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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What To Do?

    i plan on just going gluten freea nd trying it- haivng been told that I wasn't underweight though I have a bloated belly and thus can't possibly have anything but IBS, no celiac... but I do get worse when I eat gluten.. I have a largely gluten free diet naturally because of that... so going completely gluten free won't bee too hard- just gotta get to the store.
  2. Merengue Kisses

    vanilla sugar is just that vanilla flavored sugar- it can be bought in most specialty foods places (whole foods), wherever the local jews get their passover supplies (my normal less expesive source) in March or april, or made: just use a sealed container and place split vanilla beans inside with the sugar.. leave them for awhile, then use... penzey's spices sells it in a shaker top contianer I bought once, and now refill from teh bigger contianers- its a great thing to add to hot chocolate and even for some people to put in their coffee instead of regular sugar- sugar + vanilla flavor.... I think you can use liquid vanilla, but it will make it take longer to make the eggs stiff enough.
  3. I'd rather not drive as far as the doc listed on the SE MI Celiac support groups homepage- its at least an hours drive each way.. but I may do it anyway- I was just told that celiac only shows up in 2 blood tests - the other 2 don't need to be run because they only mean diagnosis a small part of the time, EVEN THOUGH They were what was done to diagnose my aunt AND I told the doctor that. I like the personality of this doc, and she came up with celiac, but she is telling me a) I don't have crohns because there was no damage in my large intestines a year ago, even with an elevated SED level (how they tell mom is out of remission) and my ongoign history of stomach issues they can't possibly be crohns (which isnt' limited to the large intestines, but also attacks the small intestines.. perosnaly I'm leaning towrds food allergy and I have an appointment with my GP about my long list of other symptoms that are non tummy related and to talk to her about switching docs, but I'd like a referral of a trustworthy doc who has dealt with this disease before! Amie in MI
  4. Dinners/lunches?

    I do the chicken one above but with canned mushroom soup instead of the cream and the onion packet, though I can't have eithr of the soups anymore.... another few.... tuna/salmon/trout/any fish ont he grill brushed with: bbq sauce, honey mustard (make your own- small amt mustard powder in pure honey (to taste)), veggies on the grill.. skewered chicken and veggies on the grill, great as leftovers.... marinate in italian dressing or lemon juice and herbs... Amie
  5. its ok where it is..... welcome! I am still trying to get the docs to give me a positive diagnosis, but make sure you had gluten in your system BEFORE the bloodwork or it will come up negative or uncertain! Good luck
  6. Thanks- mom says she thinks the doc is laughable because they are ruling things out without proper testing in her mind- she has crohns and I didn't have any new physical tests- just bloodwork, but they are saying because I didn't have physical signs of crohns 3 years ago I don't have it now... even though my SED levels are high, AND she says I sound like her friend michelle who has celiacs and went misdiagnosed for 10 years. I think once I am back on 2 feet after Fri's wisdom teeth removal (no time to shop for things between now and then) I am going to go gluten free... I may be in the interim, I think most of the stuff I have to eat is safe, but I didn't doublecheck the spices I used in the low tomato mild chili I made myself after overcooking beans and some other things like that.... I am goign to call the doc this afternoon- she only mentioned 2 things being normal in my celiac panel but I thought they had 4, so I'm going to have a serious talk with her and ask to see the actual results- fax or email, since I don't want to wait until the appt on 8/5... And I am going to seriously research other docs.. but I hate the idea of traveling out of the COUNTY to see one- this practice is the only one in the county, although tehre are multiple docs there, maybe I'll switch but she's the second one I've seen in the office. Amie
  7. The blood tests came back "negative" now she said soemthing about less then 20 which meant negative is this true? I need to look up the testing results others posted. I was actually hoping it was this, because otherwise I am still undiagnosed. I know my bumps and stuff aren't as bad as the pics I've seen of DH- they are just itchy bumps and only get red when scratched too long... and I try hard not to scratch, but they are spreading and my tummy problems are gettign worse and they still kee telling me its just IBS. the drugs don't worka dn they have reversed the original diagnosis of Crohns because they say the test was read wrong and I didn't hae any scarring or ulcerations when they looked back at it... any suggestions would be welcome at this point. I am pretty sure its food based, but I can't figure out WHAT FOOD! I have another appt on the 5th of August (she finally called me back with test results for the celiac test almost a month later, but won't move the other appt up) and I am going to ak her about sending me for an enterolab screening and getting insurance to cover it... because I can't help but wonder if it will make a BIG difference if we do it! Does anyone else know fo ailments that do similar things- lassitude, diahrea and constipation both, fatty stools, basically I found like 40 yesses on the list of symptoms for celiacs.. that helped me hope it was that! would going on a gluten free diet anyway maybe help if the celiac blood panel was negative? Amie in MI
  8. There are a # of reasons for cakes to fall.. the most common is that the oven door was opened during baking and the temp wasn't consistant enough... try being sure not to touch the door until after the recommended bake time. Another option- as mentioned above, try inserting more air into the cakes by beating the eggs before use, I do this, as well as beat the better more then recommended on all cakes. Also- I posted in the recipe forum here a flourless chocolate cake (forget under which post) which is basically beaten egg whites with chocolate folded in, it does get a bit dense if you don't have the egss stiff enough or you add the chocolate too fast/stir too much when folding- as the eggs will deflate before baking.
  9. One note- I have a cousin with RA and she (with the help of her doctor) has been able to control it mostly through diet and exercise, BUT this is a very special process.. and if she misses a single workout she is set back weeks before she can regain the pain free state. Amie
  10. Fish sushi should be fine as long as they leave out the imitation stuff and the soy sauce (which isn't in most of it anyway) I'd try salmon or tuna or even whitefish in a california roll.. personally those are the roll I am least likely to eat though. Amie who could live on sushi
  11. Cheap Travel Foods? Any Thoughts?

    a neat trick if you want jam/butter on muffins in a car: make the muffin as normal, but take a piping bag (icing bag/parchment triangle folded, etc) with a large round tip on it. Push it down into the muffin and squeeze a fair amount of the jam into the muffin. YUMMY and less mess.. also works with butter/margarine.. and with fudge/fluff into cupcakes! Amie
  12. Ann Arbor Mi- Tio's...

    Tio's. there are 3 in the ann arbor area- one on huron downtown, one at washtenaw near hewitt and one in the shopping center at the corner of ellsworth and stone school roads.
  13. Merengue Kisses: 4 egg whites 1 cup sugar (granulated) 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar Beat all ingredients until VERY stiff peaks form Optional: liquid food color (add before beating) crushed chocolate or mini chips (fold in at end) chopped nuts (fold in at end) spoon or pipe onto parchment paper (about 1 tablespoon each in size) bake in oven at 200 for 1 hour leave in oven until it cools Amie
  14. Pre-biopsy

    that confuses me, I was told if I went gluten free and reduced gluten intake before the biopsy there was a large chance of a false negative as my body would start healing. She told me to actually gluten load, to both get it out of my system if I do have celiacs and to make the damage more obvious for the biopsy. Then I am to go gluten free and hope it heals, future biopsies will compare to this, so if I start gluten free first they won't know what it looked like at the worst. Amie
  15. and they are the ones I use (even before this possible diagnosis! thanks for the update. I really appreciate knowing that one