moderate success with them. However I believe that for the majority of people those diets do not work. It is nothing wrong with the diet but lets me honest they are not the easiest to follow. The hardest thing to do when your on a restricted diet is to restrict it even more. I've used Candex, Grapeseed Extract, etc....but eventually it came down to I needed to do something in conjunction with being able to eat somewhat normally. Not a big fan of meds but when I found a doctor that actually treated the problem rather than the symptom it was easier to go on a modified diet for a short period of time. I'm just finishing up a 8 week course of Nystatin, 2 15 day courses of Diflucan and am on day 6 of a 28 day of Diflucan spray. No sugars, no alcohol, no fruit but still have rice/potatoes just not in larger quantities.
  11. I don't actively read the board but I do come by to post on this topic occasionally. Nearly every single post I've seen on this forum in regards to problems with Celiac's I've had at one point in time or another. The big ones were: Neuropathy - anything from shaking hands/burning/cold, etc Coldsores Hypoglycemia Brain fog Memory issues Anxiety Severe to moderate arthritic pain 2 years go I realized that so much of this was related to yeast/Candida. Attacking the Candida with diet changes and supplements fixed the coldsores (first to go and easiest to fix), the hypoglycemia, and most of the neuropathy issues. Sore joints and all that went away too. The brain fog turned into anxiety at times. I started to notice the brain fog as it got worse always came with sinus pressure. Sometimes bad, sometimes moderate but always with pressure. On really bad days it would include memory issues, hard to concentrate, hard to remember. I've been on a strict plan to manage Candida and I was winning most of the time but I still had this lingering issue. Went through a bunch of doctors till I finally found one who listened to me on the Candida issue. I had been feeling great. I had a bunch of symptoms return but that was due to my high sugar intake, once I stopped that and went back on the Candida supplements it subsided, except the more frequent brain fog/anxiety. There was a reason why the Candida continued to be an issue. Low stomach acid was part of it. I've been on antacids for years. I cut them in 1/2 and within week things improved dramatically. I was creating an environment for the candida to grow. So after this entire program to rid myself of Candida once and for all I still had the lingering brain fog, concentration, anxiety issue. He prescribed Diflucan, an anti-yeast, but in a nasal spray. Been on it a week and an great improvement. The last place that yeast can be hiding, and probably has been hiding for years, is getting treated. He told me no pill or liquid med can kill yeast in the sinuses, especially the deeper you get. I cannot tell you how many doctors I've relayed this info to and just kept getting sent away. I personally believe that many of the problems that Celiac's have is not directly due to the Celiacs but it has created an environment where all this other stuff grows and causes issues. It got bad enough to the point at times where they starting mentioned Fibrmaligia (sp?). It has been a long road to get here and most of that road was finding information. Had I been informed years ago I could have probably spend 2 months fixing this and been done with it. I considered myself cured about 5 years ago but dietary habits and the hospitable environment(low stomach acid) caused it to creep back in. And it does creep back in, it's not like overnight your sick. There is a plateau it reaches but the lead up to that point is tough to pinpoint. Our hope is now that the low stomach acid issue is gone that once I rid myself of it that it will stay away. To summarize Candida infection caused most of my related issues. As I treated it and attacked it I got much better but it basically takes refuge in the sinuses. As soon as you stop doing most of the things to make it inhospitable to the rest of the body it creeps back from the sinuses to the rest of the body causing problems again. Hopefully this is good info for those struggling to find the answer to their problems even though they've gone gluten-free. A big part of the reason I feel that so many feel better, then feel worse is if you like your gluten based foods and you give them up what is the best comfort food to replace it with? Sugar...which feeds Candida and other parasitic types.
  12. Gravy

    Corn starch makes great gravy. In fact a lot of restaurants uses CS instead of flour. Use the same portions of CS as you would flour however make sure you mix corn start WELL with warm water before putting it in the gravy. I use about 1 tbsp per 1/8 cup. Also boil the gravy for 2 minutes, the high temp over 2 minutes will get rid of any lingering flavor from the CS. No one in our family could tell the difference.
  13. Starting sometime last year I kept saying that my gluten issues were tied to Candida after continuing to have good periods and bad periods. I cannot do the Candida diet, I do my best but it sucks I've been taking Candex regularly, stick to a good diet a few days a week. I can't eat gluten but all my problems went away, I've gotten back to the point where I can have vinegar again(yeast loves vinegar), maybe have one drink per week, and eating out never bothers me. I can't go have a piece of bread but I don't fear walking into a restaurant. When I eat too much sugar or something else the symptoms come back, the foggy brain, anxiety, all of it...thankfully only for a day or two. Candida causes leaky gut...leaky guy causes food reactions...I think if I ever truly fixed the Candida issue I might be able to have wheat again, just don't know if I can do the 6mo or so on the diet it takes. I also think SO many of the posts on why you get worse instead of better when going gluten-free is Candida. What is the easiest thing to replace in our diet that tastes good? Carbs and sugar....which feeds Candida, I bet most people's carb intake increases on a gluten-free diet, which feeds the Candida.
  14. Immature Perhaps But Its Working

    It's got so much easier to eat out gluten-free. We frequent the same restaurants, we get to know the waitresses/waiters, and we make sure if we get a good gluten-free meal, we comment to them, the manager, and in the tip. We've reserved ourselves to tipping around 25 percent...most times I don't have to say anything, and they double check our food first. The extra few bucks is worth not getting sick over. We've had excellent luck so far with that approach.
  15. Utterly amazing. Zero difference from their regular product to the gluten-free. Cheap too, $9.99. We go there for a Pizza with 3 toppings and a antipasta for 2 for $20. Been to a few and very concious, you even cut your own pizza with a special cutter for gluten-free pizza's.