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  1. Thanks for the review! I've been thinking of doing that too, but am still mourning over my wheat bread (I was just diagnosed may 17th). I'll try it, though. Did your corn tortillas fall apart? What kind of turkey do you get? I haven't bothered with lunch meats yet, either. Thanks! Pam
  2. Thanks for the replies!! Unfortunately, along with having celiac, I'm hypoglycemic, which means I need to eat pretty often!! I'll have to get that dr. note, or sneak some snacks in. How about Fiesta Tx.? Are they any easier to deal with?
  3. I am going to San Antonio in a few weeks, and would like some places to eat out safely. We're considering going to Sea World, but the website says no outside food is allowed. Has anyone been? I'm going to try to get a real person on the phone, but havent had any luck so far... Thanks for ANY info. about San Antonio...