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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for writing, Jill. I still haven't figure out how to manuever my way through this website yet. I'm not even sure what "fast reply" is but I'm guessing it will work! Anyway, yes, I do live in Colorado and I have an appt. to see my doc again in June. He has not landed on a firm diaganoses just yet -- going on a gluten free diet was kind of a test. It was his best guess that I may have an intolerance. And I've been gluten free since December and THOUGHT it was helping, but as time goes by I'm not so sure. Even when I know I haven't eaten any gluten, I still quite often have my symptoms -- although most of the time not as severe. I tried the Gastrocrom for 10 days -- my prescription only lasted that long and even with insurance it was $70! It made my stomach feel even more unsettled, but that could just be temporary side effects. In the time I took it, I did not notice any improvement. And I can't afford to continue with it unless it's a miracle drug! So, I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's not gluten I'm allergic to, but something else. I have not been tested for food allergies. I suspect, like you, that nothing definitive will come from it. No one else in my family has been diagnosed with it. So, as an experiment last week, I ate a cheeseburger, bun and all, from Burger King. I did not have any reaction to it at all!! So, now I'm more confused then ever. I gave up coffee for 3 days only -- but did not notice any improvement. Maybe it wasn't long enough?? And I do notice my symptoms worsen with a significant amount of chocolate. I don't know, it's still a mystery and I hope to get some more direction when I see my doc again. Maybe I should try Zyrtec or something else along those lines? It would be nice if these things were more clear cut, wouldn't it? Keep me posted on how you're doing! BMac
  3. Hi Jillb -- I'm a bit late in replying as I only found your post by searching for mostocytic enterocolitis. My doctor recently told me that I had this too. As a matter of coincidence, my doctor is the guy whose website you mentioned. Anyway, I tested negative for celiac, but had a positive blood test for DQ2. I've been gluten free since December and I am still not symptom free. My symptoms seem pretty mild and isolated compared to a lot of other people on this site - so I'm very fortunate in that respect. My only symptoms are frequent bowel movements (6 to 7 times a day, almost always before 11am) as well as a lot of flatulence, but very little pain or bloating. Going gluten free has certainly helped my symptoms a lot - but they have not disappeared. I wonder if I have other food allergies as well - I have yet to be tested. After reading your comment about coffee and chocolate, I started reading more posts on these foods. I would hate to think I have to give up coffee and chocolate! But if it helps, I'll do it. I'm wondering how things are going for you and what your allergist told you? My Dr. also prescribed Gastrocrom, but I have not taken it yet as it's hard to find around here and even with insurance a bit pricey. But I think that is my next step. Have you tried this med? Is anyone else out there on Gastrocrom?
  4. Thank you both for your replies. My symptoms appear to be only GI related. Frequent, loose stools - typically 5 to 7 a day (I go 3 times before I leave my house in the morning at 7:30!) - a lot of gas and flatulence, mild cramping, and D several times a month. I do not suffer from weight gain or weight loss - although I could stand to lose a few! I keep reading in this forum how once people stopped eating gluten they felt better immediately. But, as I'm learning, it's different for everybody. I don't usually know if I've been glutened until the next morning. I usually feel great from about noon on every day - -it's the mornings that kill me. I will try the "pure" food approach -- I'm sure it will be good for me! And you're right, not easy, especially since I don't cook much and am not a big fan of veggies. I love convenience foods - and was very happy to find several that are gluten-free (some Zone Perfect bars, Soy Joy). I was surprised to hear about potato chips (I eat a lot!) because I've read in many different sources that they're okay. Thanks again for the advice and I'd better dig deep to find some discipline! Betsy
  5. Hi. I'm a brand new member and this is my first time posting. I must say though that this website is wonderful and I used it many, many times before I joined. Thanks to all of you who contribute. Here's my issue: I tested negative for Celiac, but positive for gluten sensitivity -- well at least that's the best guess of my doctor. I did test positive for DQ2 and only partially understand what that means. Anyway, I figured the best way to see if I have a gluten sensitivity was to try the diet and see if my symptoms disappeared. But how long does it usually take to see significant results? I have been eating gluten-free for over a month --but of course I seem to make an error in food selection every 4 or 5 days -- thinking I was avoiding gluten but learning later it was indeed hiding in something I ate. So, in the past week I've been VERY careful and it seemed like my symptoms were improving, until today. I double checked everything I ate yesterday - and am still convinced it was all gluten free, so I'm not sure what to think. I guess my questions are -- how do I know if I've given the diet enough time? What's the best way to totally control my diet for a short period of time to be 100% certain I'm not eating gluten (eat the same food every day for a week or so?) and if it's not gluten, how do I figure out what it is? I've been to the doctor enough times -- this is basically his best (and perhaps last) answer. Thank you. I appreciate any advice. Betsy