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  1. Most symptoms of celiac tend to go away after being gluten free. Some may be quicker than others though. I have not been formally diagnosed (blood test was negative) but have what I believe to be very clear symptoms. I get very dry skin (mostly on my face and forehead), excema, rashes on my arms and chest, hair loss, joint pain (mostly in knees and ankles), muscle pain (mostly in my legs), irritability, lack of concentration, constant tiredness, mouth sores, diarhea, abdominal pain on my right side and visible abdominal swelling. After being gluten-free for 5 months, pretty much all of these have gotten better except for the hair loss. That actually didnt start happening UNTIL i went gluten-free but i think its just a delayed reaction and will take many more months before i see a difference. At this point I am not willing to go back to eating gluten so I can get a biopsy just to prove what I already know. I am happy just knowing that by going gluten-free most of my symptoms have gotten better. I hope that within another few months I can begin feeling like my old self again. BTW, I am 28 and have been dealing with this for just over a year now. Good luck.