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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am new to this so I have been trying to figure lunches out too. I have a bread machine, and I am trying to tweak my bread to be just right for lunches, but I saw this suggestion somewhere, and it has been working out very well. The person suggested to use waffles as sandwich bread. She said they still taste good by lunch. Since I've been able to make delicious gluten free pancakes (maple grove farms gluten-free pancake mix), I knew I could make waffles (same recipe) with a waffle machine ($10 at walmart). It turned out wonderful. My son loves having peanut butter on the waffles. He didn't eat his lunch one day (he said he couldn't finish and ran out of time) so my hubby and I had it as a snack in the car after I picked up my son from school. It was late afternoon and still tasted very good. I have been trying to think out of the box. My son loves corn dogs so I wanted an easy way to make it. So I made corn muffin-dogs the other day. My kids loved them.
  2. Thank you, for the great ideas and the help
  3. I just posted about snacks for my son. This got me thinking, I was curious if gluten effects picky eaters. My son has always gravitated toward eating a lot gluten foods. Recently I have been eliminating gluten foods from my sons diet and he is more willing to eat new foods. This was a huge no no before. My son has always inspected his food before eating by looking at it and smelling it. Has anyone else experience this? Has there been a change since going gluten free? Thanks, Sharon
  4. I added additional information on my original post.
  5. Can anyone recommend gluten free snacks for on the go or to keep for around town in the car for the kids? I have access to a very small health food store an hour away, but does anyone know of a good places to buy gluten free online for reasonable prices? How about buying snacks at a regular food store...any recommendations? All tips and suggestion are welcome. *************************************************************************************** I want to add, this is for my 8 year old son, who I have always had trouble getting to eat foods. Of course....sugar loaded and gluten loaded has never been a problem for him. When he was 3, he refused to eat for 2 days because he would not try oatmeal (we gave it to him for breakfast lunch and dinner until he ate it). Then it became his favorite food. He refused to eat pizza until he was 6, then that became his favorite. He always inspects his food, and smells it before he eats it. I was told by day care worker when he was a toddler they have never seen anything like it. Normally when kids see other kids eat certain foods they will try it, my son never would...he would choose not to eat at all on most days (at daycare), with the exception of drinking his daily milk. My doctor told me not to worry. He would eat if he was hungry. Personally I think the gluten had a impact on what foods he would eat, which happen to be mostly gluten foods that did not look or smell funny to him. My in-laws said years ago they were going to get him to eat other foods. They swore we (my husband and I) were not being diligent. They tried too, and failed. I have had a huge breakthrough with him. Since I started eliminating gluten foods he has been more willing to eat other things, new foods he would have not dared to do before. Has anyone had any experience with this? I am introducing more fruit to him, before he only would eat apple sauce, and now he enjoys home made apple juice. He only eats chicken, and I have to work getting him to eat veggies. I am looking for gluten free snacks that my son can have on the go (I want to prevent going to the dreaded drive-throughs when he gets a snack atttack) as close to traditional snacks he used to have like pretzels, fruit bars, chips (I found out you can get glutened by the manufacturing process.) Is there any good gluten free brands...snacks that taste good? Thanks, Sharon
  6. I'm Pissed!

    Peter, Thank you for the clarification. Does the law require a disclosure if the product was manufactured in a facility using the same machines with wheat containing products? I have eaten potato chips and was glutened, not sure with what, but cross contamination had to definitely be an issue. Anything anyone ingests should be labeled and required by law. Celiac or not. I don't care if its in minimal amounts or considered natural. (What products are considered natural?) Why isn't rye, barley, and oats by law disclosed? If 1/133 Americans have Celiac disease, this is enough to question why food labeling is not available for celiacs. Why do we not have the rights to have food labeled? This tells me we are clearly not important enough, and/or we have not raised any eyebrows. If we had an allergic reaction where it was immediately life threatening after ingesting, you bet it would be labeled, but because gluten destroys our intestines, we become malnourished, and basically die a slow death (with many other symptoms that are too many to list), it is not important to the FDA or the government...it is not priority. This board is great. There are so many knowledgeable people. I have read so many posts, and I can relate to soooo many. It is a great feeling. I just wish labeling could be easier. I am not asking to have a neon label that says gluten, but to be able to look at the ingredients and "know" I am getting what the label says. Is it a lot to ask? By the way, I do not have Trader Joes or Whole Foods near me. The closest health food store is very small, and very expensive and about an hours drive from me.
  7. I have been trying so hard to eat gluten free. It is a royal pain to look at every box for ingredients only to find out that gluten ingredients may not disclosed at all, or it was manufactured where it contains wheat that can contaminate. I make gluten free pancakes for my kids only to find out the syrup does not disclose any wheat containing ingredients (mrs butterworths). So now I have to deal with feeling like crap, and my son jumping off the walls today. This is ridiculous that we have to call or email manufacturers to make sure we are safe. I am new to this and it is very overwhelming. Learning which foods you can or can not buy is frustrating. Manufacturers can change their ingredients, or manufacturing processes unknown to us if they want to. For generations this has been in my family (but undiagnosed). People need to know that this exists and I think it is more prevalent than people think, and just as important, we have the right to know what we are ingesting. Isn't that the reason why the FDA mandates (ha ha) having ingredients labeled? Where is the FDA on this? Nothing will change unless we speak out. Is there a board for lobbying or another forum for lobbying issues? Thank you for letting me rant. :angry:
  8. Is This A Gluten Reaction?

    I know this is an old thread but I had to add to it. I have been gluten free for a few weeks now. Recently I bought baked chips made of rice, potato and vegetables by Flat Earth. I had a reaction. Headache, foggy, sore throat, muscle aches. This is the first time I have had a reaction since being gluten free. I was not sure how quickly I react to gluten...whether it be a day or immediate. So today I have been trying to figure out if it was something I ate last night, or the dairy in my latte this morning, or the sugar free syrup they put in my latte, or the baked veggie chips I ate. I have been going through the ingredients over and over again on the chips trying figure it out, then I came across this thread. It turns out "Flat Earth" is a sister company of Frito Lay, so I am guessing from everyone else's reaction its cross contamination. Well, I learned today I have a close to immediate reaction to gluten...within a couple of hours. A lesson I do not like learning.