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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh...heck YES! I'm 36 and I've had symptoms since I was 5. I was only recently diagnosed. My family doctor sent me to a "wonderful specialist" who told me that he WOULDN'T diagnose me with anything because I was "too fat to have anything" and all of his clients "are severely malnurished and underweight". I told him I was sorry to have ruined his day by throwing a wrench into his idealic patient status-quo and walked out. I went back to see my doc. and he referred me to someone who actually understood that celiac patients come in all shapes and sizes and actually referred me to a study being done in the UK that shows a majority of celiac patients are overweight. It angers me that it took 31 years to get a diagnosis. And even more angry that I had to put up with that nonsense.
  2. Need Expert Advice

    I live with family members who dont believe anything is wrong with me. SO...I knew I couldnt rely on them to be careful. I went out and purchased my own fridge, my own cupboard, dishes, glasses, cutlery and I keep all of it locked away. I know it sounds extreme, but I went through 30 years of being sick and I dont want to keep it up for another 30. That was the only solution I could think of. It may not work for everyone. Good luck to you.
  3. The Editor of Canadian Geographic [boychuk is his surname - cant remember his first name], interestingly enough, is gluten sensitive. I would hope that he wouldve done research on it before using it.
  4. Lunch Ideas

    That's exactly what I did. I was at a loss. My lunches were usually sandwiches, pizza or anything quick from the food court in the building I work in. I also bought 2 rice cookbooks and a rice cooker and I havent looked back since. I dont miss the foods I used to eat. The rice cooker is really convenient and quick and I pack my lunch every day and dont have to worry about CC. I found out that Patak's line of Indian sauces offers gluten-free products and I love them! I love Indian food and the sauces offer some convenience. You can mix up the ingredients you use - fish, chicken, vegetables...etc... it offers something new and delicious every day!
  5. My local grocery store does the EXACT thing! It used to drive me mad. I'd spend hours reading labels on everything. Now...I just buy whole fresh food that I cook/prepare myself. I figured these "convenience foods" were not so convenient if I had to spend my whole Sunday afternoon reading labels. If I really want something out of the ordinary or pre-made, I'll shop online.
  6. I did that to myself last week. I was away from work and my desk was used by someone who left crumbs all over it - not thinking much of it, I wiped them away with my hand [im still new at this ]. I had a horrible reaction that day and it continued to the next day and I couldnt come into work. My boss was skeptical that crumbs wouldve caused such a reaction, but his boss wasnt. Good thing. She said nobody is allowed to use my desk anymore. We recently moved floors and my new desk was full of crumbs and I had to "decontaminate" it first. Everyone thought I was nuts! But better to be thought of as nuts than be sick for days!
  7. Ignorant Comments

    I'm new here...newly diagnosed too. I will say, I LOVE this thread. People have said some of the strangest things to me since my diagnosis. A co-worker is always wanting to buy me lunch and for some reason thinks that celiac means I cant eat meat and he is constantly trying to get me to eat fish sandwiches! After explaining for the 100th+ time that I cant eat them, he tells me "it's okay, the bread is made from whole wheat".