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  1. Mcdonald's Fruit Smoothies?

    Thanks for answer- I look forward to trying one! Jen
  2. I am wondering if anyone knows if the new fruit smoothies at McDonald's are gluten free? I haven't been able to find any information about them yet. Thanks! Jen
  3. I have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory three times since going gluten free and twice they glutened me. This is despite me explaining what I could and couldn't eat to the waitress, manager, and giving them a gluten free card for the chef. Next weekend I have to go to my fiance's cousin's wedding and his family has decided we will all go out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner the night before the wedding. I am so nervous about eating there again- especially since we will be out of town and have to go to a wedding the next day. Now this will be a different Cheesecake Factory than I usually go to and maybe they will do a better job there. So any suggestions about safe dishes to order there? I am not sure what else I can tell them to ensure my food is gluten free. Thanks for any suggestions! Jen
  4. My blood tests and biopsy were also negative. I decided to do the genetic testing which showed I carry a double copy of the DQ2 gene that predisposes to celiac. When I got that result back I decided to try the gluten free diet and the difference it made was amazing. So I will never know for sure if I have celiac or a non-celiac gluten intolerance but I won't go back to eating gluten ever. Luckily my gastroenterologist is very accepting of the fact that I need to be gluten free even though I tested negative on the traditional tests for celiac. Jen
  5. Just wondering if anyone who has been to the Celiac Center in NYC has had an easy time rescheduling an appointment with Dr. Green? I am supposed to see Dr. Green for the first time on Wed. and when I got home from work today there was a message on my answering machine that they have to reschedule! I am so upset about this- I've waited 3 months for this appointment. And I am starting a new job in two weeks so I won't be able to take any days off for three more months. I am just wondering how often this happens? I know doctor's schedules change (I am a nurse practitioner) but it is so frustrating after waiting so long for the appointment. I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe they will be able to fit me in one day next week (I have a few days off before starting my new job). Well I just needed to vent my frustrations- I have been waiting for this appointment for so long! Thanks for listening. Jen
  6. These were absolutely delicious! I have been trying recipe after recipe to try to find something close to the crispy bread that I miss. These were fantastic. Thanks for the recipe! Do you think they would also work with brown rice flour? Jen
  7. I went to Three Dogs gluten free bakery in Briarcliff Manor, NY this weekend. (It is in Westchester County). I loved this place! The food that I tried was delicious- even my mom who hasn't liked any gluten free food I have made her taste liked the sugar cookies. We tried the sugar cookies and cupcakes. I also bought a few muffins and had one this morning. I am definitely planning on going back. They also make wedding cakes here in case anyone is looking for a gluten free wedding cake. I recently got engaged so I will definitely be going back to talk to them about their wedding cakes. Jen
  8. Dating And Celiac

    I am in my late twenties and have dated two guys since going gluten free. The first guy had never heard of gluten but he was great about making sure we went out to places where I could eat. He even bought gluten free pasta and cooked for me and baked me gluten free cookies once with my guidance about how not to contaminate them! My current boyfriend is also great about me being gluten free. He actually has multiple food allergies but he can eat gluten. Feeding the two of us is a challenge! But since he has his own food allergies he and his family are very understanding of my food restrictions.
  9. In case anybody lives in lower Westchester, NY- Deanna's Pizza is now offering gluten free pizza! They are located on North Ave. in New Rochelle, NY and there is also one in Chester Heights. I went into the New Rochelle store today to try the pizza and they told me they sold so much of it this week they ran out! They didn't expect to sell so much so they have ordered more which should arrive tomorrow. I told them I would be back. Jen
  10. I was lucky and tolerated my prep very well. I had to drink the gallon of stuff. The way I got through it was to try not to taste it. This may sound strange but I didn't taste a drop of it by doing this. I held my nose as I drank the glass of it. Then still holding my nose I wiped my lips with a napkin to get any extra stuff off and popped a lemon drop in my mouth for a few seconds. By the time I let go of my nose all I could taste was the lemon drop. Towards the end of drinking the prep I had the lemon drops in the bathroom because I often found myself in there drinking the glass of stuff! Like I said it sounds like a strange way to drink it but I did not want to taste it! Good luck with yours. Jen
  11. Hi everyone. I tried making Irish soda bread last night and it turned into a disaster. This is the first time I've tried to make it since going gluten free. I just substituted the flour with Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix. After I mixed all of the other ingredients together it was a little more watery than in the past but I just stuck it in the oven to bake. Well it bubbled over the sides of the pan and went all over the oven causing my kitchen to fill with smoke. It was fun let me tell you! After I finally got the oven cleaned and baked what was left of the bread it promptly fell apart when I took it out of the pan. And it doesn't even taste that great. What a mess. Any suggestions as to how to avoid this next time? The only things I can think of is perhaps I needed to add something like xantham gum to the recipe, add less baking powder as the mix I used already had some baking powder in it, or decrease the amount of buttermilk called for in the recipe since it turned out so watery. I didn't think this gluten free baking was going to be so hard! Thanks for any suggestions you might have. Jen PS: I apologize if this posts twice- I tried posting last night and it didn't seem to work so I'm trying again!
  12. For those of you who live in Westchester County in NY- There was an article in the paper last week that talked about Ciao- a restaurant in Eastchester, NY. They apparently have gluten free pizza now! It is supplied by the Still Riding Pizza company. The website for the restaurant is http://www.ciaoeastchester.com/restaurant.html I am guessing this is a new addition because the gluten free pizza doesn't seem to be listed on their website yet. The phone number for the restaurant is 914-779-4646. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. I didn't see a post in the last few pages so I wanted to mention it just in case. I can't wait to check it out! Jen
  13. I did the enterolab testing for two reasons after I tested negative on the traditional celiac tests. I wanted to see if I had the genes to see if I could basically rule out celiac forever (although I do know there are some people who have celiac without having the two identified genes). I also wanted to do the tests in case they do become accepted by the medical community down the road. Then I will already have the results. I am really happy I did the enterolab tests because it did identify me as gluten sensitive and also showed that I carry two copies of the DQ2 gene. That was enough for me to go gluten free and the results have been amazing for me. Jen
  14. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I am just going to have to accept the fact that I will never have the official diagnosis unless they come up with some other test someday that you can take even if you are gluten free. You are all right though- going back on gluten just to repeat the testing would not be a smart thing to do. One good thing about being gluten free myself is that I am very aware of testing for celiac disease in my patients. And I agree with all of you- it is still not on the radar for many health care providers. It isn't even mentioned in the main text book I used in grad school for my nurse practitioner degree. And I have started to spread the word as much as I can to my colleagues in the medical field. I think that slowly more people are becoming aware of this common disease. Jen
  15. Hello everyone. I am fairly new to this forum and I am looking for opinions. I went gluten free in Oct 2007 after many years of GI issues. I had absolutely no appetite and felt nauseous all the time. I had testing for celiac disease in April 2007 and even had a biopsy done- everything came back negative. I forgot about it for a few months until I started reading that it is possible for the tests to come back negative even if you really do have celiac disease. So I did the enterolab testing which was positive for gluten sensitivity and I discovered that I carry a double copy of the DQ2 gene. Once I found out I had two genes I decided to try the gluten free diet. Well it has been amazing. I am not nauseous anymore and I actually feel hungry. I had been slowly losing weight (unintentionally) for the last few years and couldn't figure out why- now I have finally gained a few pounds and am almost back to a normal weight. It has been amazing- I literally used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling so sick I would be up for hours waiting for the feeling to pass. That hasn't happened since I went gluten free and it is so nice! So here is my question- am I nuts to want an official diagnosis? Since I went gluten free I have found out that I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease. I also just had a bone scan done and found out I have pretty bad osteopenia- I am only 28 years old! All of these signs scream celiac disease to me. Everything of course except for the official tests accepted by the medical community. And I am a part of the medical community- I am a nurse practitioner and I think that is partly why I want an official diagnosis. As a group we are just trained to want the lab results that support a diagnosis. It isn't necessarily always a good thing to think that way but it is hard not to in this field. But I really do not ever want to go back on gluten again. I have been thinking about going to see Dr. Green at Columbia (I live in NY) but don't want to waste my time (or money) if he is just going to brush me off and tell me I have to go back on gluten. Has anyone ever seen him? Well if you have read this far I thank you and I welcome any insight or opinions. Jen