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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ron, Stacy and all the others who posted for Underweight Celiacs.. You have NO IDEA how strangely comforting it is to read these posts...I have not been diagnosed yet..doing the blood tests on Monday and the stool tests as soon as they get here..Ron-I too have had symptoms of Celiac all my life but never even knew of the disease until I was diagnosed a diabetic and began researching alternative eating it's taken me two years of different eating habits to come across Celiac disease. I have lost over 25 lbs in the last year and a half and am 5' 4" and weight in at 106. My bones ache, my muscles ache, I am either crying or irritable and I have no concentration. I have had so many tests that I feel like a research experiment but nothing has been conclusive except that I have mild osteoporosis (I am only 34) and that my blood sugars are still not normal although I keep them half way controlled. I feel, most times, like I have bone cancer - infact I am scheduled for a bone scan of my wrist and hand sometime this month due to the osteoporosis. I don't sleep well and am ALWAYS tired. I have been following a gluten free diet for only about a week and the first 4 days I did feel better but I must have gotten something contaminated because the last three days have been utter HELL! I have switched to Ezekiel bread but from your post I see that it's not a good choice, at which I cried...I am so frustrated right now and feel so bad...What kind of bread can I eat? The headaches are almost debilitating sometimes. I also have gall bladder problems to which they want to give me a hide a scan to see if it has porcenalized. Frankly, I feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnell and lately I have just been asking God to take me in my sleep because having to wake up and face the pain is getting to be almost too much but I have three children that need me so I guess I am glad that God hasn't listened to me on that one. Anyway, this is long winded but it feels good to get it off my mind. I'm glad to see other people out there who have the same symptoms. Leslie
  2. I have had "tail bone" issues for around 1 to 2 years now. My sacrum is off center and have problems lying on my back. In fact, sleeping is very painful anyway. I was diagnosed with mild diffuse osteoporosis which I believe was due to malabsorption of calcium due to Celiac. Chiropractic care has helped somewhat and I have not been gluten-free for too long so I can't see any improvement in that arena yet. I'm hoping for something to change soon, though. Leslie
  3. Hi. I am a brand new member and I actually got on this board to find out this exact thing...I have type II diabetes and am 34 years old. Unusual as I was diagnosed when I was 32 and most Type II's are age on set as well as over weight. Not my case...I have not had the Celiac blood panel run yet but am going in on Monday. I have actually been using a gluten-free and wheat free diet for about 5 days now (had some slip ups along the way) and my sugars are much more manageable and I feel better. My grandmother had an allergy to gluten and wheat but as far as we know was never technically diagnosed with Celiac. She was also a Type II diabetic (age on- set). Is there anyone out there that is an early diagnosed type II and has Celiac? I found alot of correlation with Type I and Celiac but not so much info on Type II and Celiac. Strange, but I almost hope it is Celiac - atleast I would know what is wrong with me and get on the track of recovery. Also, does anyone out there with Celiac have gallbladder problems? Thanks Leslie