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  1. It may yake one year to to notice any sustaining recovery and total recovery if any may take three years. This too only if you are authentically on gluten free diet! There is a lot of cross contamination these days and no body like to tell you "the food that give you could be contaminated with gluten." Everybody is reassuring when the person involved is other than the self. So genwinly remaining gluten free is really tough but it is worth the trouble as gluten causes continues malnuetrtion which if left unattentd may slowly make our lives miserable!
  2. As gluten ellergy might have already caused malnuetrtion extra vitamin intake is very often needed for celiacs and it is quite possible vitamin caoting or shells may contain gluten in the form of binders which may contain gluten int he form of wheat starch. To avoid this to some extent you may screw open vitamin capsule shells take only the powder inside till you get a certificate from the medical company that there is no gluten in it. You may also get the sugar coating off tablets before taking them. Any further suggetions are welcome