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    I'm a born again Christian who loves: Gluten free cooking, home schooling my kids, digital design and digi scrapbooking!
  1. OK, I'm thinking about getting the flumist vaccine for H1N1. My son and I both have Celiac's, and he has allergies as well. You're only supposed to get the flumist if you are "healthy"...what exactly qualifies as healthy? Would Celiac's and allergies lower your immunity enough that a live vaccine would be a bad idea? I'd sooo much rather do the mist if possible, since it's painless and it has fewer chemicals. Any advice would be great!
  2. I'm debating having my kids get the swine flu vaccine. We've never done *any* flu vaccine and never had any problem with getting the flu (I'm one of those people who'd rather not introduce extra chemicals into my kids' bodies if we don't have too...but I have done most of the major recommended vaccines for the kids). I have my doubts that swine flu is that much worse than regular flu, but then again I've heard so many horror stories that I feel like it might not be a bad idea. Anyway, I'd rather have my kids take the flumist than the shot, because it has less preservatives in it. My son actually did respond badly to the DPT shot as a baby and had to be given a different variety...he's pretty sensitive to that sort of thing. He's 12 and has Celiac's and also allergies...do you think he'd qualify as "healthy" enough for the flumist vaccine? Anybody else thinking about this? Thanks!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Crystal, did you go to a regular doctor or one who also specializes in natural medicine? My doctor prescribed heavy abx for me but didn't warn me about any side effects...I've felt terrible since taking the abx and I'm wishing I had more information as to what to expect. I'm doing the probiotics thing, but I don't know if I'm taking enough of them or if they are working. It sounds like your doctor is a good one, at least you were warned about the bloating and feeling crummy thing!
  5. Just wondering...for those of you have have/have had SIBO, would you mind sharing about it for me? What were your symptoms, and how were you dx'd, and what treatments have you tried? I went on a course of abx for that a few weeks ago, and it worked great for 4 days...after which it got really bad. I've improved from where I was last week after it got worse, but I'm still not feeling great. What's up? Does this often happen? I'm trying to replace whatever the abx killed off with probiotics, but I'm wondering what's up. I've heard you can get worse before it gets better...could that be what's going on? Thanks!
  6. ;o) I know...I just miss doing the menus and I do realize that I've let my Mondays get a little crazy. Hey, I should add that Nasalady has a really great blog with menus and recipes on it...I've been relying on her some weeks lately! http://autoimmunediseasesgfliving.blogspot.com/ also, another blogger friend of my is doing weekly menus: http://schiwartfamily.blogspot.com/ They both post on Mondays.
  7. I've had a tough couple of months dealing with health issues again (I'm doing ok...just dealing with stuff that's probably always been going on but is just now getting diagnosed). Plus, Mondays got very busy and also we've been on a rice-and bean type budget by and large lately (who wants a week's worth of *that* sort of menu?!?)...anyway, enough excuses. I've missed doing the menus! If you have questions on anything, let me know... ................................. It's not Monday, but maybe you can stash this week's menu away for next week! We had leftover lamb from the Passover, but I put the roasted leg of lamb in this week as Monday's meal since I use leftovers twice this week. Leftovers doesn't really do it justice...we only have lamb once a year, but we sure have enjoyed it! Monday: Roasted leg of lamb, asparagus and pepper salad, roasted red potatoes. See the Seder Menu for recipes. I also ended up making a regular basil pesto with pine nuts, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Tuesday: Lamb Pesto Pasta with asparagus. Prepare one package of gluten free fettucini noodles according to the package. Toss with both the mint and basil leftover pestos. Chop some lamb meat into small squares and chop the leftover asparagus and peppers into bite-sized pieces. Toss the lamb and asparagus with the noodles and pesto, and add a little more grated Parmesan cheese on top. We had steamed artichokes with this meal...mmmmm! Wednesday: Split pea and ham soup. Six cups of chicken broth (I made ours with Better than Bullion, although we usually use Pacific brand. Both are gluten-free), one package of organic split peas, one package of gluten free ham chunks (Bar S), about a cup of chopped carrots, and one minced onion. Throw it all in a pot and cook until the peas are mushy...I cooked mine for a couple of hours on low but you can use a higher temp and accomplish the same thing in less time. Season with salt, pepper, a dash of garlic powder and serve with fresh fruit, vegetables, or a salad. Thursday: Hamburgers and fries. Not the most healthy meal ever....but we have some 100% beef patties in the freezer and the kids have been wanting burgers! You can make home fries by slicing potatoes, tossing them with olive oil and salt (or seasoning salt...check for gluten), and baking them at 400 until they are brown. Or use frozen fries...but check for gluten first! We'll serve our with steamed Kale. Friday: Lamb and bean stew. I froze the rest of the lamb (on the bone) and some leftover chopped meat along with quite a bit of broth. I'll put some Great Northern Beans (white beans) out to soak over night and take the lamb out of the freezer the night before so it can thaw in the fridge. Put the lamb (bone and all) and the broth in a large pot. Add a large can of chopped tomatoes, two cups of red wine, and additional liquid if needed into the pot and let it simmer most of the day. About 2 hours before dinner, put in the soaked beans and a chopped onion, plus several cloves of crushed garlic. About half an hour before dinner, pull the meat off the bone and chop up any large pieces (toss the bone). Return to the pot and simmer. Add a chopped zucchini and a chopped yellow squash about 20 minutes before serving. Serve with a gluten free bread (toasted bagels come to mind...Glutano and Kinnikinnik make good bagels) and a tossed salad. Saturday: Ham fried rice, chicken salad rolls. The Chicken Rolls are rice paper (gluten free) wrappers, soaked in water and stuffed with chopped boiled chicken, lightly cooked (crisp-tender) red cabbage, scallions, and soaked mung bean noodles (also gluten free!). Serve with a sauce made of gluten-free chili sauce, creamy peanut butter, gluten-free soy sauce, and a bit of rice vinegar. Sunday: Barbecued chicken breasts, steamed Kale, baked potatoes. Kraft is good about marking anything that has gluten, most of their barbecue sauces are safe (but always read the label first!) Enjoy!
  8. Thank you guys so much! I feel a lot better about it having read this. I went out today and got a gym membership for the family (actually, I tried to do it yesterday but their computers were down). I went through all the weight machines and then swam. I already walk about 3 miles maybe 4 or 5 times a day, which I guess I'll continue to do. I do have sort of a small frame and have a nasty habit of yo-yo dieting, so that probably contributes to the problem (not to mention the lactose intolerance). I'm hoping that the damage is from Celiac's past and bad lifestyle habits and not refractory sprue. I read that coffee...400 mg of caffeine or more...can sap your bone density. Um, my hubby worked for Starbucks for nine years! We are addicts. One cup of coffee has 200 mg, a large mug has 400...and I have been drinking at least 2 large mugs daily. Ouch. Also...the diet soda has to go. I knew it was bad for me anyway, but it was my little indulgence. sob sob. I still haven't heard from my GI, I am guessing she doesn't yet have the report so I will call her tomorrow. I also need to report to her that the abx I was on for SIBO seem to have wreaked even more havoc on my system rather than curing it...I'm doing a little better this week but last week I got hit with GI grief, major bloating, plus suddenly got sick with a bad cold...fever and all. Ick. I felt better for several days, then relapsed back into worse D than usual...I'm a bit better now, but that wasn't fun. Thank you all for your support! And Puddy and Nasalady, I'm sorry about the dinner menus! I have sort of crapped out in general lately. Mondays, I'm writing and moderating a book club for The High Calling Blogs, plus doing a home school co-op and a Bible study. I about snapped my husband's head off for suggesting that low bone density might be caused by stress, but he may have had a point. Getting the menu done wasn't happening...plus we're basically eating beans and rice lately, and how many people really want a menu consisting of two ingredients? I do miss doing it, though...so I may start doing them again soon. Thanks again for all the info! I will keep watching this thread, it's so helpful to have input from those who have btdt!
  9. Ok, so a few weeks ago my dr. pointed out that she thought I might have refractory sprue. She had me do a bone density test to see if there might be damage due to not absorbing minerals....I was thinking *surely* at 35 there couldn't possibly be that kind of thing going on. I was wrong. Dang! Osteopenia?!? At least it doesn't look like full blown osteoperosis at this point. I still don't have the full results back and am praying that it is at least not very bad. Does anyone else have this? And can I build some bone back if I start now? And what do you do when you can't have dairy and need calcium? And advice would be great. I have half-heartedly been popping the occational calcium supplement for the last few years, But I'm guessing the Calci-Yum gummy bears ain't cutting it. Sigh.
  10. Thanks, guys...this is helpful. I have no idea what to think...the abx seem to be working a little, though...so maybe by the end of the week I can figure it was overgrowth and it will be settled. One can always hope, right? ;o)
  11. Well, I went back to the GI doctor yesterday. I have been so much better since going gluten-free, but still have diarrhea. It's not bad...compared to how it used to be anyway. But I still am not "normal". I'm not losing weight and I seem to be OK in the mineral absorption area. However, last year biopsies showed Lymphocytic Colitis, which the GI says often goes with Celiac's. She says that she's certain that what I have is Celiac's and not a bad intolerance, since I have so many other things that like to live with Celiac's (blistering rash, the colitis, etc). Most of the symptoms go away completely unless I'm glutened, but things are still not 'normal' in the digestion department. Anyway, yesterday's visit has me confused. She said she is not worried about my overall health at this point. However she also said she thinks I may have refractory Sprue since it's not all the way better! Either the colitis or the sprue or both are not clearing up all the way. It seems like it would be kind of a big deal if I have refractory sprue? Or can it be mild like this and just cause irritating diarrhea and not major health issues? At any rate, she put me on antibiotics because I may have bacterial overgrowth (which is a distinct possibility, since the only time the D cleared up completely was once when I was on antibiotics for something else). She's thinking we may have to do another scope to see if the Celiac's has really cleared up or if the Lymphocytic Colitis is still going on, or both. Does anyone know about refractory sprue? If I have it, would antibodies still be showing up in my blood? Last time we tested, they were not. Can damage still be going on inside despite normal blood work? I'm confused here. If anyone else has been dealing with similar issues, I'd love to hear about it!
  12. You're so sweet to post this! I haven't been here for ages...too busy with other stuff (plus my gluten free menus have been mostly rice and beans, which isn't much fun!). Thanks for thinking to post it here!
  13. This Week's Gluten Free Menu I'm going to try to do as little grocery shopping this week as possible, so the dinner menu might be a little odd. Monday: Chicken, Swiss Chard cooked in butter and garlic (something new!), cooked carrots and brown rice. Tuesday: Chili, gluten free corn bread, and a salad. Wednesday: Leftover Chili on baked potatoes with broccoli, cheese and sour cream. Served with a side salad. Thursday: Ham fried rice with vegetables and chicken-cucumber salad. The fried rice is made with a whole lot of cooked white and brown rice (the kids love leftovers for lunch). Put the rice in a very large skillet, and drizzle olive oil over it. Stir over medium heat until hot, then add about 1/2 package of diced ham (Bar S is gluten free and pre-diced). Then I put peas, carrots, onion, shredded red cabbage, water chestnuts, and sometimes finely chopped broccoli in with everything. In a bowl, beat together four eggs, about 1/2 cup of Gluten Free soy sauce (you may want more depending on how much rice you're using...La Choy has a gluten-free soy sauce, most have wheat so do check), a dash of ginger and a couple of dashes of sesame oil if you have it. Drizzle this over the rice and stir well, then let the rice cook for several minutes, stir, wait several minutes and stir again until the egg is completely cooked and distributed throughout the rice. I serve this with gluten free sweet chili sauce (A Taste of Thai brand is gluten-free) on the side. The chicken-cucumber salad is 2 or 3 cucumbers cut into sticks, 2 small cold boiled chicken breasts cut into strips, green onion cut into strips all mixed with a peanut sauce. I make mine with about a cup of creamy organic peanut butter (no sugar added), a tablespoon of rice vinegar, 1/4 cup gluten free soy sauce, and 1/4 cup of sweet chili sauce. Stir it all up together, then add water a little bit at a time until you have the desired consistency. Toss with the cucumber and chicken mixture until it's coated and serve chilled. Friday: Tacos. I'll cook a pound of ground beef with a chopped onion and a can of black beans and a can of corn, seasoned with 1/2 cup salsa and some chili powder, salt and pepper. Serve with crispy corn taco shells (many brands are gluten free!) and lettuce, onion, olives, tomato, avocado, salsa and non dairy sour cream. I usually put corn chips out and Hubby and I have a taco salad rather than regular tacos. Saturday: Leftovers and Mexican Fritatta. I'll put out whatever we've got left over, and for those who are interested (read: grown ups) we'll do fritattas. I like to do mine in a large cast iron skillet. I use 4 eggs, beaten well with (and I know this sounds weird) a tablespoon or so of Lighthouse blue cheese dressing or Ranch and a little milk. If you're dairy free, you can omit this and use soy or rice milk instead. I may add a dash of chili powder. Then, pour the egg mixture into the well-oiled skillet and drop leftover taco meat, tomatoes, onion and olives on top. You could sprinkle some cheese over it as well. Cook at 350 until the egg is set, then fold it over once and cut in half. Serve with salsa and avocado slices. This serves two adults as a dinner or could be sliced into wedges and eaten with other leftovers. Sunday: Pork chops, cabbage, and potatoes. I very rarely eat pork, but we have several frozen chops that need to be eaten. I'll slice them thinly, toss with a bit of olive oil and some garlic, and saute them. My family loves red cabbage, the kids think it's wonderful! I slice a head of red cabbage into very thin strips, break the strips up, and toss them in a large skillet (I'll use the same one I cooked the pork in, just put the pork in the oven on a low temp in a covered dish to keep it warm). Add a thinly sliced onion, and several cloves of minced garlic. Drizzle olive oil over everything and then cook, stirring constantly, until the cabbage is crisp-tender. Add sea salt and white pepper to taste. Serve with small baked potatoes.
  14. Welll...it's late, but here it is: I'm late! I'm late! Yesterday, Hubby had a day off and we got to have a slow, lazy day. I fully intended to get the menu done....but as you can see, here it is Tuesday already and no menu. My friends Molly Beth and Joann have done their menus for this week, so I encourage you to pop over to their blogs and check out what's for dinner. There's a lot more creativity going on at their houses this week then there is at mine...but here's what we're eating this week: Monday: Burritos. I had some homemade refried beans left from last week, so I put beans, rice, cheese, and green onion on a rice tortilla and warmed it in a large skillet. I put a lid on top to help speed along the heating process, then folded the tortilla in half and served the "burritos" with lettuce, sour cream, salsa and avocado. The rice tortillas don't like to roll properly, but we've enjoyed our "folded burritos" just as much as the old kind. Tuesday: Baked chicken, red cabbage and baked potato. I have ten pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts frozen in a giant lump. Sigh. So I'm going to slow cook it all day today and freeze the cooked chicken for later...and tonight we'll have baked chicken breasts, red cabbage sliced and sauteed with garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, and a baked potato. Wednesday: Chicken Casserole and salad. A couple of yesterday's chicken breasts, cubed and cooked with a diced onion, peas and carrots. Put some gluten free noodles (about 2 cups of dry gluten free pasta) on to cook. Then make a roux with 3 tbsp. butter, 3 tbsp. rice flour, and 1 cup chicken stock (I use Pacific brand, which is gluten-free) with 1 cup soy or rice milk. Melt the butter, add the flour to make a thick paste, then add the liquids all at once. Season the roux with salt, pepper, rosemary, poultry seasoning, a bit of Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder. Mix in one can of waterchestnuts and one can of chopped green chili's, then add the chicken mixture, the drained noodles, and some gluten free croutons or stuffing mix (Ener-G sells little cubes of gluten free bread that can be used either for croutons or stuffing, and it's great to have a package or two in your pantry for things like this!). Put it all in a casserole dish and bake at 350 until it's browned on top...you can put cheese on top, but we skip the cheese and it still tastes good! Thursday: French Dip sandwiches, potato salad and green salad. I use Boar's Head roast beef, which is gluten free. Heat a box of Pacific brand beef stock (or another gluten free brand) in a large skillet. Add the roast beef slices and heat for a minute, just until they're hot. Split some gluten free hamburger or hot dog buns (we like Kinnikinnik, but Ener-G also has some good gluten-free buns), spread the buns with butter and toast them. Put the hot meat on the buns, cover with a slice of provolone cheese (or soy cheese) and toast again until the cheese melts. Serve the sandwiches with the broth for dipping. The potato salad is made with cooked red potatoes, celery, chopped dill pickle, and chopped red onion. For the dressing, mix together mayo, mustard, pickle juice, some dill, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Toss the potatoes, pickles and onions with the dressing and serve (I'll make a huge potato salad because we'll have it again the next night...it's always better the second day!). Friday: Grilled burgers and potato salad. Isaiah's birthday is Sunday, and he wants to have a couple of friends over to spend the night. I think we're going to pretend it's summer and have a barbecue, a "camp fire" in the fire pit, and the boys will sleep in a tent in Isaiah's room...so we'll have grilled hamburgers, potato salad, and maybe even watermelon if I can find one. I make my hamburgers with a couple of beaten eggs, some rice, Worcestershire sauce and a package of Lipton Onion Soup mix. Serve on gluten free buns with potato salad and chips, I'm thinking about what sort of cake to make him and I'm sure I'll post about that later on! Saturday: Roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. I'll put some sliced onion, celery and carrots on the bottom of a large casserole dish, then place a roast on top. Slice garlic cloves into thin spears, poke holes in the roast and stick the spears into the holes. Place a lid on the casserole and cook until a meat thermometer tells you the roast is done...serve with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy made from the juices from the roast. Sunday: Beef and mushrooms. Leftover roast, cubed into little squares and cooked with mushrooms, onion and peas in beef stock. Thicken the stock with corn starch, and add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Worcestershire to the mix. Serve the beef and mushroom mixture over left over mashed potatoes, or gluten free noodles or rice with a green salad or steamed broccoli on the side.
  15. Well...I don't think that they're exactly the healthiest or lowest in calories, but we found a recipe for a nice treat on the back of a chex box. You melt a cup of gluten free chocolate chips (could use carob, too) and 1/4 cup of butter or butter substitute with 1/2 cup of peanut butter (I use the organic, peanut-only type). Then toss it with 9 cups of Chex cereal. Put the mixture in big zip lock bag and add 1/2 cup of powdered sugar and shake it. It turns out tasting sort of like I remember a KitKat candy bar tasting! I think it would also be good if you added a couple of cups of marshmallows and some peanuts. The good thing about this as a snack is that you can choose to eat just a small amount of it...assuming, of course, that you have way more self-control than I do! I ate so much of it yesterday that I got sick. It's really good!