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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Support Group In Fresno, Ca

    Hi, You can contact the Celiac Sprue Association to start a support group or be a resource for your area. I have a group in Manteca and have had people call me from the Fresno area or drive to my meetings so Fresno really could use a group. I think there used to be a group but no longer.
  2. CSA Central Valley Celiacs Chapter #74 Spring 2007 meeting When: Sunday, May 20, 2007 Time: 1-4 PM Where: Doctors Hospital Manteca Conference Room 1205 E. North St. Manteca, CA 95336 209 823-3111 Directions: Off Hwy. 99 Take the Yosemite Ave. exit and head west Right onto Cottage Ave. Right onto E. North St., hospital is on the left The conference room is inside at the far S.W. corner of the hospital This is an informal meeting to provide ongoing support as well as helpful information for those new to a gluten free lifestyle. Feel free to bring any of your favorite dishes/snacks with recipes! For more information please contact: Karen Cadiz CSA Central Valley Chapter #74 centralvalleyceliacs@comcast.net 209 823-3211
  3. Central Valley Celiacs is having an autumn meeting... When: Sunday, October 15th 1-4pm Where: Doctors Hospital Manteca-Conference Room 1205 E. North St. Manteca 209 823-3111 Directions: Yosemite exit off Hwy. 99 heading west Right onto Cottage Ave. Right onto E. North St. Hospital is on the left side This is an informal meeting for ongoing support and information for those new to a gluten free lifestyle. Feel free to bring a favorite dish/snack and recipes to share. If you need more information, please contact me. I look forward to seeing you! Karen Cadiz CSA Central Valley Chapter #74 centralvalleyceliacs@comcast.net 209 823-3211
  4. California?

    Hi, I run the Central Valley Celiacs(CSA) support group based in Manteca. I just had a meeting(I post on the calendar here) April 30th and had people come from as far away as Lodi and Merced! I shop at Raley's, Pak'nSave, Trader Joe's and a few health food stores in Stockton and Tracy. I have eaten out locally at a Mexican restaurant and In'nOut (you have to be very specific and watch them prepare your order-last time I caught a girl touching lettuce for my protein burger and then touching buns!) but don't eat out much yet simply because I have a family/expense. I showed the owner my Triumph Dining Card http://triumphdining.com/ and we were able to identify what my daughter and I could eat. It might be best if you can find small places where the owner is the cook or there is a chef that you talk to directly-not just workers. My name is listed on the support group contacts page here so you can get in touch with me. Hope to hear from you! Karen Cadiz
  5. Hi, We use Pacific Almond milk for cereal and cooking. OJ with calcium and vit. D for some drinking also. Vance's Chocolate DariFree goes over well with my kids. I mainly use the original flavor for baking bread that calls for dry milk. Kirkman Labs makes a nice liquid calcium supplement but I found the sucralose bothered us. Hope this helps! Karen
  6. Has your doctor considered that you might have something going on with your pancreas? I've been gluten-free over 3 weeks and still having unusual stools. I have been eliminating dairy also. My GI is going to check this. Sometimes it's an issue of enzymes out of balance still producing the same results. Pancreatic issues can also present with stomach and back pain. I hope you get the right answer. Karen
  7. Here's a great site for explaining all those acrnyms: http://labtestsonline.net/ I hope you find an answer soon. It sounds like you would definitely benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle. Hope this helps! Karen
  8. Hi, I have dry eyes too. And dry mouth, etc. I was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome. All kinds of celiac info links Sjogren's, but Sjogren's sites say nothing about celiac. I am scheduled to have plugs put in my eyes soon so I don't have to be using eye drops every hour. I'm glad you found an answer, though. Karen
  9. Hi, My 3 y.o. daughter was recogized with failure to thrive. She, too, would lie around with her blankie rather than play and was always very calm on outings. Her tummy was getting big and she was screaming at everyone. She had a lot of gas and some rectal prolapse(I called it "the rose" when she had BM's, I had to push it back in)Her first doctor told me that children that age just stick their tummy out. I replied that her posture had not changed and why did she look malourished? He said he talked to other doctors and not much else could be done! I took her to another doctor about a month later after a shoe shopping trip-her feet had not changed size in 8 months. She did not have diarreah so her doctor was thinking tumors on adrenal glands. At that point I insisted she be referred to an endocrinologist. The lack of D was because she had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis(can cause constipation), which usually goes hand-in-hand with Celiac. Fortunately the endocrinologist ordered an IGA test that was very high, which was followed by a GI visit with positive biopsy. She now takes thyroid medicine, eats gluten-free and is a very active little girl. She has also grown a half inch and gained two pounds in the last six weeks! I think it would be important to insist on at least these three tests: antigliadin IgA and IgG (indicates gluten sensitivity) anti-tTG and/or anti-endomysial (more specific to intestinal damage) total serum IgA (rules out IgA deficiency) I was recently diagnosed with IBS. I had to ask for a test. The doctor only did tTG-IGA which was negative and refused to do an IgG. I had to insist on a referral to a GI and my endoscopy report just states "chronic unspecified inflammation and no significant blunting of villi". I did eat gluten-free for over a week though and felt super! Keep persisting, a mother knows when things are not right. This is an excellent place to gain knowledge for "ammunition" Karen
  10. Teeth Problems?

    Hi, my 3 year old was diagnosed with Celiac and Hashimotos a month ago. Her endocrinologist said the two usually go hand in hand. I would think since she went undiagnosed for so long her thyroid was also affected. Since one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism can be constipation, Celiac was not the first consideration when I took her to the doctor(they seem to just look for D and weight loss) I insisted she be referred to the endo or ANY specialist, where she got diagnosed for both. She is now on Levothroid and has become a very active little girl, which I am happy so see vs. lying on the couch with her blankie!
  11. Hi, This is happening to my daughter right now. She's only 3, but I called her endocrinologist yesterday with the same question. My daughter cries that her arms hurt and she is waking up at night with pain. The doctor said it is most likely her system getting back into growing mode and starting to absorb nutrients.
  12. Hi, Our 3 1/2 year old daughter just had an endoscopy done 3 weeks ago. I was hesitant at first and came here to ask questions and got a lot of good advice and questions I could ask such as: Could she have some numbing cream for where the IV would go?(they used some, I just had to make sure to remind them) Could I be in the room during the procedure?(we were allowed and it was interesting to see inside her stomach and see samples taken on TV screens) Could I hold her in recovery?(I got to get right on her bed as soon as they were done and hold her) Yes, it was very hard in the beginning of the procedure. But I was glad to hear the results a week later so I knew how much damage had been done. The doctor said her villi were as flat as pancakes.
  13. Nope, won't go back to the old diet. She also is anemic and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditus so she has to take med. for that. I think I am having a hard time right now wondering where it all came from and wishing I had the knowledge to see it earlier. But I am happy the second doctor I took her to referred her to a specialist where we got an answer. They all say she'll look so different a few months from now and I am looking forward any positive changes.
  14. We won't get biospy results for a few more days. Since my daughter is an obvious classic case for a child and bloodwork confirmed that, she started her new way of eating after we got home. Found a lot of good stuff at a nearby grocery, gluten free items are marked in the aisles and an employee walked me around the store and pointed out things.
  15. Thank you all for suggestions on questions to ask. Since we had to make a 140 mile round trip the doctor arrainged to do the endoscopy today. Yes, they used a numbing cream, took biospy samples from several areas and we were able to stay in the room while they did it and watch what was going on inside on screens(he had Nemo on another screen too-it was really bugging me) Afterwards I got to hold her on the bed during recovery. As to what she will remember I don't know but I can remember back to 18 months. She does remember them giving her five stickers. I did have a hard time at the start but then became very interested by what we could see on the screen. I'm glad we can move forward now.