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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Any Other Basic Otc Products For Dh

    yea ur right i guess it was b/c i was touching Gluten all day...i had to take off a month from work and it was slowly clearing up, then just got back to work to have it itchin and burning and reacting again...well i got 4 months till i go to the Police Academy anyway...= )
  2. My DH is getting worse and i don't have to time to go to DERM. right now. Is there anythign that u guys have been using that has been working on healing and dealing with the itch? and i know i've been gluten-free for 9 months but been still around on fingers and slowly spreading. Maybe from being a waiter touching gluten all day? Thanks for the help Eddie
  3. thankx kaiti for the input...
  4. I called them and said that they can't guarantee that is gluten-free b/c they don't know what there outside contractors get use for their source. They were not answerering my questions. any help
  5. I am trying to get back into shape, trying to gain the weight lost. Has anyone been accompishing it? and how are you going about this routine?
  6. i lost 25lbs. in 6 months, and tryin very hard to gain back the weight but no success at all...anyone got any suggestions, a diet plan, or know of any foods that help with gaining weight?
  7. does anybody know where they sell Ensure Plus for cheap at?...i bought a 6 pack for $10 at stop and shop and hopin maybe Costco or other supermarkets may be cheaper?
  8. so the Ensure plus is gluten-free?...where can i find this Enzymatic Therapy? Thankx Eddie
  9. I have a very hard time to gain weight by lifting weights...is anybody succeeding, and if so what are good foods and/or suppplements to take to help with it...? thankx Eddie
  10. can anyone give me a gluten-free gravy product or recipe? thanks~
  11. there was a list that i saw the the BBQ sauces were gluten-free, but if u read the label it says modified food starch...which is usually another term for wheat flour starch...can anyone tell me that it is 100% gluten-free...i have been eating it more and more but i get different reactions on and off...not sure if itz from that though...
  12. will a little ingestion of gluten to alot of it make a difference to your symptoms, or damage to your body?....i can't seem to tell b/c i accidnetally eat gluten containing foods, and i know i've already did the damage can i continue on the rest of the day eating gluten?...
  13. how do u write it off on ur taxes?
  14. well i just bought brand new pots and pans...had to go and get a brand scrubber thing for the dishes and i'm sure restaurants that say have a gluten-free menu have a accidental contamination...thats my fear of the diet is the accidental contamination...so thats what i'm being paranoid about...
  15. for those who have been on a strict gluten-free diet how well have all of u been doin...i'm tryin really hard and sometimes i eat things that are contaminated and didn't know...or i've used pots and pans at my girlfriends house who doesn't follow a gluten-free diet...are u all avoiding gluten better than i am or are u guys have a lot of accidental ingestion or contamination? just curious and would like to know if i'm not the only one who finds it very hard to follow a gluten-free diet... Eddie