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  1. Hi Kat sounds like you had a better experience at Chuy's than I did. I went to the Chuy's near my sister's house in Agoura Hills California and ordered the "Veggie Burrito" and the manager actually took my order (Leanne?, Leena?) and served me the veggie burrito but to my horror and shock it was filled with SPICY GROUND BEEF. I took one bite and almost hurled not having eaten meat in over a decade. My brother-in-law went up to the manager with said burrito and told her there must have been a mistake and her reply was "No, you ordered the chico's burrito, I'm not making you a new burrito just because you CLAIM to have ordered differently." We were absolutely mortified. My brother threw in a couple expletives and demanded to speak with the person in charge, and that's when we found out it was her. We didn't get a refund and left without eating for fear of what else might be in our food. We swore to never set foot in a Chuy's again, which is unfortunate because there is one near my house in Phoenix. Jazmine