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    Stuff. :o) I'm mysterious. What fun would it be if I told you? <br /><br />Sike. <br /><br />I read, a lot, I start to like certain tv shows, then they go off air. I'm cursed. I'm 19.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello and welcome! I'm from Baltimore (Hampden) too! You should check out One World Cafe and Lillit (in Bethesda) for amazing gluten-free pizza and cakes, just an FYI!
  3. I'd kill for a tasty (gluten-free) thin mint! booo.
  4. I've got a huge box of these and only decided to actually read the ingredients recently. Rice malt? Is that safe? I read the previous threads about it but there was nothing conclusive. I did however, seem to have a reaction after eating the bar. I'm not sure what else it could be since I'm 100% positive everything else I ate was gluten-free yesterday.
  5. Awesome, my dad lives in PA about 30 minutes from me. If you don't mind me asking where about? (He lives in the Felton/Red Lion area)
  6. Another Maryland-er here. Well, Baltimorian..sadly. haha I don't know anyone here with Celiacs.