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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. The New 20 ppm Codex Alimentarius Gluten Standard This is the draft which was accepted without modification on July 1, 2008. http://www.csaceliacs.org/documents/CodexStandardforGF.pdf This is the whole codex for 2008 (not just Gluten!) You can down load. http://www.codexalimentarius.net/download/...87/al08_26e.pdf You can read more about it... http://www.csaceliacs.org/DefofGlutenFree.php FDA Set to Adopt New Gluten-Free Labeling Standards In-Line with New Codex Alimentarius Standards http://www.celiac.com/articles/21617/1/-FD...ards/Page1.html The new standard allows food that would not normally contain gluten to still bear a label that says.. "This food is by its nature gluten-free." "gluten-free" would only be allowed on food with a finished product that was no more than 20 ppm (20 ppm or less). Food with more than 20 ppm could NOT carry a "gluten-free" label. Food from above 20 ppm - 100 ppm could carry a different label, like "reduced gluten" or "gluten modified" but may NOT carry a gluten-free label. This is good news in the Philippines who is now adopting this standard.
  3. That is the old Codex - www.codexalimentarius.net is very slow about updating their website. This just was finalized, if the information is correct, in July 2008.
  4. I guess I was really wondering how I will know when the new labeling will take effect?
  5. New 20ppm Codex Alimentarius I have been reading that the New Codex Alimentarius was finally approved this year and the limit for the "Gluten Free" Label was changed from 200 ppm to 20 ppm. Is there any way to tell if what you are buying "Gluten Free" is 20 ppm or 200 ppm?
  6. I was a Celiac Mental Patient! You aren't alone! Dear Meredith, What you see and what he sees are two different things. I can trace the Celiac through my grandfather and mother. But it effects people differently. For most of my adult life, my life was an emotional roller coaster. All my life people have said I was a loving, reasonable, caring and intelligent man. That is, when they were not saying I was a raging lunatic that would get angry for no reason at all! Does this sound like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide? Dr. Banner and the Hulk? I have actually wondered if the potions that Mr. Hide and the Hulk drank were mostly gluten! Could someone with Celiac have been the inspiration? Picture this, a lovely fishing / camping trip with grandpa and two of his grandchildren - cousins! A nice fish cooking the kids had caught, breaded with flour and cornmeal and cornbread (made with wheat flour) and butter. In an almost empty campground where a camper at the other end is playing music a little louder than they should. What should my grandpa do? Perhaps go ask them to turn the music down a little so we all could hear the music of nature? What did my grandpa do about 4-5 hours after eating a load of gluten and corn... He took a 45 pistol and stuck it in the guy's face and told him if he didn't turn off the d____ music that he would first put a bullet in the guys head and then one in the radio! Wisely they packed up and left, we slept under the stars and by morning grandpa was "sorta normal" but complaining of stomach pains. Lest you think otherwise, my grandfather was really a great man and respected for all the good he did in the community. Road Rage! Have you ever seen someone on purpose bump another vehicle in front of them? - I have! My grandpa - 3-4 hours after loading up on gluten and corn based goodies at Christmas! Did he have Celiac, likely. Do I? Based on a strict elimination diet survey - yes. I am also allergic to processed corn, milk and soy. Would I ever have road rage! Yes! Would I bump people? Yes! Would I smash doors and windows and other things that "got me mad"? Well, not today! But I have (very sad to say that - I only hope this gives hope to others!). Some research shows that 3% of Schizophrenics can be treated by a gluten free diet and a further 1% by removing processed corn (corn starch & corn grits, corn syrup, HFCS) - due to an autoimmune allergy. My wife says that small amounts of corn syrup or HFCS or larger amounts of corn grits or corn starch make me "upset" (read that paranoid or depressed). Gluten, according to her, makes me angry. Together gluten and corn - and something is going to get broken! Gluten + Corn = Rage! Since I have been gluten free - I have not yelled in anger or broken anything! Since I have been grain free my wife and her sister (who lives with us) agree that I have become a "sweet guy" ALL the time! No more "hulking out" - no more "Road Rage" - no more replacing doors, windows, lamps and no holes to patch in concrete walls - we have a quite and peaceful life! If all this sounds scary, I though I was ok! I think the time that got to me the most was when my wife realized that she made a mistake and gave me some gluten (with corn, because I was still eating corn then). It takes hours (3.5-4) for it to work through my intestines to the blood and to cross the blood / brain barrier. When she realized it and told me, I was still happy and fine, but my wife predicted I would be angry in a couple hours. Of course I decided to prove her wrong and to remain peaceful and calm. So I lit candles, started the scented oils, took a bath and went to bed to peacefully watch a funny movie! Life is sweet, right? While thinking about how calm I needed to remain, I yelled a number of times and threw something out the bedroom door, over the guardrail, smashed into the wall and it dropped down the flight of stairs raining pieces all over the place! (Everyone hid!) Another "for-no-reason-at-all-rage!" But my wife already KNEW the reason... I was drugged. (It makes you think about road rage!). Most of the good things in my roller coaster life have ended with "for-no-reason-at-all-rage!" I spent more than a year locked away and diagnosed with Schizophrenia - for the protection of others - taking daily doses of gluten filled Psycho pills! I was also diagnosed and treated as bipolar! Alone, homeless and rejected by everybody but the VA Psycho ward, I stayed for a time with some nice people who were "health nuts" and ate "Living Food" (Raw Food). I didn't like the taste (I liked pizza, pasta and bread then!). But my health improved all the while I was there! So did my attitude and the fog began to pass. It was the first time I made a connection with food. It took 22 more years before I knew I had Celiac Disease at age 53! Looking back with a clear mind, a gluten filled Big Mac and a gluten and corn starch filled Apple Pie ended that relationship with a "for-no-reason-at-all-rage" a few hours later. I know today I do not sound like an angry Mr. Hide or seriously schizophrenic - I believe it is because I strictly control my diet (about 99% raw food). No gluten is allowed in our house, ever, and I avoid like the plague any food I am not sure is safe. I do not stand near a bakery in the mall. I am now totally off Meds, blood pressure, reflux, rage, and mood swing problems are all gone, diabetes tests are all within normal. Being on raw food, I have lost weight without even trying! Gluten, corn, meat (mostly fed with corn or wheat) and milk really set off my reflux - also I avoid eating after dark and within 2 hours of sleeping. Your Dad may have a milk problem if he drinks it a lot or eats dairy products (cheese was my big downfall!). Likewise watch the carbs. I react in much lesser ways to bananas, rice and potatoes. But sweet potatoes seem to be ok once in a while. For me, I went STRICT raw food (fruits, veggies and nuts). I now find I can have fish once a week grilled or raw. There is a raw fish Philippine food I like called Kinilao that has coconut vinegar and coconut milk that "cooks" the fish! I now can eat some eggs too! Now my wife calls me her "Gluten Free Honeybun!" She says things like she "got a new husband!" The last couple times I got some gluten (last year) she would say that her "honeybun was a long way away in a dark place" and wouldn't be back for a while. Her seeing the gluten/corn/carb connection and saying the man she loved was a long way away really helped me see this as something that I can fight. It is not easy, but I love my wife and family so that gives me strength. My kids tell me that when I am Gluten Free that I am their HERO! Honestly, I eat it up - try it with your dad. If you have celiac disease/DF ask him to be your Hero and be gluten free. When he is, give him some praise. I don't know where they got it, but I have a "Best Gluten Free Papa!" Plaque! "Real Heroes Are Gluten Free!" Let your dad know that you want him to be your gluten free hero! My wife says it takes me 4 good gluten free / corn free days to stop being angry and roughly 42 days of Raw Food to recover my un-depressing mental state. I do not believe I am a Schizophrenic, nor do I believe I am Bipolar! I do not even believe I have mental depression. I have a number of autoimmune system diseases that are all gut related and if I treat them (including Celiac) I have a normal, healthy, well balanced life. Don't give up Meredith, let your dad know that there are other people who are like him, and they do not see it either. Don't think that just because your dad wasn't as bad as me or that because no one has locked him up that his problem isn't the same. The problem is the gluten and corn and soy and milk. It is just that simple! The fact that your dad is reacting is obvious. Everyone around him sees it. The degree that he reacts is just a symptom. The treatment is the same - stay away from Gluten and the other things he reacts to. I love my family so I listen to what they tell me. God Bless, Lan PS: the US Government says the population is about 305 million. 1.1% have Schizophrenia, or 3,355,000 Americans. 3% of those are caused by Celiac and can be treated with a gluten free diet. That means nearly 101,000 people suffer from disabling Schizophrenia, most locked away in hospitals, that could be treated by avoiding gluten - and most people will not even run the tests! How many more suffer from depression and autoimmune Rage or Celiac Road Rage? You may find some of these helpful... Schizophrenia / Mental Problems and Celiac Disease Their findings a significant even though cats are not gluten eating animals. There is increasing evidence that components from food can indeed cause serious psychiatric (9-12) and neurological (13-16) diseases. Schizophrenia Linked to Celiac Disease and Other Autoimmune Diseases Danish researchers have found yet another link between celiac disease and schizophrenia. The Association between Schizophrenia, Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet After a review of the medical literature, researchers have concluded that many cases of schizophrenia are related to celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and can be successfully treated using a gluten-free diet. False Negative Serological Results Increase with Less Severe Villous Atrophy A Negative blood test is Wrong about 1/3 of the time!
  7. I know that my good friend, one of the best surgeons in the Philippines, refuses to do Gastric Bypass Surgery. He could make a lot of money if he would change his mind, but he is one of those doctors that cares about his patients. He says that people lose weight because they are starving to death and end up with worse problems than if they did nothing. This doctor is recommending Raw Food (Living Food?). Before we discovered my Celiac last year, I was at 202 Kg - that is 444 pounds and he recommended against Gastric Bypass Surgery! I wonder Rachel, how are you doing today. I got here via your original post and looking for something about Dill Pickles. I am reacting to so many things that my doctor had actually told me, "If it tastes good, don't eat it!" I wish that was a joke - it would be funny. Dill Pickles is the last processed food I have, but I may be reacting to the distilled vinegar. Being in the Philippines it is much harder. I react badly to both gluten and corn, my wife will not allow any gluten in the house and when we go to the mall she plots a course to avoid the open air bakeries. A couple mins by one of them and I react - likewise if she eats bread, just a passionate kiss from my wife is enough to cause a reaction. Corn is almost as bad and likewise milk. My diabetes will not allow me to consume rice or most root crops (Casava - the main ingredient in tapioca, will send me to the hospital!) For some reason I can tolerate a little bit if Camote - a local sweet potato. I save it for my Sunday dinner with some raw fish "cooked" in a raw vinegar and coconut milk. It is really hard to live on only raw food, fruit and veggies (no bananas or jackfruit). I just wanted to say thanks. Your posts are an inspiration to me. God Bless You, Lan
  8. Celiac Society - Philippines, Now forming! We realize that as more and more wheat and wheat by-products are being dumped into the Philippine Market - more and more Filipinos are suffering from Celiac or D.H. or other gluten related illnesses. Filipinos were at one time considered to be Celiac free. However it is proven that the farther a Filipino gets from the traditionally Filipino Diet, naturally gluten-free and uses "modern" manufacturing the more they are becoming seriously ill with Gluten reactions. One report was that it is believed that an American diet would give 1 in 97 Filipinos Celiac or D.H. - that is a higher rate than the American Population of 1 in 133. In order to have a voice in out future, a couple Families have started a Celiac Society ~ Philippines and hope to have a voice in legislation that effects our lives, as well as provide information and helpful support to others in the Philippines that are suffering - so we can all get better together! It is just a begining but the Celiac Society Philippines Website can be found at: Celiac Society ~ Philippines If you are in the Philippines we hope you will join with us in improving the lives of Gluten Reactive People in the Philippines. Thank You and God Bless You, aLan Tait
  9. Thanks! This is not a law yet and when I read it is seemed more like a political smoke screen rather than a law. I am with a group that is organizing a Celiac Society in the Philippines. I am an American with Celiac bad (celiac disease/DH) and my best friend's son is also very gluten reactive. The situation here is so bad that have given up hope for a "normal" life any time soon! I want to help influence the Philippine "Gluten-Free" law - based on Gluten Free Tourism (Tourism is big here). I like the idea that "Gluten-Free" should be, well, Gluten Free! I heard that in Australia Food Labeled "Gluten Free" must contain "no detectable gluten" - that makes sense to me. Someone told me that means less than 5 ppm because that is the lowest they can detect. Do you know if that is correct? I wish I could find a good law written by someone who really is sensitive and really suffers from celiac disease/DH! I would use it as an example for other Congressmen and Senators. Thanks, Lan
  10. From the point of view of a person who suffers from Celiac or D.H. or other gluten related problem, what country had the best labeling laws. I hear the USA law being worked on has "20 parts per million" as "Gluten Free" but a number of people say they react to 20 ppm Australia, if I got it right, says either "5 parts per million" or "no detectable gluten" which I guess is the same right now because, from what I understand 5 ppm is the least amount that can be detected. A number of people have complained about countries in Europe with "Gluten Free" labeled products that have things like Codex Wheat. I do not even know what that means! Is that like buckwheat? What is Codex Gluten Free anyway? Is there a measurable standard? The Philippines has a new law proposed for gluten that ties the Philippines to the Codex Alimentarius. It allows 0.05 grams gluten per 100 grams of food. If I did my math correctly, that would be 500 parts per million... way more that what Celiacs in America are complaining about. Below is the Philippine law. You may not think it is important, but a 19 year old Celiac from the UK is here for 10 Weeks and has live here with whatever laws are here. So who has the best gluten free laws and who has the worst ones? Philippine Congress (House Bill 03345) NO. HB03345 FULL TITLE : AN ACT ESTABLISHING A GLUTEN-FREE LABELING STANDARD AND LABELING REQUIREMENT ON FOODSTUFFS AND INGREDIENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN PROCESSED OR PREPARED TO MEET THE DIETARY NEEDS OF PERSONS INTOLERANT TO GLUTEN SHORT TITLE : "Gluten-Free Labeling Standard Act" ABSTRACT : The bill proposes the adoption of a regulation on the use of "gluten-free" on food product labels that is in line with the Codex Alimentarius (a Geneva-based international organization that is jointly run by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). BY CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN VILLAFUERTE, LUIS R. DATE FILED ON 2007-12-19 CO-AUTHORS: ROMUALDEZ, FERDINAND MARTIN G. ARROYO, DIOSDADO IGNACIO JOSE MARIA REFERRAL ON 2007-12-19 TO THE COMMITTEE ON TRADE AND INDUSTRY SIGNIFICANCE: NATIONAL DATE READ: 2007-12-19 Note: Codex Alimentarius says 0.05 grams per 100 grams... I figure that is 500 ppm and that would be 100 times more than the Australian Standard and 25 times as much as the proposed USA standard.
  11. Does anyone know where I can get an electric copy of this law? I would really like to post in on the new CELIAC SOCIETY ~ Philippines Website! If you know where this law is posted on the Internet, or if you have knowledge if this is a good or bad law, please comment! Thanks! Philippine Congress (House Bill 03345) NO. HB03345 FULL TITLE : AN ACT ESTABLISHING A GLUTEN-FREE LABELING STANDARD AND LABELING REQUIREMENT ON FOODSTUFFS AND INGREDIENTS WHICH HAVE BEEN PROCESSED OR PREPARED TO MEET THE DIETARY NEEDS OF PERSONS INTOLERANT TO GLUTEN SHORT TITLE : "Gluten-Free Labeling Standard Act" ABSTRACT : The bill proposes the adoption of a regulation on the use of "gluten-free" on food product labels that is in line with the Codex Alimentarius (a Geneva-based international organization that is jointly run by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). BY CONGRESSMAN/WOMAN VILLAFUERTE, LUIS R. DATE FILED ON 2007-12-19 CO-AUTHORS: ROMUALDEZ, FERDINAND MARTIN G. ARROYO, DIOSDADO IGNACIO JOSE MARIA REFERRAL ON 2007-12-19 TO THE COMMITTEE ON TRADE AND INDUSTRY SIGNIFICANCE: NATIONAL DATE READ: 2007-12-19
  12. I went to complete raw food / live food (rabbit food?) and that proved everything to me! I feel like a gluten magnet! Standing on a sidewalk near one of the many open air bakeshops is enough to cause me a reaction! There is flour in the air! (And on my hair and hands too!) I use the Bragg Liquid Aminos (a soy sauce taste imported from the states) with some Natural Apple Cider vinegar and Calamansi (also called: China Orange, Acid Orange, Tropical Lemon, calamondin or use lemon juice if available). Over veggies it is great! For a while it is strictly fruit and veggies. They say it may take a few months, but for me it was much quicker. In a few weeks I knew Gluten was ruining my life! After you are sure you are reactive to something, then start adding things (the things you want) one by one, eggs, milk, peanuts, and things that you suspect have gluten. Be careful of ALL grains at first. Likewise anything made from grains like rice noodles (made on the same machine with the wheat flour noodles!). Do not rely on the government or manufacturer - this isn't America. I went into a full blown Gluten reaction eating native Cocoa Chocolate. I found out that some vendors add flour to increase profits! Now we only get our Cacao from a secure source (my mother-in-law!) Likewise if you are out of the USA - be careful of ALL processed foods. The same brand of Ketchup that is safe in the USA may have plenty of Gluten in the Philippines. In the Philippines there is a tiny Gluten Free Philippines Community on the Kubo 4 Community site. It is not much and just starting, but it is still the only Philippine resource there is. If you live in Vietnam or another country where Celiac or Gluten Free information is almost non-existent - try to change that by giving something that will help your Celiac / Gluten free community in your country. Help someone else... When we who suffer start sharing our success and failures then all benefit. I happen to meet a Celiac online who is living in Vietnam - it is hard but we are in the same "region" and I told him the best he can do is educate the local doctors so that you can make a Motivated Celiac Club or local group. With Gluten Free, by helping others, we really help ourselves. As Tiny Tim says every Christmas, God Bless Us Every One! -Lan
  13. Dear Sally, Don't feel like you are alone, you aren't! I have Both Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis (celiac disease/DH), that went untreated and suffering for more than three decades (plenty of hospital time!). I live in Talisay City, Cebu (Philippines for the rest of the readers) and what I have learned since it was discovered has really changed my life. You will be hard pressed to find a doctor in the Philippines that knows anything about Celiac. Even though Spanish blood flows in almost every Filipino! In the USA and Canada I have Filipino Friends who are Celiacs and although Filipinos react a little differently, it is estimated that one in 97 has Celiac - doctors just choose to ignore it! I am an American, but I have a Filipino adopted son, and one of my workers has a sickly son, both are affected by what we call Celiac Reactive Gluten because we find in the Philippines "Gluten" is usually confused with MSG (Ajinomoto or "betsin") which it is not. Don't give up, it is worth it to find solutions! It is harder here. We do not have the labeling laws that Australia and the USA have, so you have to be wiser. We have started a list and we in the Philippines are helping each other. My health has improved greatly in the last few months as we discovered more and more Pinoy ways of dealing with Gluten. I will send you a PM and maybe we can help each other. Take Care, Lan PS: Most of the Readers here have no idea what it is like living in the Philippines. To get an idea, imagine living on the moon with an internet connection and a computer "doctor" whose software hadn't been updated in a long time! Ask an average doctor about Celiac and you will often get a largely blank look... Hang in there Sally!